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British Intelligence Torture Techniques

I would like to briefly recount here, the two systems of torture, which comprised a large part of 'training' on the INSET course. 'Mind control' programming was intermixed with torture - the objective being, to break a person in terms of their mind, body and soul. The hoped-for result was that agents and officers would then follow commands and orders, unquestioningly.

Torture was divided up into 'hot' and 'cold' as well as 'wet' and 'dry'.

Every recruit was tortured arbitarily and at random, regardless or whether or not they had performed well at the tasks set. Even if a recruit followed orders unquestioningly - they were still tortured as much as anybody else. People who excelled at tasks were tortured because they had shown 'pride' and therefore their ego had to be punctured.

Recruits quickly learnt not to excel or to fail any task - most importantly, they learnt to follow orders unquestioningly, even if it meant abusing one of their peer group whom they knew was entirely innocent and did not deserve to be 'punished' at all.

When 'punishment' has no rhyme or reason, it kills most people's spirit of rebellion very quickly. It is the quickest way to break a person's heart and mind - they become something less than human.

'Cold' Torture

(A survivor's account)

"We had sessions in breathing control and how long we could hold our breath - presumably for any operation which required swimming under water. We were made to practice and the programmers timed us and took our best results.

We were then taken to Fort Monckton where we were given various practical training sessions, run by the SAS. During our stay there, each one of us was taken away for a morning. When the recruit came back, he or she could not speak about what had happened. They had been forbidden to and so none of us knew what to expect.

When my turn came, I was taken by the graduate programmers and Manningham-Buller to a small room with no windows, where there was a large tank of water. I was told to strip and get into it. Once inside the tank, they put a lid on and bolted it down. There was still air at the top of the tank but this began to rapidly disappear and I realised that there was a pipe at the bottom of the tank which was filling it up. Someone had turned on the tap. I cannot describe what I felt like at that moment of realisation. It was impossible to escape.

I held my breath for as long as I could but eventually began to take in water. When they took the lid off, I must have been unconscious.

I remember coming to, on the floor. I could hear a huge argument going on between one of the SAS in the doorway and Manningham-Buller. He was shouting abuse at her...that I was one of their best recruits and what the hell was she doing...Manningham-Buller sounded rather strange. She kept saying that it was 'just like drowning kittens' in a rather fey and bewildered voice. She didn't appear to understand why the SAS officer was so enraged.

Afterwards, I developed a lung infection and had to spend several days in sickbay."

'Hot' torture

(A survivor's account)

"The graduate trainees on the INSET course at Powergen - had been given a 'student house' of their own, in Solihull. A road which was opposite a paddock with a couple of horses in it, just behind the Franciscan Monastery.

The graduates used to 'use' the female recruits as prostitutes in the evening and it was common for them to order young women recruits to stay the night. Under mind control - it was almost impossible to refuse and if anyone did, they faced severe punishment. The graduates would then close the curtains of their living room and watch each other use the women.

I was taken there one evening and told to strip in the kitchen. The graduates had laid out newspaper on the floor. I was terrified but had no idea what to expect. They told me to lie down on the floor. Daldry then took a chip pan of smoking oil from the stove and began to flick boiling oil at me. It was excruciatingly painful and I began to scream.

This stopped him in his tracks (worried about what the neighbours might think) and Marr told me to 'switch alters'. Under mind control, there is an alter called 'rubber duck' which is supposed to be impervious to pain. I was ordered to keep silent. Tomlinson came in and filled a bucket of water.

Daldry then tipped the entire contents of the smoking, chip pan oil onto my stomach. They waited a few seconds and then Tomlinson threw the bucket of water over me. Marr was watching, he didn't say a word.

I don't remember anything much after that. I must have passed out. When I woke up, I was lying in the middle of their living room, naked under a blanket. They had left me there and gone to bed. I nearly choked as I woke up - the need to breath and to vomit, at the same time.

I began to feel myself to see if there were any bones broken...a natural reaction I suppose...I hadn't quite remembered what had was then that I saw that my stomach was bright red, as well as part of my torso. The pain kicked in and I found myself unable to move. I lay there sobbing, I was so frightened.

Tomlinson came down and whispered in my ear to 'grit your teeth and bear it'. He then went upstairs again. They left me there for the whole night. I was terrified, too frightened to cry out - too hot and yet shivering, with this horrible need to scratch but my stomach was too painful to touch.

In the morning, the graduates took me in to Powergen as if nothing had happened. I could hardly walk. When we arrived, I told Rimington that I had to go to hospital. She replied that I should join in and that I would feel better later on.

I told her that if she would not take me to hospital then she would have to call a doctor to Powergen or else I would die on the floor. At that point, she began to realise the seriousness of the situation and called the graduates out of the room to question them upon what they had done to me. She then consulted Scarlett who agreed that she should run me to hospital.

I was driven to a military hospital, where a doctor examined me. Rimington told him what had happened. As I lay on a hospital bed, the doctor exclaimed in front of me that it was a miracle that I had survived. He was surprised that my internal organs had not gone into shock. He then remarked that the 'blubber' on my stomach had probably saved me.


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Anonymous said...

What about COLLIE and her insistence upon the 'fact' that interdimensional space lizards are real - whilst helping ICKE to put his book together?

COLLIE - who had handed out the 'alien lizard masks' to BRITISH INTELLIGENCE programmers at FORT MONCKTON in 1980.

Anonymous said...

What about the GREYS?

JOHN SCARLETT used to be a GREY - that is a British Intelligence-trained 'carrier pigeon'.

Anonymous said...

What about that incredibly foolish TEMPLAR stunt during 9-11 by the BBC?

ANDREW MARR in a perspex box overlooking the LABOUR CONFERENCE at Blackpool - pretending to NOT know that 9-11 was happening - whilst the 'action' was being played out in REAL TIME behind him - broadcast from another TV station.

Firstly the anomaly of the BBC and their 'flagship' LABOUR CONFERENCE coverage - with their BBC political editor ANDREW MARR - standing in front of another TV station (as far as I can remember it was CNN) whilst doing a BBC broadcast. How 'peculiar' is that?

Do the BBC normally have a monitor showing CNN/ITV etc news behind their BBC broadcasters?

Surely the TEMPLARS were over-egging the whole 'we do not know a thing and are certainly not responsible for anything to do with 9-11'?

Having that Templar, ANDREW MARR standing there and trying to feign innocence, in front of that non-BBC monitor...a big mistake.

At the TEMPLAR CASTLE 2001, PRINCE PHILIP read out a list of their 'companies' to the assembled TEMPLARS - in order to inform them about how well all of their companies were doing. The BBC was top of the list.

Anonymous said...

What has JONATHAN EVANS got up his sleves next?

A new party trick to shock and amaze the world?

Anonymous said...

What happened to NATASHA RICHARDSON?

Anybody got CCTV of the forest on either side of the slope that she was skiing down?

One of MARK's people was there and he shot her with a high-level frequency 'gun'. She fell over.

Anonymous said...

TOMLINSON's 'wicked pack of cards' which he used to program with -relating to the 'bellybutton' crystal chip - from left to right:

5 clubs
7 spades
8 spades
6 clubs
8 diamonds
3 spades


(or for those of you upon the other side of the mirror - 386875)

Black Rabbit said...

MARK R's creation of the 'baby god'?

He was hoping all would go to plan - so he could start his 'new look' ASHKENAZIM SOCIALISM with a 'Jesus' kick, to it (remember, the gospels have been called 'early socialism').

In fact, he even had a painting by a 'minor' Jewish artist (forget his name now) who had painted a sinister, burlesque image of:

CARNIVALE - a motley crowd of sinister people who are in ghastly clown' masks with JESUS in the middle of his 'devotees'.

JESUS is standing under a banner which states SOCIALISME.

MARK R was simply churning out the old ILL SATANIC ASHKENAZIM brand of 'Socialism' that had been peddled by British Intelligence and the ILL CULT for many years.

You know the 'brand' - it goes:

"G-d was unfair to us - he gave you talents and left us with nothing therefore we are going to 'equalise' this 'error', by robbing you blind."

Ashkenazim princesses like J K Rowling are a case in point - ugly, talentless and basically stupid but with 'rich daddies' who want the best for their daughters and can afford it on the ILL market.

In case anybody is wondering - JONATHAN EVANS told me that he was also Ashkenazim, at the Templar Castle.

Okay, MARK R had given him the grand title of the ALMIGHTY in relation to his 'JESUS' - but EVANS identified as 'Ashkenazim'.

Thank goodness my Swiss Great-Aunt Collette (who fought with the Maquis, to save France from the Nazis) - taught me to know who I was (my Semitic Jewish family roots) and how to tell the difference between a REAL JEW and a FALSE one.

22 March 2009 07:14

Anonymous said...

MARK R even had a programming object especially designed for him in the UK - and this is so laughable:

It is a SOMERFIELD brand of BABY clothes detergent with a baby's smiling face upon it and a few white feathers falling from above.

The picture and the product are not the essence of it though - check out the BARCODE.

Black Rabbit said...

So what was the essence of MARK'S 'new look' ASHKENAZIM Socialism?

He managed to convert most of the TEMPLARS to his new brand of Christianity - with him as the 'head' of the 'body of Christ'.

The TEMPLARS had all been programmed with 'son of G-d' and EXPECTED to be CHRISTIAN ZIONIST MARTYRS at some point - that had been part of their formative programming and so one can see how easy it was, to convert most of them.

Having never fallen for this 'brand' of Christianity in the first place, in 1980 - I certainly didn't when in 1994, MARK R put it to me again.

CHRISTIANITY was NOT my religion yet this Satanic, Ashkenazim little turd - tried to convince me that it was the 'way to go'. I refused.

I have never had any desire to be anybody's 'martyr' and definitely not for such a lost cause as 'Ashkenazim Socialism'.

Black Rabbit said...

Question: why did the CIA treat me with kid gloves?

Answer: because they had found out that NOBODY could control my 'NDE alter' which could change the future.

The CIA had been primed by the FBI to be as nice as possible. They knew that whilst I was in that alter, I could do anything I liked and that nobody could stop me.

I left this alter, working at the back of my mind - with instructions to change anything and everything that needed to be changed within the future - upon an 'as and when' basis.

Black Rabbit said...

...and in case the ILL figure that 'bumping me off' should remedy all of their problems - think again - when I go 'up' as a soul, into the atmosphere - I can change everything FULL-TIME.

You lost, you stupid f***ers. Admit it. You are like dirty little animals or ants or worse - in the mind of G-d.

I am SO very happy.

"Revenge is a dish best eaten cold."

Black Rabbit said...

I now know why people like RIMINGTON were so valued by this sick cult.

In ISRAEL, SHARON had told me about how in Sephardic villages - there was usually one person who was known NOT to have a soul, by the Rabbis.

This wasn't actually a big deal - the person was generally 'normal' - no more better or worse behaved than anybody else. The fact that they had been born without a soul, was simply seen as a 'freak of Nature' and a great misfortune for the 'body and personality' concerned.

That is the RUB. People can be born without souls but they still possess 'normal personalities'.

Not that I am saying that RIMINGTON was a 'normal' personality by a long chalk - but I am trying to explain why she was so valuable to the ILL cult.

The primary concern of the ILL CULT is to frighten away the SOUL of a person.

The ILL know that the SOUL is a real entity and that puncturing the gland in the forehead is part of the process of making it flee - that and extreme, repeated torture i.e. NDEs.

With somebody like RIMINGTON - there was no 'fight' involved with the 'SOUL' and 'I' of the victim involved.

Most, if not all normal people put up a big fight before eventually facing the horror, that they will probably be murdered by the ILL if they do not 'give up the ghost' i.e. the 'ghost in the machine' - their SOUL.

RIMINGTON put up no such fight - because she was simply a body and the working personality in her mind. Literally a case of SOUL-LESSNESS.

The ILL loved people like this - and they are a RARITY. As SHARON was to add - they are not born into every generation - maybe every third generation or so and you normally only get one per village.

These 'unfortunates' are so easy to program - so obedient to the SATANIC CULT - no opposition whatsoever. Just somebody who will play by their rules and be blindly obedient to the CULT.

How funny.

RIMINGTON learnt the ILL 'rules' and their 'value system' too well. She was blindly avaricious and would cut anybody down to get ahead. Even PRINCE PHILIP and the ROYAL FAMILY rolled by the wayside.

Black Rabbit said...

If RIMINGTON had had a SOUL - then she would have had a degree of PSI/telepathic ability - which she lacked.

TOMLINSON had to do all of that 'work' for her.

RIMINGTON acted in the way that doctors sometimes describe as an attribute of AUTISTISM - those deemed to be high functioning autistics i.e. those who watch everything and learn how to 'understand' the signs and signals of behaviour, intonation of voice etc so as to negotiate their way through 'social life'.

They do not 'feel' the same emotions as others or not in the same way and in RIMINGTON'S case, she simply used this knowledge to manipulate and abuse all of those around her.

Black Rabbit said...

So to recap - the ORANGE team probably orginated from a MOSSAD divison - of which PUTIN was a member, under the control of MARK R...

Does that make the whole of RUSSIAN INTELLIGENCE just another 'arm' of this MOSSAD department?

I mean - was PUTIN a high-level mole or was 'everybody' in this together?

The uniting factor being the RUSSIAN ASHKENAZIM - be they of Israeli, US or UK nationality.

I shall never forget that ORANGE 'device' planted in my belongings - in Jerusalem.

Other notes:

TOMLINSON was programmed as an ORANGE TIGER...and so were a lot of others...

So the MONKEYS (MARK R, NIKOLAS HULBRUSCH and MYSELF) hitched a lift on the ORANGE TIGER to get to the BUDDHA first?

MARK R had 'repented' and decided NOT to send the 'blackmail tapes' from the TEMPLAR CASTLE 2001 to GOLDMAN-SACHS.

He wanted to join the rebel ISRAELI MILITARY group and therefore sent the upload to their satellite.

So what did the TOOTHLES, CLAWLESS and CLUELESS TIGER do next?

The programmers decided upon an 'image change'.

Guess what they decided to be next?



GORDON BROWN is the main BADGER in town, at present. Although PRIVATE EYE are now calling him a Tzarist Commissaire.

I guess you can call the ORANGE team a lot of things - but it is really only the KGB (FSB) in disguise, aided and abetted by that MOSSAD department (which was apparently sacked, after I left Israel).

How did I come by this knowledge about 'badgers'? TOMLINSON's bastard son told me - they are currently programming with BADGER BALM now instead of TIGER BALM (BOOTS have replaced their old TIGER brand with BADGER). I was told 'they change the name but they are still the same thing'.

Additionally, I found a SHAMAN'S HUT where the ILL have been programming - until recently. In point of fact, it is a badger set, under the many tendrils of that peculiar tree.

Behind this SHAMAN'S HUT is an ancient tree (I do not know the name of it) and there is a WHITE DOOR wedged into the trunk of it. What could that symbolise?

What does WHITE DOOR mean to the ILL CULT?

The WHITE DOOR is completely hidden behind the SHAMAN'S HUT.

Black Rabbit said...

I guess that this is just the DRUID CULT at work again.

George Bush and the OIL CULT.

Additionally, looking through ILL programming sites (in order to disrupt 'signal boxes') I came across something that RIMINGTON had told me 'not to bother' with. She normally only said that when I was forbidden to know something.

It was a tray of condiments, put the back of a kitchen. I fished out a large SCHWARZ container of ground BLACK PEPPER from behind a massive bottle of OIL and also a much smaller ground WHITE PEPPER pot.

I wonder...could this be related to ALICE programming in terms of the DUCHESS and SNEEZING? The RED QUEEN then orders 'off with her head'...

A pinch of pepper and you begin to remember everything...after you start sneezing.

MAX AND LARA (BBC RAW LIBRARY) knew all about this - in relation to their new story about the little girl who starts sneezing...

Black Rabbit said...

JONATHAN EVANS is turning a blind eye to RIMINGTON'S 'Mary' cult?


Because he wants to retain power as the ALMIGHTY to so many 'Christian Zionist martyrs' within the TEMPLAR/ILL cult?

RIMINGTON will continue aborting and eating the foetuses of so many victims until this sick woman and her 'lizard' programmer friends are STOPPED i.e. arrested.

Other notes:

What can you feel but pity for 'SALADIN'S ARMY' i.e. the Muslim extremists who became mind control slaves of RIMINGTON and TOMLINSON?

JONATHAN EVANS handed over the lists to the CIA for them to carry the can and to deal with it, on their own terms.

Would any of these people have joined RIMINGTON/TOMLINSON'S 'Islamic' cause if they had known that the ORANGE team was behind it?

MARK R, to be precise. Setting them all up to be cut down by 'Jesus' and the ALMIGHTY (backed by US military forces).

Black Rabbit said...

RIMINGTON and TOMLINSON tortured me, drugged me and then threw me out of a first floor window - onto a wooden bench ("you wanted to break the WOOD - so you can break it" - relating to my giving information about the AMBASSADOR to the CIA) and I hurt my ankles badly in the fall.

The pair of them were furious that SALADIN'S ARMY had been stopped in its tracks.

No more insane pipe dreams of being a SULTAN and MATRIARCH.

They took it 'badly'.

How much worse would it have been for the pair of you - if the US had then bombed the country - with PRINCE CHARLES at the head of his mindless and anarchic planned ISLAMIC NWO?

The pair of them continued to program me with MARK R'S sick film - which is what I am currently picking my way through the remains of...I suppose this was to be my ultimate punishment.

The script? A usual 'Mother Mary of the Christ child' one - i.e. torture/drug her - impregnate her - torture the child or eat the foetus, in front of her - then murder her.

Black Rabbit said...


This needs a little explaining:

Firstly - why TOMLINSON was called the BUBBLE by RIMINGTON.

This related to the BUBBLENET that HUMP-BACKED WHALES create i.e. they dive deep and then send up bubbles to make a shoal of mackerel swim in a tightly knit group, close to the surface. The whales then form a ring and swim up, to take huge mouthfuls of them.

RIMINGTON and TOMLINSON had programmed a whole Primary school in JAYWICK with BUBBLENET programming. They had used a children's book about a whale (I have already noted this in a previous post) and did a dramatic renactment upon the local beach, with the children and parents.

What was the ILL meaning of BUBBLENET?

Look out of a window at the nightsky - imagine WHALES swimming up to swallow 'souls'...a shoal of souls...

This was the SATANIC meaning of BUBBLENET i.e. when a PSI-trained slave OBE'd - they were terrorised into believing that if they went 'up'...which is where you can see everything...when your PSI skills are at their 'eye in the sky'...that they would be swallowed up by WHALES.

Sounds insane? Not to a gullible, drugged child or 'child alter'.

The PRINCE OF WALES runs these WHALE programmers.

Basically, the ILL are terrified of anybody that they have PSI-trained - particularly telepaths.

Therefore the basic message to PSI operatives (who often OBE during their sleep and 'see' many things) was to 'keep low' - keep earthbound. Never 'fly' up.

Anonymous said...

Why did PRINCE CHARLES want to be a tampon in CAMILLA when she was obviously far too old for it?

Some sort of bizarre ILL 'in-joke'?

Black Rabbit said...

Why did the ORANGE team put a BOMB in the ORANGE TAMPON box, in my room in the MI HOTEL, Jerusalem?

Why did MR SWEET have the emblem of a YELLOW SWEET i.e. those 'yellow sweet' look-a-like tampons?

The ILL CULT is obsessed with tampons/menstrual fluid - the whole caboodle.

Black Rabbit said...

I remember MARK R telling me that being at EAGLEHURST was part of his sick plan to 'rehabilitate' me i.e. as a slave, in order to use me again, in future.

The basic plan was a 'softly softly' approach in order to inculcate a 'slave mentality' by degrees - after I had completed this ILL game. If I tried to escape - I would have been murdered.

MARK R, MR NICEY, NICEY, GOODY-TWO SHOES wanted me to 'learn' how to live on £25 a week for food and to stay within my budget.

This is part of the score at EAGLEHURST - along with being taught how to 'cook' - thankfully, something that the staff do not do with myself - they treat me as a normal adult and let me do as I please.

MARK R's basic idea was that I would get used to living on the dole again - whereby the ILL could pick me up in my dismal bedsit lodgings - isolated and alone - to use and abuse me as they chose.

MARK R was living on MY MONEY - the money that he had stolen from me (along with his sick cabal) for the whole time (for most of my life) - that sick, little grunting hog.

Black Rabbit said...

An apology to ericswan and to members of the CIA in general, who have since learnt that much of their programming was based upon the ALIEN AGENDA e.g. seeing their programmers as 'aliens' - and have acted accordingly - to find out the truth of the matter e.g.

What is NASA really up to?

It was important for me to debunk the ALIEN AGENDA because it has been used so frequently by INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES to cover up any truth coming out about other planets and other lifeforms.

JOANNE COLLIE and MI6 were using ALIEN LIZARD masks for their programmers - to programme their operatives into believing that their uber-programmers were aliens.

The CIA (until recently) were using children's RED DEVIL masks to programme their operatives into believing pretty much the same old story i.e. 'alien devils' but with a 'twist' i.e. they are really 'good guys' (see Arthur C Clarke story used as programming script - from previous notes).

Not to mention 'god' programming as used by MI6/MI5/Russian Intelligence and the MOSSAD (from my experience).

Anyway, let me think about relation to 'ericswan' and his belief that the Earth is in a form of lockdown by 'aliens' and NASA - I can only say this:

When I remembered how I used to 'fly' with JW as a child - and how I used to go out of the Earth's atmosphere and still be able to come back - JW was non-plussed as to what to do, at that point - nobody had gone that far in his experience and so he cobbled together the idea of going to planets. This was in the late 1960s.

I had a ball, visiting other planets - often I didn't take the route given because it didn't make sense...not what I encountered 'out there'...and also because the directions were often so complicated that I just forgot or ignored JW and set off upon my own 'adventure' and exploration...I was only a young child, at the time...and nothing was 'impossible' and I had no fear (having been through such extreme abuse as a child - 'fear' wasn't something that I normally experienced'...I had gone beyond 'fear'.

Black Rabbit said...

I also know that the 'interdimensional space lizard' ploy is also part of the 'alien agenda' but with a 'twist' to it i.e. MI6 programmers being hunted down - those like RIMINGTON for their vile, disgusting and putrid SATANIC practices. That is why I do not mind this type of 'propaganda' going out. It is just another example of 'use their techniques and use them back upon them'. As far as I know GEORGE BUSH initiated the 'alien lizard' form of propaganda, to terrorise his slaves.

Anyway, in relation to anyone who has read my FBI files (heads of the CIA need only apply) - yes, I can agree with the idea that the SATANISTS have tried to lockdown this planet - to prevent souls from escaping the hell that they have created, here on Earth. I find it somewhat unlikely that ALIENS were behind this move but it is possible.

One could see an analogy, with the LOCKDOWN that has been imposed upon the UK by the US and its allies i.e. the extreme airport checks on OUTBOUND flights (rather than in-coming ones). A sort of 'bubble' effect.

The US only instigated this because the ROYAL FAMILY and their TEMPLAR BANKING CULT had gone so f***ing mad e.g. 9-11, 7-7, Asian Tsunami, attempted nuclear submarine attack upon Israel (which was thwarted by the US Navy - no 'publicity' upon that one...) and I am sure one could add to the list - the aforementioned are only the ones that I know about and have had personal experience of...

Anyway, on to the question of what NASA research is really all about now?

Let me put it this way:

In the late 1960s - after JW had realised that I could leave the Earth's orbit and travel into Outer Space - he contacted astronomers and brought detailed maps of routes that he wanted me to follow.

This didn't work out - mainly because every time I went 'up' or rather 'out' there...the location of the planets had entirely changed. Now, we are talking doing this 'operation' day after day - not enough time for the 'nightsky' to change...yet I was seeing different constellations of planets - not only that - the planets were in entirely different locations EVER TIME I went up - therefore 'maps'...ASTRONOMY MAPS were useless.

This was all far too incredible for JW to believe and therefore he kept doggedly producing the maps and telling me things like 'find the pink planet again' and turn left, then go straight ahead'...

The 'pink planet' was never in the same place...different planets surrounded it every time...

Additionally, JW had a fixation upon this planet for some time...he kept asking me to find 'life' upon it but there was none. Eventually he gave up and let me go where I wanted...which is what I tended to do anyway...his directions from ASTRONOMY maps were useless - what was actually 'out there' was far different from what could be seen from the 'astronomy perspective' from planet Earth.

Yet JW kept trying - teaching me the names of the planets and stars...showing me these routes, rather like giving somebody directions in a car...and it was useless.

Looking back upon all of this now - in Outer Space it is IMPOSSIBLE to fly a 'tin can' out there because the usual 'laws of Physics' do not exist out there. You cannot 'fly a spaceship' out there, like you can fly a plane.

When you enter Outer Space - you are entering a 'zone' where the usual 'time/matter' rules do not apply at all. EVERYTHING CHANGES according to an entirely different set of 'regulations', 'laws' - whatever you want to call it.

Black Rabbit said...

So what am I saying?

Since the late 1960s - the ILL realised that it was pointless, trying to build spaceships or 'probes' - the way in which they could navigate Outer Space was through REMOTE-VIEWERS i.e. through the power of the human mind...but not really the 'mind' - the 'ghost in the machine' - the SOUL which has extraordinary properties...the 'I' which animates the computer of your brain...

Black Rabbit said...

For example, 'J' - a young man at the TEMPLAR CASTLE.

He had remote-viewed in Outer Space and had told MARK R in detail, what he had seen. MARK R quickly made a mock-up of what he was describing upon a 'state of the art' desktop publisher. 'J' was fascinated by what he had seen - MARK R had replicated it perfectly upon the screen - and 'J' then went on to tattoo what he had seen upon his wrist.

8 years later - this 'GREEN COMET' was to be 'outed' by some Observatory - I forget which but it has been mentioned upon this blog - in relation to the 'photograph' published in the DAILY MAIL. What was the name of it - it escapes me - no matter - the point is that MARK R had NOT sent out a space probe to get this image - the image had been created from the description given by a REMOTE-VIEWER.

So ericswan - you want to know where NASA gets its images from?

My best guess is that they have a whole host of REMOTE-VIEWERS to do the job and a 'state of the art' DTP suite.

Additionally, I would guess that if they have not already done the following....they will be working upon it i.e.:

The creation of a microchip which the 'soul' or 'I' can interface with - whilst travelling in space, in order to send back images.

Maybe that is asking for too much - perhaps then a chip that can record images within the human brain, once the 'soul' or 'I' is back in the 'brain' of the REMOTE-VIEWER.

From my own experience, that GREEN COMET photograph was a complete fabrication, created upon the computer of MARK R - however, the vision and description from the REMOTE-VIEWER 'J' was real.

Black Rabbit said...

Why was JW so interested in the 'pink planet'? Because he was heavily into British Intelligence's agenda of occultic Satanism and this planet (Venus?) symbolised a lot to them...all I can say is that there were no lifeforms there whatsoever and that this particular 'SATANIC CULT' surrounding VENUS worship is a complete sham.

Black Rabbit said...

I went 'up' for JW - many, many times and as a child, I found what he wanted me to do, very dull indeed.

I only wanted to visit planets that had lifeforms upon them - but he was interested in making notes upon everything - I had to describe rocks, vegetation - the whole lot and he had to work upon my vocabulary in order for me to be able to give him the 'data' - so he brought in geological specimens to improve my powers of description - that sort of thing.

I remember one planet - which stands out in my mind - because there was a community of telepaths upon it - they were like 'angels' to me - such a 'good feeling' from that planet...

(I am really angry that I only have an 1 hour a day to write about these things upon the library internet computers...when it is of such importance...and the many 'grievances' against the ILL for putting me in such a horrific situation, at present...but they will learn...they simply haven't had enough PUNISHMENT yet...they will learn...)

Anyway, the LOCKDOWN upon this interesting idea that aliens imposed it but from my own experience it is the ILL SATANISTS who have imposed it e.g. the PRINCE OF WALES/WHALES programmers...

We are surrounded by SATANISTS in ACADEME and the MEDIA who are constantly telling us that there is NO 'soul'. Yet the reality of the soul is something that those at NASA utilise to do their 'research' into Outer Space. Figure that one out.

Black Rabbit said...

What sort of a HOAX is ASTRONOMY then? Did they deliberately forge and disseminate their 'maps'?

I suppose that if one is fair, one can say that these maps are 'true' from the perspective of the Earth but they are FALSE when you are actually in OUTER SPACE.

Black Rabbit said...

I remember ELIZA MANNINGHAM-BULLER and PRINCE PHILIP had a keen interest in 'alien lifeforms'.

The ROYALS have a certain 'history' of interest in aliens - QUEEN VICTORIA actually legislated them - and this law (something about not tolerating aliens landing upon this planet) has never been repealed.

I 'read' MANNINGHAM-BULLER'S mind upon this one and it was filled with extreme violence.

To the ILL, an alien encounter is pretty much the same as a PEASANTS' REVOLT...they view it in the same way.

The mentality of these people is so greedy and narrow-minded as to be untrue. All they care about is the money that they stole from others - including all of the land that they illegally 'own' in the UK and overseas.

That is the brunt of the problem:

ELIZA MANNINGHAM-BULLER and PRINCE PHILIP were working upon new hi-tech weapons which would wipe out/ annihilate any 'aliens' unfortunate enough to land upon 'their land' and the ILL see the EARTH as basically 'their land'.

ALIENS to the ILL - are a reality but they are simply to be quashed/destroyed - as one might a 'peasant revolt'.

This is the mentality of the people who are currently our 'leaders'.

Black Rabbit said...

The LIBRARY CODES are getting easier and easier to follow - today we have the WHITEHOUSE, WASHINGTON DC upon the frontline.


STELLA WHITEHOUSE (RIMINGTON's real name according to Wikipedia) - that insane old woman who believed that she was a 'space lizard' along with GEORGE BUSH who apparently formulated the whole bizarre fantasy and made it 'concrete' within the mind control programs of his slaves.

The WHITE DOOR behind the SHAMAN'S HUT? Washington DC's backdoor into the ROYAL TEMPLAR ILL CULT.

Let me see - is GOLDMAN-SACHS a close friend of the BUSH CLAN?

I had heard that REAL JEWS weren't allowed to join the GOLF CLUBS of those like the BUSH CLAN - no 'fraternity' possible.

Not in the WHITE BROTHERHOOD/KKK at any rate.

So where does BARACK OBAMA fit in? He is apparently related to the BUSH CLAN.

Black Rabbit said...

The WHITE BROTHERHOOD of which SYLVIA BROWNE speaks in her books?

The DEMONIC DRUID brotherhood, more like.

MARK ROCKEFELLER knew all about this group - he was part of it.

He had formulated SYLVIA'S 'visions' of the afterlife. He told me 'we don't really know but we thought it sounded good'.

Black Rabbit said...


No wonder I have always poured scorn upon the very notion of 'relativity' wherever it was applied - because mostly it was applied with DEMONIC intent.

Basically, EINSTEIN's theorem is not only WRONG - it is also misapplied and highly dangerous to this world.

Anonymous said...

The ASHKENAZIM always claimed that EINSTEIN was 'one of them' - not a good number, I would have thought. Better distance yourselves fast.

Black Rabbit said...

'pinkplanet' - I hate to 'out' you but maybe you do not care anymore, anyway.


That should set a number of people chuckling - particularly those who claimed that PINKPLANET was even more off their rocker than I was.

You were talking about JOHN SCARLETT, HEAD OF MI6.

A brilliant ruse - one cannot imagine how JONATHAN EVANS could ever try to take him to court about it - you can imagine the scenes outside and inside the courtroom...ha, ha, ha.

SCARLETT had known JONATHAN EVANS extremely well and for most of his life - one should make particular mention of their 'exploits' in Berlin with Putin in the late 1980s.

I suspect that making SCARLETT carry the can for you during the KELLY inquest was a VERY wrong move, EVANS.

Black Rabbit said...

Turn a blind eye to what RIMINGTON was doing to me as her chosen 'MARY', would you EVANS?

You will pay and pay for that one.

Maybe you liked being the ALMIGHTY in your 'ark of covenant' - in control of so many programmed slaves whilst MARK R played 'JESUS' the stand-up comedian.

Maybe you have now locked yourself in your room and have EXPLODED. Hope so. Don't frighten the pigeons.

Black Rabbit said...

The little TURQUOISE BOX in 'PAWS' has gone 'walkies' and the 'JACK IN A BOX' has been ripped out...

The TURQUOISE BOX related to the very worst memories of ILL abuse.

So many ILL SLAVES are in denial - in relation to what had been done to them, by the ILL.

Time to rectify the situation.

I remember DAVID MILIBAND in that SHANGHAI HOTEL room - 2003.

After I had taken the bedding to sleep in the bathroom - he pleaded with me to sleep in the bed. He couldn't bear to sleep alone - he was terrified. I relented.

Once back in the bed, he wrapped himself around me - as if cuddling his favourite soft toy - like a child - and promptly fell asleep.

I 'read' his mind and was horrified. There was NOTHING in there. A complete 'blank'.

I exclaimed this outloud - it was like sleeping next to a 'dead robot' - really horrifying - difficult to explain if you haven't experienced this telepathic phenomenon.

MILIBAND woke up but didn't open his eyes and sleepily told me that he 'packed everything away in boxes' before he went to sleep.

This is ILL 'PETER PAN' programming - where the child is taught to pack the memories of the day, away into different coloured boxes, in their mind. They are NOT allowed to access boxes which contain ILL ABUSE/PROGRAMMERS etc unless given a mind control command to do so.

In the novel PETER PAN - there is a passage relating to this hideous S/M practice of doctoring a child's memory - teaching the child to 'clean up' his/her memories to hide ILL abuse.

Now I am left wondering, how much DAVID MILIBAND actually remembered - from that trip to SHANGHAI 2003 - with PUTIN and TOMLINSON - and the RUSSIAN entourage which turned up to stay at the ACADEMIC center of SHANGHAI JIAO TONG UNIVERSITY in 2003.

The UNIVERSITY itself was surrounded by the CHINESE MILITARY with a TANK in front of the only entrance to the campus - this was because SARS had just hit (coincidence?) and security was massive - all around SHANGHAI.

Anonymous said...

Time to open up the TURQUOISE BOX and to stop this 'denial' of ILL abuse. Let all of the memories out.

So many slaves were LOYAL to TOMLINSON because they couldn't/wouldn't believe what he had done to them.

I witnessed this with his 'bastard' son. The poor guy couldn't believe that TOMLINSON used to bugger him as if he were a blow-up, disassociative doll.

TOMLINSON made me watch him do it - - telling me as he did so, that he liked a 'feminine' figure i.e. the 'breasts' upon this fat little boy but also made him exercise because TOMLINSON liked 'muscle' upon his slaves - 20 press-ups a morning.

'Denial' is a massive problem for most ILL slaves - they have been taught to 'adore' their abusive 'master' or 'mistress'.

Anonymous said...

NB a darkish dull turquoise not a light one.

If you would like to see the approximate shade:

Or 'site search' upon this website:

Anonymous said...

A general way to get ILL SLAVES to remember things?

CREATE A PEPPER SPILL - black or white - doesn't matter.

Better still - throw a pinch at them.

The worst you can get is a bout of sneezing.

Anonymous said...

ericswan - what about all of those APOLLO missions - I am beginning to get why APOLLO 13 was planned...and then used as a mind control programming 'script'.

Why 16 APOLLOS though?

Followed by SKYLAB and then ASTP...and then STS...Soyuz...and then STS again?

All of those 'jokey' shots of the astronauts...and that terrible explosion, watched by the world's press but more importantly the family and friends of the astronauts concerned...and it was all one terrible HOAX?

Constructed, filmed and created by HOLLYWOOD?

Black Rabbit said...

I found out - a couple of days ago - who RIMINGTON's 'EASTER SHOW' victim is going to be (if the Police or 'powers that be' do not step in to stop it).

The woman in question - is quite far along in her pregnancy at this point in time and works at a local BOOTS store - around the corner from EAGLEHURST house in Great Clacton, Valley Road.

RIMINGTON and TOMLINSON's plan was to kidnap her - using one of their most evil slaves - who is a 'friend' of this woman. He comes into BOOTS to take out the LIGHT BLUE crates, once she has unpacked the new products for the store.

That sick pair then propose to take her down the tunnels and to abort her child/foetus - and then eat it.

I suppose that JONATHAN EVANS will turn a blind eye to this ATROCITY as well?


'Out, out damn spot' but it never goes, does it?

Black Rabbit said...

MR MALCOLM ROBERTSON otherwise known as MR BEAN. See the DAILY MIRROR upon last Wednesday and a short item today, for further information upon this man.

According to the news items, ROBERTSON was murdered by 'pirates' - probably Burmese refugees and for no reason at all.

I first learnt of this man in Indonesia, 2004.

The Muslim MARITIME MUSEUM boss warned me of this man nicknamed 'Mr Bean' because it is the name of his yacht.

ROBERTSON used to talk the local boat people into selling their children to him - for a minimal 'price'. The boat people were grateful and thankful to him - mainly because he promised them the children a far better life i.e. wealthy adoptive parents in Europe.

What a LIE. He then sold them on to the paedophiles of the ILL CULT.

HOME OFFICE - you have been warned. Do NOT interfere with the natural course of justice surrounding ROBERTSON'S death or more of the ROYAL ILL 'ferryman' will also be bludgeoned to death.

ZERO TOLERANCE - worldwide.

Anonymous said...

JONATHAN EVANS - would you like to know your 'cat's eye' mind control command? You know the one - your programmer stood before you (MARK) and just before your heart gave out on the CROSS - you were told:


Why the name of a flower? It was an ILL PUN.

One of your most favourite movies is STEEL MAGNOLIAS. (You always had such a fetish for Dolly Parton).

TANGERE NOLI or rather NOLI ME TANGERE - remember the Latin inscription beneath the CRUCIXION of CHRIST? 'Do not touch me' - from CHRIST to MARY MAGDALENE.

'Tangerine Dreams'.

Courtesy of the ORANGE TEAM.

Maybe now that you are FREE of that 'control' - you can start to clear up the MESS of ILL mind control in the UK?

Jailing RIMINGTON and TOMLINSON (in padded cells and straightjackets) would be a good start.

Anonymous said...

A question to the BEIT DIN:

Is it possible that somebody, somewhere down the line - decided to free the PEARLS i.e. the SOULS from the KELLIPOT i.e. dark shells of existence?

However it went horribly wrong.

The KELLIPOT formed an ARMY and decided to fight back.

They formed their own SATANIC religion - with increasingly bizarre belief systems, rationalised by 'for it is our way'.

However, none of these KELLIPOT were what I would define as 'HUMAN BEINGS'.

What is a HUMAN BEING without a SOUL?

Surely the ESSENCE of a HUMAN BEING is his or her SOUL?

My next question is this:

The 4 BANKERS at the TEMPLAR CASTLE were some of the most EVIL KELLIPOTS that I have ever encountered.

If one kills a KELLIPOT - is it the same as killing a HUMAN BEING?

Black Rabbit said...

PUTIN freed all of the trapped SOULS just before the TEMPLAR CASTLE went up in flames.

He probably did so in 'self-interest' i.e. he had worked out that PRINCE PHILIP had demonically trapped so many souls within that ORB of his, figured his own SOUL would be trapped in it and therefore wanted foremost, to free his own SOUL.

There were 1000s of SOULS trapped in that MI6 orb.

I wonder now - how many people literally got their SOULS back - after the destruction of the TEMPLAR CASTLE?

I do not suppose there is much point in remaining loyal to the KELLIPOT ARMY when one has one's SOUL back.

There is a scientific explanation to all of this but I am not the one to give it.

However I did see the 'equations' - regarding 'dark matter' and so forth. TOMLINSON didn't.

It would be useless to show these to a KELLIPOT - they would never understand any of it - because they are consumed by 'dark matter'.

Black Rabbit said...

What about that CHINESE/RUSSIAN collaborative project to land on the MOON?

I remember in 2003 - the CHINESE very politely, said that they would prefer to firstly try and work out the equations by themselves.

The RUSSIANS had offered them everything - every file and resource at their disposal if only they would share the 'knowledge'. The CHINESE left the door open upon that one - if they needed help later on, they would be very grateful of the offer.

So I guess they did need help later on.

Anyway, one can imagine that this is NOT going to make NASA too happy.

You can imagine the general scenario, once the CHINESE and RUSSIANS get to the MOON.

"What sea or bay did you say that you landed in?

You said that nothing changes upon the MOON's surface. Yet we cannot find your footprints or even the US flag.

In addition, the 'rock samples' that you brought back - they do not match what we have found at all. In fact, we suggest that you took your samples from meteorite rock, found in the NEVADA desert'"

And so infinitum.

The CHINESE and RUSSIANS had better watch out for industrial espionage and sabotage from NASA then.

Black Rabbit said...

What is the main aim of a KELLIPOT?

To trap SOULS upon this EARTH and to try to harness this SOUL-POWER.

I remember penning in chapter headings and notes for each chapter in the PULLMAN trilogy. Yes he wrote the books but I had supplied the plot and characters. He was useless at characterisation and building up a decent story (read his earlier works).

I hated the last scene that I had to write (it was a sort of punishment) - about meeting those OXBRIDGE programmers back at their 'base'. The whole trilogy revolted me.

The essence of the ideas forced upon me, were that 'SOUL DUST' should never be allowed to escape from this planet.

This is an EVIL LIE.

Every soul has its natural home in the COSMOS and should be allowed to fly freely where it pleases.

Black Rabbit said...

The OIL CULT is to blame for all of this. They see 'SOUL POWER' as simply another powerful 'resource' upon this planet - to be harnessed, enslaved and utilised.

Look at the dreadful characters which run on wheels - those demonic creatures which have to be 'oiled' - they are a euphemism for OIL CULT slaves. So their souls are leaving the planet - GOOD. That means that the ILL cannot use them - trap them underground, beneath their demonic sites or in 'orbs'.

Black Rabbit said...

What is the definition of an ALIEN anyway?

The collective of 'alien' telepaths that I met - let me just say this - I had FAR more in common with them than I ever had with KELLIPOTS like RIMINGTON and TOMLINSON.

I have no connection to the mentality of the KELLIPOT, at all. I have always found these people to be completely ALIEN to me.

So how do we define 'ALIEN' again?

Anonymous said...

we are all G-ds creatures, wherever we were born, within the Cosmos.

Anonymous said...

DAILY MIRROR Thursday 26th March, P29:


A reproduction of HITLER'S self-portrait.

He is sitting on a sort of bridge across a ravine - with an X above his head and 'growing' out of his back is the trunk of a tree.

In ILL symbolism - I would interpret this painting by Hitler - as a man who was kidnapped and programmed by the WOOD family. One of the AMBASSADOR's predecessors.

'CLEAR OUT ALL OF THE DEAD WOOD' - these are the people that need to be 'dealt' with.

Black Rabbit said...

MARK R belonged to the ORANGE team (aka MOSSAD to all intents and purposes) and therefore he also knew THE WOOD (nicknamed 'The Ambassador') in Switzerland - WOOD was another MOSSAD agent.

How come that sick pig WOOD had the keys to PRINCE PHILIP'S nazi gold hoard in the Swiss Alps?

The ILL CULT had changed hands several times and under the NOSES of the BRITISH ROYAL FAMILY (who continued to think, in pig-ignorance, that they still ran it).

The FBI began their takeover bid in 1913. They managed it - a brilliant manoeuvre - marred only by the fact that they had no intention of stopping the ILL CULT.

By the 1980s - the MOSSAD had managed to infiltrate the ILL CULT (via FBI/CIA operatives) and to the extent, that in 1994 - they took it over.

As before with the FBI, the MOSSAD had no intention of stopping the ILL CULT - they just wanted to run it.

By 2003 - the FBI had decided to end the entire ILL CULT and to dismantle it. They still had the basic KEYS to the mind control programs.

In 2003, they warned PRESIDENT PUTIN to in so many words to 'butt out or we will come after you too - dismantle the cult now'.

They must have liked him or they wouldn't have kept him on as an international 'partner'.

This was all a bit 'tragic' for PUTIN.

After the TEMPLAR CASTLE 2001 - Russian Intelligence was poised to make a takeover bid from the MOSSAD - and were on the brink of managing it.

However, two years down the line - this was all to go up in smoke - at SHANGHAI JIAO TONG UNIVERSITY, CHINA in 2003.

As an 'afterword' - all one can say is that the CIA decided that some 'radical' changes needed to be made to the future of this world and that included creating a CHRISTIAN State of ISRAEL. This changes were made in the FUTURE.

I might add - not MARK R's 'brand' of Christianity (straight out of a MOSSAD programming manual). More along the lines of 'Vatican' Christianity - whatever form this will take.

The FUTURE has now been 'set in stone'.

TOMLINSON and CO can now take the honours, for having effectively DESTROYED the Jewish State of Israel.

A dubious honour to most but then as SATANISTS - he and his 'colleagues' are probably proud of such an 'achievement'.

I can only feel sorry for those ORTHODOX JEWISH settlers who battled so bravely against the SATANISTS living in the ST JOHN IN THE DESERT monastery and had them chucked out of EIN KEREM, JERUSALEM.

Perhaps MOSHE DAYAN had an inkling that it would all end in tears - as far as a JEWISH STATE of ISRAEL was concerned.

Too many US ASHKENAZIM SATANIC BANKERS and not enough REAL JEWS i.e. 'Jewish rebels' - to stem the tide of Satanists into ISRAEL.

This is beginning to form a rather dodgy pattern: JEWS create atrocities within the Jewish Temple and Herodian Court - G-d chucks them out of ISRAEL...and today, it is now happening again.

At least the VATICAN has now promised to keep the SATANISTS out of ISRAEL and that - if true, will be a monumental achievement in world history.

Anonymous said...

so the mossad effectively screwed israel then?

Black Rabbit said...

The ORANGE TEAM effectively 'screwed' Israel.

TOMLINSON, RIMINGTON and CO are all to blame for what transpired - them and their 'bosses'.

Black Rabbit said...

The RA CULT SHIPPING LINES were one of the first 'casualities' - as the FBI dismantled the ILL CULT.

Like some hideous weed that had spread across the world - once THE RA CULT had been pulled out - INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING almost collapsed.

Black Rabbit said...

The ILL CULT had no idea of what was to happen, after the TEMPLAR CASTLE 2001.

Whilst at the CASTLE - MARK R, with an evil smirk upon his face - had shown me a book - which the ILL had written - to take the piss out of my DISSERTATION upon DEREK JARMAN.

Within this lengthy essay ( I had circled the ILL CULT...tracing their origins to colonial times...their CLOSET homosexuality...their 'gardening' obsessions...the upper-classes of British Society...I touched upon the PAEDOPHILE 'ferryman' trade but only one sentence in the whole disseration.

The ILL had found dissertation hideously funny - I had only found out about ONE of their mafia trades and didn't dare to talk about it in print.

There were many other ILL MAFIA CIRCLES of the RA CULT and I had barely scratched the surface of one of them.

However, I was laying the foundations for my main research i.e. the cultural and historical background of the ILL CULT. This put me in good stead, in relation to what was to come next.

I then began to post back to the FBI via Yahoo mail!...having given my password, to interested parties.

I kept up my 'secret newsletter' for several years - from 2004 I progessed through the hell of the 'ILL GAME'...finding out what they had done to myself and others...visiting ISRAEL in 2006 (Son of G-d programming) and then SWITZERLAND last year (GYSSBACH mountain underground base etc)...

In ISRAEL, I began to go public about my findings, upon the INTERNET...only to find an ORANGE BOMB within my luggage at the airport at the start of my journey home - or rather TEL AVIV airport security found it - told me how they despised the MOSSAD and then put me on the next plane back to the UK...

So - I digress - what was the 'novel' that the ILL had hastily written in order to take the piss out of my dissertation in 2001?

Once Upon a Time in the North by Philip Pullman

This book was written as a 'sequel' to my TRILOGY: 'His Dark Materials'.

You can see from the lacklustre quality of characterisation and plot - that this was entirely crafted by PULLMAN and his editors.

Why do I call HIS DARK MATERIALS 'my trilogy' - when I had simply written up character sketches and the skeleton of the plot - through chapter headings and notes upon the sequence of events in each chapter?

Because I could have given those 'notes' to ANYBODY and they would have written it up in their own style and it would STILL have been a 'good story'.

PULLMAN can write 'stylishly'. That is his only 'talent'.

Anyway, back to MARK R at the TEMPLAR CASTLE 2001 - he showed me the MAP at the back of this book.

It contains an ILL DIAGRAM of their entire cult, at that point in time i.e. 2001. At the centre is a 'POLE'...take that one as you will...IVAN P? Who cares...this was the ILL MOSSAD at work.

The MAP consists of a spiral game...and it is numbered...until you get to 99 - and the middle of the whole SPIRAL is the POLE.

Additionally, you have to battle the WINDS (in the blurb at the front) as in the WINDSORS if you want to brave the 'seas', in order to find out what the RA SMUGGLING SHIPPING LINES were all about.

MARK R pointed his own 'pseudonym' out upon it. The name was a pun upon his 'Keraackers' nickname.

He was allowed to 'live' until the number upon the map (sometime in his 80s) - relation to where the above name was upon it.

MARK R then pointed out my 'number' as 64. He tittered as he did this. It was all a 'big joke' to him - a sinister joke which he loved playing upon 'slaves'. I would guess that everybody at the TEMPLAR CASTLE - was shown this map - along with their age at the time of their pre-planned DEATH in the future.

Get a copy of the map and pull out this POISONOUS bit of programming.

Black Rabbit said...

I have given up asking the ILL for my money back - regarding 'authorship'.

Their futures have now all been changed and set to 'DIRE'.

If they want to rectify that situation - they know what to do but there again, everybody knows that they won't - these people are too sick in the head to do anything 'sane'. Besides, even if they did - there are NO guarantees at all - of anything.

Black Rabbit said...


The CIA would like you to KNOW that the 'BUGS BUNNY' "what's up DOC?" which appeared on your ILL screens and prevented you from accessing any RA CULT data - was a 'present' from them.

I had offered up the idea of BUGS BUNNY in Switzerland 2004 - because I was (and still am) FURIOUS about having been nicknamed a BUNNY RABBIT by the ILL.

This was their sick way of describing the torture that I had been put through since childhood and also my subsequent slavery as a ZYGOTE slave.

BUN (in the oven) KNEE (damaged knees through sexual abuse as a child) RAB (RA CULT) IT ('computerised' i.e. butchered brain - into 'compartments' of memory).


PRINCE WILLIAM had referred to me as the BUNNY RABBIT out of the staff at the British Council Prague DTO in 1994.

Anyway, it was with great joy, that I viewed RIMINGTON and TOMLINSON on CCTV - unable to access their files after the cartoon of WHAT'S UP DOC? had appeared on their screens. TOMLINSON was eventually forced to tear the plug out of the wall.

Black Rabbit said...

NOBODY ever calls me a BUNNY RABBIT again.

(Or if they do, they will PAY and PAY.)

The American CIA guys loved the idea because the cartoon character was 1) American 2) 'masculine' 3)a suitable emblem for their CIA 'operation'.

That is basically what happened as STAGE 1 'behind the gates of MORDOR'.

Did the ILL guess that it was the CIA? Even funnier. NO they didn't. They all thought it 'too obviously' American to be the Americans. Dumb and dumber...

Black Rabbit said...



I might as well tell you that there are an INFINITE amount of stages - until you give up everything that you STOLE.

Black Rabbit said...

SONIA found out at the TEMPLAR CASTLE that the ILL (such as MARK R) had NO idea of what we were seeing, as remote-viewers. Yet he played along - pretending that he did.

The ILL's basic idea was to try to pretend that they were OMNIPOTENT when in fact, they were IMPOTENT.


I therefore decided to make MARK R 'repent' and so sorry MARK - but you were so EVIL - that I could no longer allow you any sort of 'free will' at all. Your action in contacting the Israeli Military was not of your own 'volition'.

Black Rabbit said...

In 2004, RIMINGTON (and this is so petty it is almost unbelievable) took me around a large 'out of town' TESCOS store and told me to choose some clothes.

Every time I saw something that I liked - RIMINGTON informed me that 'they' had chosen it for me and purposively placed it there for me.

I had been severely drugged at the time and knowing the power of the ILL in terms of controlling BIG BUSINESS - I figured that this might possibly be true. IT WASN'T.

Anyway, the basic premiss was as above i.e. at the TEMPLAR CASTLE. RIMINGTON was trying to 'prove' that the ILL were omnipotent when in fact, they were not at all.

Black Rabbit said...

Additionally, RIMINGTON was so obsessed with trying to prove the 'omnipotence' of the ILL to me - that she had planned her own version of GROUNDHOG DAY - remember the film where the guy has to keep 'reliving' the same day of his life? That is what RIMINGTON (along with MARK and TOMLINSON) tried to recreate around me - concerning events leading up to their sick ILL SATANIC EASTER RITE - this year.

In effect, all it amounted to was programming so many slaves who worked within the MH 'mental health' wards and units around Colchester and Clacton.

I saw RIMINGTON with my own eyes, giving her slaves 'stage directions' and 'lines' to say - for example:

"When you meet her, you will say this and EMILY, you will reply this"...and so on, infinitum.

RIMINGTON also instructed slaves to leave out programming objects in designated programming sites in order to program each other - i.e. to trigger each other to remember what they were supposed to do and say, in preparation for her 'abortion' rite, underground, in a cavern, accessed through the tunnels under CLACTON.

How desperate were the ILL to prove their omnipotence? Very desperate indeed...but having woken up 'early' to all of this...they are all left looking like IMPOTENT PLONKERS...including the REBEL TEAM...

This is the worst part of all - those like the BROWNE family, were sent in to 'befriend' me...and to pretend that they were actually helping me to 'win' the ILL Mason RA game and to escape...they were in fact, doing quite the opposite.

After RIMINGTON had left - they had been instructed me make me go back to all of the sites e.g. PB WARD etc...and to quickly go through the whole 'game plan' if it were some 'reality computer game'...and to make the 'right choices'...

Luckily I saw through these sick people and whilst doing the 'walkthrough' of the game a second time...I made a lot of mistakes.

MRS BROWNE crowed with glee and told me that I obviously couldn't get everything right. I had fooled her.

Now the time has come to play the ILL GAME for real and on ILL 'camera' - I am pulling out all of the stops, to expose the LOT of them.

The point here is that the ILL in Clacton are still hoping for their SATANIC EASTER RITE and are still waiting for RIMINGTON and TOMLINSON to turn up.

A 'little bird' tells me that HELEN BROWNE and her mother are now banged up in a DUBAI women's jail and do not have access to the money that they stole (and took with them). So there you go...the future is CHANGING as we continue...

Black Rabbit said...

The point about the TESCOS programming is that RIMINGTON hoped to win in every direction (and she did this to many female ILL slaves):

Basically, if you bought what you liked there - you would have a vague subconscious recollection of her EVIL presence and would subsequently have a 'love/hate' relationship to whatever you bought.

If you woke up to how you had been programmed - you would reject the things that you liked because they carried her sick 'stink'.

The best thing to do is simply to laugh at the ugly, fat old crone and to buy what you like. She had no real influence upon anything at all - and she KNEW it.

Black Rabbit said...

What can I say, concerning my notes about visiting 'alien planets'?

I need to expand them further but to a 'general public' they would naturally sound completely crazy.

For example, I know that 'ericswan' is a highly intelligent CIA boss who has some excellent theories upon what NASA has tried to keep secret for 20 years.

I also know that PINKPLANET is John Scarlett - the blog concerning Jonathan Evans was mainly sourced from him and contains verifiable information - we all know what Jonathan Evans is like...and Scarlett knew more than most.

Where do I begin?

All I can say is that I KNOW that the community of alien telepaths decided to find out where I was...but that it took them a long time because they were to encounter the same difficulties that I had done, as a child i.e. the fact that the COSMOS has no 'map' to speak of.

If you visualise it as a bit like the inside of an atom - with positives and neutrons whizzing around in apparently no fixed pattern - then you will begin to see what I saw as the REALITY of the COSMOS. Planets didn't go around upon their set 'orbits' around the SUN at all - quite the opposite.

The very idea of these 'fixed' orbits of planets around the SUN is NONSENSE. It is rather like believing that the world is FLAT.
Okay, it looks like that from EARTH but it is an ILLUSION, once you get out there.

JOHN SCARLETT knew this. He had known 'john waters' in Blackheath, in the early 1960s. He KNEW what john had found out, with me. He visited john's house and the two of them plotted - how to cover it all up. They needed to keep it all hugely secret, for some reason.

'john' then told me to visualise JOHN SCARLETT as the PINK PLANET (and I did and kept that visualisation of him - ever afterwards) - that is how I know that SCARLETT had eventually decided to take a stand against the ILL - after having seen that 'jonathan evans' blogspot.

Black Rabbit said...

An overview:

I was contacted by the 'telepathic aliens' some while ago (two years back) and made some notes upon my computer (I guess SIS picked them up) but I then erased them, mainly because I didn't have all of my memories back, concerning what had happened in my childhood - in brief, what JOHN SCARLETT and JOHN WATERS knew about.

When I had visited them as a child - upon their planet - they had asked me firstly if I was some sort of a 'god' and that had made me laugh and laugh - I was only a small child - in a way, I was a sort of ET to them...a 'floating intelligence' that they could pick up and talk to but because I didn't have a body (like themselves) they were unsure about me.

I was the 'alien' and not them. I guess this is where SPIELBERG got his whole ET script from.

Anyway, this telepathic group of 'aliens' were rather like the TIBETANS that I was then to encounter in 1980 - except that their telepathic abilities were far more advanced.

The TIBETANS 'communicated' in terms of 'here is an image of my mother and an intense feeling of warmth and bonding - look at what she is doing - chopping up intestines and filling pastries - good to eat - feeling of warmth in stomach'...if you look at my previous notes (on Yahoo - for those of you with my password) you can see what I mean...

The 'aliens' however, didn't even need to communicate in 'images'.

Black Rabbit said...

Anyway, once the 'alien telepaths' had managed to trace my 'signal' again...they told me how horrified by planet EARTH they were...

In brief, this planet had turned into PLANET KELLIPOT by the rogue ILL ROBOTS - the 'dark shells of existence' who were involved in soul-trapping.

They had even managed to trap some of these aliens.

I warned the aliens to stay in the upper atmosphere and to simply 'put thoughts' into the heads of the 'dead shells' of the ILL.

They therefore FREED their own people from this planet and then proceeded to choose the VATICAN to help us all (I had begged them to do something) free all of the HUMAN SOULS upon this planet.

An interesting choice, the VATICAN...obviously they were the most spiritually advanced and what is the CATHOLIC CHURCH if it is not in the business of researching the LIFE OF THE SOUL...and now their research will be immensely important...the life of the soul in its natural abode...the COSMOS.

Why didn't they choose the JEWS?

One can only guess...I have no idea why the VATICAN was a good idea...maybe it was simply that one 'remote-viewer' whom I had met...the one who accompanied me to CHARTRES...he was the 'best' at this business, in the Vatican and had been sent to find out, what was basically happening around me...

Black Rabbit said...

So 'ericswan' - these notes are very brief and badly written but as you know...I have no time at the Library to compose anything beforehand...

Possibly, you are right...there was and is an 'alien lockdown' upon PLANET KELLIPOT...but the VATICAN appears to be in the business of changing all of that...on verra...

Black Rabbit said...

A note to the MASONS who gave me a 'death threat' in 2004 - concerning the DARK TURQUOISE BOX which used to be RIMINGTON's...this sick fools considered it an 'object of great power'.


I will not go into what these pathetic little specimens of what passes for 'male' upon this planet did to me in 2004 (you can probably guess) - all I can say is WATCH YOUR BACKS because I have ZERO TOLERANCE with the lot of you.

Try learning up about how VOODOO works. That is all it is. The box had NO intrinsic power.

RIMINGTON had tortured people into the ground - then shown them the box and supplied a mind control command - she had then had her victim electrocuted with a stun gun.

That is NOT 'magical' - that is MIND CONTROL. She could have picked up a child's DINKY TOY and used that as the programming object instead.

Additionally, none of YOU can use it to the same 'effect'. If you try RIMINGTON's 'techniques' - then I think that the POLICE will be interested in your names and numbers...

You sick, stupid wonder MARK told me 'when you think of the RA MASONS - think of football hooligan yobboes on terraces and you've got their number'...sadly none of these sick men, proved to be otherwise.

Black Rabbit said...

Where do I begin?

Let me start with yesterday and another GROUNDHOG DAY experience (that movie where the guy keeps on experiencing the same day of his life, over and over again):

My mother and Uncle Michael, drove me to CLEAR-POINT which supposedly has a 'nature reservation'. All of the ILL slaves in the area, know it as a SMUGGLING point.

RIMINGTON took me here in 2004 - even she was too scared to go beyond the sewage plant along the rocky road to the DUTCH houses in a small huddle by the tiny 'marina'. The sewage plant just before this 'enclave' of smugglers' houses - overlooks the marshland (supposedly a nature reservation but we couldn't even see any birds around).

According to RIMINGTON - even she wasn't safe, approaching those houses - so many people had 'disappeared' down there - the yachts comes in and out with alarming frequency.

I can also remember telling the POLICE about this location in 2004 (they were covertly filming RIMINGTON and TOMLINSON throughout the entire period) and I saw them bravely walk down this road to the DUTCH houses (on foot - you would ruin your car suspension, otherwise).

Black Rabbit said...

The POLICE also had CCTV of what was going on in EAGLEHURST. They showed me selected footage afterwards and quizzed me upon it. Seemingly inane questions at the time but they had NO idea of what was going on.

How does one explain the RA CULT and how it operates?

I had NO overview at the time - I had to put the fragments of my memories together - from my entire life, before I could give them an accurate explanation. I hope that they are getting the picture now.

I remember the CCTV footage of RIMINGTON and TOMLINSON in the living room. She looked like a haggard spinster aunt (of 70+) and he looked about 40ish and was acting like a retarded, violent child with 'dead' eyes.

RIMINGTON had made us all sit down to watch the EDDIE MURPHY FILM 'Born in America' or something like that...where he plays an AFRICAN PRINCE...TOMLINSON was still obsessed by being a SULTAN of the UK ISLAMIC NWO and kept telling us (their collected 'slaves' in the room) that this is what he was going to be i.e. to have half-naked women bath him and to have rose petals cast before him, wherever he walked...RIMINGTON was shrieking with glee at the video - every time the beautiful black heroine was on screen - the one who is supposed to marry the Prince...she would shriek excitedly "That's me! That's me!...that is exactly what I would say!"

Embarrassing isn't quite the word.

PC GREEN and ABRAHMS wanted to know why TOMLINSON kept glaring at me - when he thought RIMINGTON wasn't looking. They were sitting side by side upon the sofa and RIMINGTON kept patting his thigh.

So why did he keep looking at me? I would guess that you all have a pretty good idea by now.

TOMLINSON knew that I had the keys to something but he didn't know what. In retrospect, he was right to be suspicious of me.

Anyway, I then 'outed' PC GREEN and ABRAHMS to their colleagues - as having a covert 'romantic' gay affair. ABRAHMS was married. I had to do this because I knew that GREEN was an 'RI BOY' i.e. working for ROYAL INTELLIGENCE and that they were both being blackmailed because of this affair. One hopes that this freed both of them from such a sick state of affairs.

Black Rabbit said...

Enough of what the POLICE were up to in 2004 - I can only hope that they are still watching this 'case' as the GROUNDHOG DAY experience rolls on again...and the events of 2004 are repeated.

If I were to give the POLICE an overview of the RA CULT now - it would be something like this:

Those idiot MASONS had facilitated the prising open of the SHELLS and the extraction of the PEARLS (see other notes).

This process had turned this planet into a 'death-trap beach' of crustacean 'venus fly-traps'.

Each 'dead shell' was desperately trying to entrap a PEARL and 'any pearl would do'...or so they thought.

I guess the zombie body/mind without the pearl of the soul, feels such emptiness that it then blindly tries to trap an automaton...but only their REAL soul can make things right again...make the link, the conduit between body, mind and soul.

I now know why THE SIMPSONS called TOMLINSON 'Krusty the Clown'- he was a large 'dead shell' in the business of trying to swallow as many souls as possible. Think WALRUS and the CARPENTER imagery (sitting by a pile of empty shells) have got a basic picture of what this world has become.

Black Rabbit said...


At any rate, this is how our 'alien visitors' would see it and act accordingly. So many 'dead shells' open - trying to entrap souls...

Black Rabbit said...

I now understand why the PRINCE OF WALES and his WHALES programmers were giving their slaves the visualisation of the HUMPBACKED WHALES which dive in the 'ocean' of the nightsky...and then swim upwards to try and swallow the 'little fishes' before they manage to escape out of the atmosphere of this planet...

The 'little fishes' are SOULS...and to the ILL they are PEARLS...

Black Rabbit said...

I shall now relate what happened between JOHN WATERS and myself - in Blackheath, in the mid-1960s - in relation to my realisation that if I 'flew' high enough...that I entered a zone where I could 'see' past, present and future.

JOHN asked me to 'see' what would happen the next day...he wanted me to view his 'life'.

I saw him going through his usual ablutions at his Blackheath house, leaving, catching a Deptford...getting off the bus...walking down a dusty, sunlight pavement beside a 4 laned road...then into the MI6 'office block' near to my nursery...there he met JOHN SCARLETT in the coffee making room...they exchanged normal 'pleasantries' and then a third colleague walked in...

JOHN WATERS stopped me at that point...he told me 'he always says that' relation to JOHN SCARLETT and then told me to go earlier on in the day, to see if I could see something ODD or STRANGE which would not be a 'norm' in his day.

I obediently went 'back' and saw somebody in a car...a woman in the backseat of a dull orangey-red coloured car...the type of old banger that has a bonnet and boot which look pretty much the same...and this woman chucked out a blue fell and rolled on the pavement...a few yards or so, in front of JOHN as he was walking from the bus-stop.

Anyway, this pleased JOHN and he decided to 'test' this out the next day. He obviously hadn't wanted me to know anything more about his 'day' as an ILL programmer for MI6.

Later on - that evening RIMINGTON came round to our house in St Austell Road. She asked me what JOHN and I had talked about that morning. I related the above.

RIMINGTON laughed with glee and told me 'I will MAKE it happen'.

The next day, after work - JOHN WATERS came back to see me - he was SO excited. He had seen the blue object which had been thrown from the car - precisely as I had described. The car had been in the second lane away from the kerb and it had been precisely that colour.

RIMINGTON was victorious. She had tricked JOHN WATERS into believing that I could see the future.

This is all part of the CON-TRICK that the ILL use to get people to believe that the FUTURE can be predestined in a predeterminate, MATERIAL WORLD.

Once you can get people believing that the future cannot be changed - they are open to be programmed with their own 'fate' or FUTURE - as decided by the ILL. These people then 'make' their ILL future happen - and the programmers make sure that it happens.

One final point:

What I DIDN'T tell RIMINGTON was the fact that I had seen HER in the back of that car. I knew that she would do it - before she did it.

I wasn't being manipulative. I was simply confused - it had looked like her in the back of the car but I couldn't be sure and so didn't bother to tell her.

Black Rabbit said...

Anyway, I hope the above will give you some idea of how and why JOHN SCARLETT has been so interested in me over the years.

I would like to now move on to the TEMPLAR CASTLE 2001 - where I was quizzed by both SCARLETT and COLLIE upon the topic of aliens and telepathy.

I could hardly believe my ears when SCARLETT told me that he thought that the ONLY hope for this planet was 'alien help'. I was astounded that the buffoons had actually let it all go so far but it had.

I was even more astonished to hear the head of MI6 telling me that I had to try and contact that 'alien telepathic community' again - as our 'only hope'. I promised to send out a 'signal' - to do something but I wasn't at all sure if it would work. It did work.

COLLIE told me briefly and in very simple terms - what the HAARP project is all about. Apparently it is about electromagnetic forcefields which entrap souls within the atmosphere of this planet.

Our 'leaders' are now all currently DEAD SHELLS and they are trying to keep all of the human souls imprisoned upon this planet.

When I finally managed to make contact with my 'alien friends' - I warned them to stay in the upper atmosphere - so as not to be caught by the HAARP forcefield. They followed my advice - from a great height - they have been 're-directing' the thoughts of those upon this planet - apparently it is very easy to put a 'thought' into a DEAD SHELL and so they didn't have too much trouble in freeing their own and also the trapped human souls, underneath the ILL sacred sites - with the help of the VATICAN.

Black Rabbit said...

I also need to briefly mention that DEAD SHELL - MARK R.

He couldn't see the future and I could...

MARK R was very worried about JOHN WATERS strange Sci-Fi comic book about the '7' in relation to the CHINESE connection.

He 'knew' that I would make contact with the CIA in China and he wanted me to hand over the blueprints to them.

What he didn't understand was why the ILL would want this 'handover' to take place in CHINA.

I managed to bluff my way through that with him - saying that UK Councils often organise 'jamoborees' abroad...from a 5 star hotel in Brazil to a holiday resort in the Bahamas. The 'location' wasn't important - the message was...and so he shouldn't worry about CHINA in terms of location for this particular ILL 'jamboree'.

He appeared to be convinced. I had put his mind at rest.

MARK R had no idea that I would give the blueprints to the CHINESE.

JOHN WATERS knew - he had encoded it into that comic book.

MARK R had no idea that the VATICAN would get in there, at the last minute - because the CIA guys knew their best remote-viewer very well indeed - both guys concerned, were CATHOLICS.

Black Rabbit said...

Other notes on MARK R:

MARK R has been posing as a 'doctor' - similar to TOMLINSON posing as Dr Bettle - in Suffolk.

My Uncle Michael - had seen him as his 'doctor'.

MICHAEL and his family also 'knew' TOMLINSON as a neighbour - in Ipswich. MICHAEL's memory had been severely modified - unlike his partner and her daughter - he remembered TOMLINSON as the 'Danish' neighbour who was a WOOD expert. Go figure.

MARK R had ECT'd MICHAEL and then given him a cat ornament from the mantelpiece to remind him of 'cat's eye' programming. Michael thinks that he is being pursued by an evil 'cat' and a mad 'imp' who dances around him. Michael now sleeps with a bible over his face. True.

All about 'mind control' and the sickness of the RA CULT.

Black Rabbit said...


CIA 'slang' for the DEAD SHELLS who are scientifically 'testing' at HAARP.

CLAM = DEAD SHELL human being
PO = microchipped PSI slave
NOMETER = 'testing'

The DEAD SHELLS at HAARP are shooting highly charged and powerful rays at the 'fragmented souls' in the upper atmosphere - most of them are at about cloud level. Some souls simply couldn't 'fly' that high.

The CIA guy told me how hurricanes and tornados were formed. He told me to OBE above such a cloud formation and to look DOWN at the EYE.

Here is how HAARP basically operates:

The basic COWBOY technique is to shoot a 'ray' at the 'soul' i.e. the OBE'd person which makes the 'soul' spin.

TOMLINSON used to have a minature black 'box' - which used the same basic techniques as those used at HAARP.

He had been taught by the 'BECS' to 'sense' the soul of a person, once the soul had OBE'd. He then shot at it with this 'ray' in order to make it spin. The soul is completely disorientated and therefore easily trappable.

I have no idea of what the 'ray' consisted of - I can only describe what I have heard, seen and experienced.

Anyway, the 'ray' makes the 'soul' go into a flat spin. Rather like being on the carousel torture device.

If you can herd enough 'souls' together whilst they are spinning - you can create the EYE of a hurricane - a 'swarm of souls' can effect the air around them.

The CIA guy I talked to - had experienced this phenomenon himself - having been trapped in such a cloud at the EYE OF THE STORM. A horrific experience.

That is why the meteorologists give HUMAN first names to hurricanes. It is one big, sick ILL joke.

Ever wondered why the SEPHARDIM look like MEN IN BLACK - with BLACK STETSONS on their heads.

They know this 'cowboy' technique.

Or rather - not essentially only the SEPHARDIM but the 'BECS' as TOMLINSON used to call them.


However, this knowledge has been around in many different occultic groups and throughout the centuries. The ILL simply tried to pull all of these occultic groups together in order to form the NWO and also to prevent ordinary people from gaining such knowledge.

I have very little time to explain any of this and so forgive me if these notes jump around a bit.

In my notes from 2005 - I mentioned a 'prophecy' for the future and that included the idea that JEWS and MUSLIMS were going to worship together in the MOSQUES - that the star of DAVID would be their main symbol as a united religion.

At the time - I had no real idea as to why I had written that. Now I know why.

The REAL JEWS were SEMITES. They spoke ARAMAIC and also knew the HOLY LANGUAGE. This was NOT modern HEBREW.

MODERN HEBREW is a massive pot to which everybody contributes (those who call themselves Jews) and from all around the world - in this way - the language is very like ENGLISH.

Listen to ARABIC and HEBREW - very similar indeed but modern HEBREW is nothing like the HOLY LANGUAGE.

I am grossly over-simplifying here but basically the HOLY LANGUAGE was based upon ARAMAIC but it is more like a SONG SHEET with the MELODY of the heavenly spheres.

That was the BIG difference between ARAMAIC and the HOLY LANGUAGE. The rhythm, intonation and pronunciation of the words - and where they were placed...the SONG in worship to G-D.

MODERN HEBREW is a bastardised form of language. It has very little in common with the HOLY LANGUAGE.

If I can now give a very bad analogy of this religious SPLIT between the SEMITES - it would go like this:

Think Czechoslovakia after SLOVAKIA had decided to become independent. The CZECHS had all of the money and the POWER - they thought the Slovacks crazy, to want to split when they would be left with pretty much nothing.

That is how the 'BECS'/REAL JEWS see Islam. They see this religion as caught in a BOG because they no longer possess the HOLY LANGUAGE of the SEMITES. All they have is ARABIC.

Additionally, this HOLY LANGUAGE is NOT used by the REFORM or ORTHODOX ASHKENAZIM JEWS in their worship either...

RICHARD TOMLINSON was brought up in TURKEY as a 'BEC' (Turkish Jewish/Muslim) but a very evil sect of this occultic group. He was NOT taught the HOLY LANGUAGE - he was only taught how to SOUL-TRAP.

The ZOHAR has many references to SOULS - how they can 'swarm' they can form a 'sea'...the SEPHARDIM knew all about the nature of the SOUL and how it migrates.

What am I trying to say here? The SEMITES are a people who used ARAMAIC as their common, everyday language - they also had their HOLY LANGUAGE which was differentiated because it was primarily MUSIC and SONG - using all of the HALF and QUARTER-TONES of the musical scale, in certain orders.

There was an artificial split within the SEMITE peoples living in the MIDDLE-EAST - in fact, quite a few - which resulted in new forms of Judaism...Christianity...Islam...

The BECS were one of the sects which continued this 'secret knowledge' of the HOLY LANGUAGE...and they worshipped in both MOSQUES and them, a REAL JEW had to know both ARAMAIC and the HOLY LANGUAGE...that was their tradition and it still is today.

Look at the TURKISH JEWISH bedouins (early 20th Century photographs) to give you an idea of what REAL JEWS look like and how their culture is far more 'Arabian nights' than anything else...when I first saw these photographs I mistakenly thought that I was looking at 'Arab bedouin cultures' of the Sahara.

You have the TENTS...the exquisite silver 'samovars'...the sheep and the goats...the desert appareil...the veils...the embroidered name it...this is true SEMITIC culture...the REAL JEWS of history.

Black Rabbit said...

Back down to EARTH and the GROUNDHOG DAY which the CIA in Switzerland had told me that I was going back the UK. They wished me 'luck' - I told them that I would need it. This was to be my 'punishment' for giving the blueprints to the CHINESE.

The CIA know all about GROUNDHOG DAY in 'hives'. It is a common punishment.

Anyway, in 2004 - RIMINGTON showed me a necklace - one which had been designed in the TEMPLAR CASTLE - 2001.

You can buy it at SAINSBURYS - the hypoanallergic (?) collection. No joke.

It costs £8 and has 15 large 'beads' upon it - almost every one is different and represents a member of the top ILL at the TEMPLAR CASTLE.

You can easily spot this necklace by the large OVAL WHITE flat bead with the BLACK CIRCLE in the centre of it (OBENAUER - Mr 'O') - also look out for a glass prism/rainbow cube (RIMINGTON)...and a flat white oval with lines across it (the ROYALS)...I have no time to identify the rest but I saw the ILL design this necklace.

RIMINGTON used it to gain entry to this FLAT OF 'O':


It is the top flat under the triangular eave of the roof and has a ground to ceiling window at the front - with a massive dark WOOD 'O' in the middle of it.

The necklace works like a 'charm' upon the agency who 'rent' the flat. RIMINGTON hated having to wear the necklace but it was necessary. She disliked the design.

I have an appointment to 'view' this flat at 11.15 this morning...not long to go, then.

MARK R had taken me to see this flat in 2004.

It represents the LITERARY HOUSE OF 'O'.

Remember the HOUSE OF 'O' in the South of France? The one where UK authors were invited to spend a weekend or so, to attend 'creative writing workshops' by J K ROWLING...and how there was a general revolt amongst these authors when they realised that she couldn't even remember her own characters...or plots...and was useless at 'creative thinking'. So the workshops were stopped abruptly to avoid further embarrassment to the ILL.

This ILL LITERARY 'house of O' was funded by MY money. HARRY POTTER was my creation and so was HIS DARK MATERIALS. I therefore have a right to claim back ANY property which the ILL designated as a 'HOUSE' or 'FLAT' of 'O'.

MARK R told me that I must NEVER rent this flat. If I did - then I would be DEFENESTRATED out of the 'O' window at the front of it.

I told the CIA about this, in Switzerland. I put it to them that I could write a new script for idea was that when the ILL i.e. RIMINGTON, TOMLINSON and MARK came for me, in that flat...that I would barracade the door...RIMINGTON would tell TOMLINSON to break it down...he would come through it like a rampaging bull...trip on a carefully placed object and whilst he was off-balance...I would kick him through the 'O'.

The CIA found this mildly funny but decided that it would be 'too dangerous'. They had other plans for TOMLINSON.

Black Rabbit said...


HAARP has gone down - been completely shut down before now.

The 'rebel group' of remote-viewers at the TEMPLAR CASTLE 2001 also caused considerable damage to it.

They formed a 'BOMBER COMMAND' of 5 remote-viewers.

I was to 'watch' from above.

This is what happened - it was a bit like WWII - watching the 'bombers' come in - one can 'sense' their presence.

HAARP had what I can describe as 'beams' which were searching the sky in almost every direction. The 'souls' had to avoid the beams. The first three remote-viewers went down there a few times to get an idea of where the beams tended to go and how to draw them upwards - acting as decoys.

They were dive-bombing in - it was night-time and the location was a desert with a low building of grey concrete (no second floor) - one of the furthest buildings out...and the beams followed them but the remote-viewers were far too quick for was simply a case of keeping your nerve...rather like avoiding laser beams...but again...all of this would have been 'invisible' to the naked eye.

Two of the remote-viewers then snuck in under the beams chasing the of them got into the head of a man in the room filled with computers - electronic machinery and made him press every control that looked 'dangerous'...they only had 4 1/2 minutes to get in, do the business and get out...

There was a small explosion, a bang and then quite a few of the beams went out. The remote-viewers were able to 'fly' out easily.

The biggest fear for every remote-viewer is not being able to get back to your own body. The beams would have entrapped them if they had touched them - spun them around - disorientated them - perhaps also the danger of 'amnesia'.

4 1/2 minutes - that is the length of time considered 'safe' to be out of your body.

Everybody got back safely.

MARK R was then contacted by HAARP - he was furious with all concerned but downplayed the damage done to HAARP.

This is the cutting edge of PSI WARFARE.

HAARP must be shut down - they are experimenting with the fragments/alters of human souls in the atmosphere.

The ALIENS managed to close it down - because they were far more powerful in terms of telepathy.

HAARP had caught a couple of their own. HAARP doesn't know how to distinguish between a HUMAN soul and an ALIEN one. To them, they had simply caught a huge net of 'fish' which were of different varieties e.g. whales, minnows, brief, they had no idea what constituted 'alien' and what did not.

Black Rabbit said...

Another 10 minutes on the computer - so I must also add that the ALIENS simply put the 'thought' into every individual at HAARP that there were serious problems and that it had to be shut down temporarily - immediately. It was shut down.

The alien souls were therefore freed and left the atmosphere of this planet. However, the big problem remained with the fragments of the OBE'd souls of so many humans - who had been tortured upon the carousel the ILL. These fragments had not found their way back to their minds and bodies, down below.

That is the problem with human souls - they cannot and do not leave the planet whilst their 'mind and body' is still alive. They are therefore like sitting ducks - fish in a barrel.

This is why HAARP must be stopped immediately. They know what they are doing - the ILL have finished their 'research' into the control of human minds/personalities and bodies. They can utterly program and control them. However, the SOUL has always been a problem for them - how to enslave the SOUL. For the most part, the ILL have simply tried to entrap the souls underground or sent them off into the sunset - leaving the SLAVE body and mind, behind.

MARK R's false 'souls of Jesus' religion - where he assumed the role of JESUS was a hideous con.

MARK R was acting as a 'gatekeeper' for the PSI REMOTE-VIEWERS - he convinced them that he was JESUS and the GATEKEEPER to the COSMOS. This is a dirty lie.

That is why I have always been so furious with the idea that anybody can be a GATEKEEPER to the COSMOS or more importantly, to G-D.

The biblical Jesus told his followers that they could only get to heaven and to G-D through him - if the modern version of the biblical writings is to be believed. THIS IS A LIE.

Any soul can fly to G-D - no soul needs a gatekeeper. The COSMOS is the natural abode of the SOUL.

Those like MARK R are evil con-artists.

The remote-viewers that I met - who believed MARK - only remote-viewed in OUTER SPACE under MARK R's mind control commands. They believed him to have the powers of the MESSIAH.


Black Rabbit said...

What the 'rebel group' did was so fantastically brave - it was incredible - so daring - right under the line of fire - I am lost for words.

And it worked. They were successful. That section of HAARP was incapacitated.

Black Rabbit said...

After TEMPLAR CASTLE 2001 - all of these people were rounded up and TOMLINSON and CO attempted to SOUL-TRAP them again.

I was one of those - I remember waking up - imprisoned in a small room - it looked a bit like a hospital (SEYCHELLES?).

TOMLINSON was trying to track my 'soul' - I had OBEd...and I managed to escape the putting a thought in his head (as I normally did) to make him think that I was elsewhere in the room - I then told him to remind RIMINGTON about her 'appointment' - she had to leave the room (even though she had formerly warned everybody NOT to open the door whilst they were about their 'business')...I then went and settled upon the back of RIMINGTON's head as she walked to the door...I 'froze' as TOMLINSON came up behind her and said 'you have something on your collar' - it was spooky - his hand passed right through me - the important point here was that when I wasn't MOVING - he couldn't sense my presence but he had sensed something - not enough to alert him though...

Black Rabbit said...

Basic update:

An assistant at EAGLEHURST got hold of the BASILDON BENEFITS office who admitted that they had TWO files on me and for no apparent reason.

Secondly, that they had no idea why I had been issued with 'Right to Reside' HRT forms and immediately waived them.

They also said that they had not received ANY forms back from me at all.

That makes me wonder a little - I had returned their letter with the incorrect NATIONAL INSURANCE NUMBER circled and my request to check this out - and so I figure that somebody had the intelligence to investigate...

Guess who?

My best guess is the POLICE and also MI6.

MARK R's ILL operatives were primarily working through MI5.

Why MI6? Because SCARLETT and COLLIE were the ones who had told me about HAARP at the TEMPLAR CASTLE 2001.

I had told the rebel group who had put together the extraordinarily daring operation - the attack upon HAARP - which as it turned out, was a complete success.

I wonder about MARK R now - we had put TOMLINSON up as a 'fall-guy' during the operation i.e. asked him to act as programmer - to let us 'go up' - to remote-view.

TOMLINSON had asked us how we could even remember 'going up' and a very quick-thinking member of the group said 'don't waste time - are you with us or not?'

The way to manipulate TOMLINSON was always to move him on quickly - to make him act before he had time to think.

The REBEL GROUP needed a 'fall-guy' because if we were found out - it would probably have meant death.

As far as the ILL knew - we could only 'go up' after being given our passwords by a programmer - however 'word' had spread fast and we had all learnt our own passwords - it was VERY important that the ILL programmers didn't know that we were now 'independent'.

TOMLINSON was the ideal fall-guy to choose as the 'head' of the operation.

So sorry, TOMLINSON but you were an absolute bastard to all of us and for most of our lives - so you had to carry the can for once - so what?

Anyway, having thought through what SCARLETT had said to me at the TEMPLAR CASTLE - he had spoken about how he and TOMLINSON had decided to try to get to the top of the ILL TREE in order to stop the cult but had in fact, failed - because they had become too brain-damaged by ILL torture and general abuse. It was therefore up to those who had stayed 'low' in the cult, to continue their work.

So one can say that the LAVENDER HILL MOB, lead by ol' Alistair Sims aka JOHN SCARLETT was in fact, behind most of the 'rebel' activities.

PUTIN was also a member of the LAVENDER brigade. JOHN SCARLETT had been a good friend of MOSHE DAYAN in 1979 - he spoke highly of him - as did MR D'AJANI.

I could name many others but shall leave it at that - there was also an important 'contact' in SHANGHAI - quite a few, in fact.

Anyway, in the film THE LAVENDER HILL MOB - they kill an old lady...that would be RIMINGTON, right? (If we bring the script up to date.)

Black Rabbit said...

Why am I concerned about MARK R? Because he appeared to let TOMLINSON off everything...TOMLINSON had run back to report on us - once he had realised that he wasn't head of 'bomber command'.

MARK R was very fond of TOMLINSON - very fond indeed. Part of the reason why TOMLINSON was chosen as the 'fall-guy'.

I wonder why MARK R didn't have us murdered at that point? Who was he really working for? He had affiliations to all the main intelligence agencies. Perhaps those that he had most loyalty too...were in fact, interested in what we had done.

I am thinking the CIA here.

MARK R had modelled himself upon HIMMLER. He even boasted of the physical resemblance...showing me photographs of HIMMLER in a book...and pointing out how he 'ran' his SS in the same way i.e. every SS department was kept in the dark, as to what the other departments were doing. Only HIMMLER (and HITLER) had the overall 'vision' of what the SS were up to - those within the divisions, had little or no idea.

Back to the CIA (in Switzerland 2004) - who were investigating NASA and HAARP either because of personal curiosity or because they had been commissioned to do an investigation - I have no idea. I was very lucky to learn something about what they had found out e.g. the EYES of the STORM and how they are created.

Black Rabbit said...

The 'lucky find' in the 1930s of the NAZI 'spaceship', by the CIA.

I can now see how this was not so 'absurd' in terms of calling it 'alien'.

Let me backtrack to the propaganda of the LIE concerning the propagation of the THEORY OF RELATIVITY.

This was a MASSIVE cover-up, in order to hide a far more important discovery.

My guess here is that the CIA engineering divsion - couldn't work out how the damn thing could fly under 'normal conditions' i.e. using mathematics derived from the theory of relativity and so put it into the catch-all net of 'alien intelligence' at work.

But it wasn't 'alien intelligence' - it was HUMAN intelligence which had created that aircraft but by using different theories of time/space/physics.

I know this because I am beginning to remember what the BLUEPRINTS were all about - only images so far - and one was of a sort of 'flying saucer' - the prototype NAZI aircraft.

Not important you might think, in the 21st Century - but still highly relevant because the theories used to build it - fly in the face of the THEORY OF RELATIVITY.

Black Rabbit said...

Other notes:

As part of the GROUNDHOG DAY scenario - yesterday I bought an ORANGE MOBILE - in order to have a phone to take the call from THE LETTING LINK - when they decide to get back to me about the FLAT OF 'O'.

I had bought the very same mobile in 2004 and RIMINGTON had crowed - 'now we can track you, wherever you go'.

As if I cared - why would they need to 'track' me by mobile anyway? I was told that so many cameras would be upon me, during this ILL 'snuff movie'. RIMINGTON's supreme delight: the murder of the MARY and/or her 'christ child' on film.

Additionally, RIMINGTON also KNEW about the possibility of an 'alien invasion' and had even prepared a PINK WATCH i.e. with a pink face under glass - (somebody left it out yesterday) - as a 'present' for herself, in 2004.

Also included in this 'present-giving' was a large wad of what appeared to be £10 notes with the QUEEN's head upon them (fake) and a pregnancy leaflet in YELLOW with another BURGUNDY brochure.

RIMINGTON explained that this little pile was symbolic of the immense amount of MONEY that she would receive from the ROYAL FAMILY for entrapping an 'alien' and also for the death of the MARY and her child (both of whom would be eaten by the ILL).

It didn't make any sense to me at the time - in 2004 - now it is beginning to make a lot of sense.

I forgot to mention that as a child - upon viewing the 'alien planet' JOHN WATERS briefly asked me what the aliens looked like and I told him that they had, long oblong heads - they looked sort of human...and that they were an unnatural shade of PINK. They had begun to explain to me about their families - and society - they had massive families with different familial connections - I have to yet to remember what the bonds and ties were but they were different from human relations and JW got bored of this sort of talk...

Anyway, here are my ORANGE mobile phone details for anybody who is interested (they do not have my bank details):

ID CODE 3191
password 3084 (an old 'control' number)
sim 8944122402024920789 (TOMLINSON had put in my 492 number here)
IMEI 358403/02/180850/0
9990 9910 8525

I bought it from ARGOS:
CAT: NO. 549/0392


Black Rabbit said...

MARK R had originally taken me to this FLAT OF 'O' in 2004. The son of the 'caretaker' was in the flat, when we entered. He looked annoyed at my presence in the flat - I was later to learn from the caretaker that the pair of them regarded it as 'their' flat and let themselves in/used it, whenever they wanted to do so.

However, before we entered - MARK went through a little demonic ceremony at the top of the stairs. I have already related how these stairs are exceptionally narrow and go from the ground floor to the second floor - a great distance - it is a tall building.

At the top of the stairs - there was NO fire extinguisher - just a tiny table with a drawer. MARK opened the drawer which contained two silver metal ornate candle-holders with candles in them. He put them on the table and lit the candles. He then began to mutter something but I cannot remember what...

Anyway, yesterday - when the caretaker showed me around this FLAT OF O again - I opened the drawer at the top of the stairs and saw the two candleholders again but minus the candles. I turned each of them over - whilst the caretaker watched me do it.

In retrospect, I suppose that the candles were a basic ILL death threat. If anybody created a fire upon the stairs - I would be completely unable to get out of the building - trapped on the second floor.

Additionally, I can remember RIMINGTON turning up in the flat - in 2004, with TOMLINSON...they pushed me down the stairs after showing me the flat - warning me that if I ever came to that place again - that they would do the same.

So three death threats in one:
firstly defenestration, secondly 'burning' and fourthly - being pushed down the stairs.

(I didn't roll all of the way...I managed to stop myself halfway down by hitting the wall. They weren't intending to murder me, at that point - they wanted to make their film).

Additionally, the 'caretaker' in 2004 - told me in no uncertain terms (this was whilst we were outside of the flat - before MARK R had turned up) that he checked out all prospective tenants for the landlord called 'Robert'. He hoped that I would be a suitable tenant. I told him that I didn't play loud music.

The 'caretaker' got excited. He told me:

"I LIKE loud music."

He repeated this several times and then almost shouted "particularly CLASSICAL MUSIC!'

The same happened again - yesterday.

Anyway, in 2004 - I quizzed MARK upon this man's strange behaviour and he told me that the guy was an out-and-out FASCIST who got his rocks off on listening to FASCIST ANTHEMS/MARCHS...that sort of thing.

The 'caretaker' reminded me of a US 'alternative comedian'. The actor who normally plays 'freaks' in HOLLYWOOD movies.

He had a head too large for his body - a round but bony, sallow face with large dull-grey eyes which were very animated - he didn't miss a thing. His hair was of a light brown - and almost shoulder length.

Black Rabbit said...

What can I deduce but the fact that RIMINGTON, MARK R and TOMLINSON knew that I would probably get to this stage in their ILL FILM - what would be the point - if I didn't get this far?

However, they were banking upon me having NO memories of what the HOUSE OF 'O' was or where it was...the ILL LITERARY HOUSE OF 'O' in the South of France.

In short, they had hoped that I wouldn't remember that I had written the HARRY POTTER books (all except the last one) and the basic characters, synopsis, plot and structure of HIS DARK MATERIALS.

So the game is now UP AND OVER.

I know everything. What are you going to do now, ILL?

Black Rabbit said...

What this all amount to, in the final analysis is the huge FRAUD and DECEPTION going on around the fallacious 'theory of relativity'.

FOOLS like RIMINGTON and TOMLINSON believed in the 'pie in the sky' games surrounding the 'blood' of the MARY and her CHRIST CHILD.

What it was all really about was: scientific research into the 'properties' of the SOUL as well as space/time travel through the SOUL.

Black Rabbit said...

I learnt and saw - terrible things yesterday - too many things and so I have to prioritise (although everything was IMPORTANT) - when I finally get a place of my own and my personal computer back - then I will be able to type up all of my notes and give the full picture - until then, an hour or so at the library will have to suffice.

Okay, so the end of this particular GROUNDHOG DAY Ill GAME was the 'touching of the GREEN'.

Think the sequel to THE WIZARD OF OZ and you've got it (MARK R showed me this film at the Templar Castle).

The GREEN in question was another piece of jewellry - of the TU selection at SAINSBURYS. In Clacton, right at the back of the store (there were two stands) and on the stand at the back was a large GREEN smooth, glass stone - a pendant upon a SILVERY GOLD chain.

I bought it.

Many things then came together:

UNCLE MICHAEL and my MOTHER had taken me to CLEAR-POINT nature reservation recently - where the DUTCH HOUSES are and where the smugglers come in.

I will not go into too much detail but we stopped at a pub in the village and the LOCAL MASONS watched us have dinner. After it was over - MICHAEL and my MOTHER wrapped up the butter in packets and gave it to me to keep.

I flashback to MRS BROWNE in her demonic alter - during the 'walkthrough' that the supposed 'rebel group' had put me through - after R and T had put me through basically the same thing - the ILL FILM walkthrough and instructions as to what to say and do at every sick point/event in the film - in 2004.

MRS BROWNE laughed scornfully at me and told me that I had 'failed' because I hadn't remembered the number upon the packet of butter. I could only remember the brand.

She also told me that the MASONS watching us have lunch - had been told that I was STEALING all of their money - to turn them against me - as symbolised by the taking of the butter packets.

For the record - the butter packets were LICHFIELDS - and the number was: 1000734/A.

The packets were of a GREEN and SILVERY GOLD design.

In retrospect, I am FURIOUS. You want to know who is raping and bankrupting this country MASONS? I haven't touched a penny of 'your money' and you all know it. Keep reading.

The problem with people like this is not 'stupidity' as SHARON had described the RA FREEMASONS - it is COWARDICE.

SHARON had told me that they were basically STUPID - STUPIDITY is a congenital condition - it cannot be helped and so you cannot blame them.

I would beg to differ - it is more 'herd mentality' along the lines of:

"I am part of this gang. If this gang wants to go and MUG somebody - then that is their right. I do not want to be independent and outside of this group or they might come and mug me."

Anyway, I can now see that these packets symbolised URANIUM smuggling.

I had already found this out in HARWICH - RIMINGTON's smuggling conveyor belt - from the GREEN HANGER on the pier in front of the 'naval intelligence' watchtower building - to the back of SOMERFIELDS (in 'crayola packets' - silvery 'crayons') and then on to some ARMS DEALER inland.

So this type of trade also went on from the DUTCH HOUSES at CLEARPOINT.

The CIA differ slightly upon this one - my contact told me that it wasn't precisely URANIUM that the ILL were now smuggling - some other but similar substance, necessary for their experiments.

So let me recap:


This makes me think again of the DUTCH AFRIKAANERS - RIMINGTON had come from one of their 'railway' families.

The problem with finding the 'source' of the ILL is that, for example - DALDRY at the TEMPLAR CASTLE was talking about getting the SHRINERS and the JONGLERS into the NWO umbrella. The ILL try to get every 'secret society' into their net.

However, one can safely assume that the most EVIL can be found where the ILL want to protect their stolen 'resources' and that would be AFRICA - in particular SOUTH AFRICA because they have the ANC in their pockets, as mind control slaves.

Black Rabbit said...

DEPT. 768 JSF 19/2C £5.00

I am still furious at those dumb RA MASONS - why are they so fucking stupid?

I hate COWARDICE far more than I hate stupidity though - SHARON was correct - however, NOBODY in this world is THAT stupid.

Anyway, I 'freed' the MASONIC LODGE in CLACTON from ROYAL CONTROL yesterday cycling into their forecourt (as MARK had told me)...I wasn't too sure what I was supposed to do until I saw the man standing behind a van in front of the doors, watching me...and then I knew that I had to do something...and spotted it as I was cycling out of the carpark forecourt...a large piece of twisted BURGUNDY had been there since 2004.

I didn't even bother to pick it up...I just started to kick it...I kicked it over the pavement and into the GUTTER...and so the ROYAL FAMILY (in MASONIC terms) are now in the gutter...maybe looking at the stars.

I might add that I 'freed' both TOMLINSON and MARK R from RIMINGTON'S hideous 'display' at the shop 'PAWS'...

I cannot remember if I have mentioned this shop as THE programming shop in Greater Clacton...

RIMINGTON had put up a display to the left, which was all about herself (you can guess what was in it - go take a look) and to the right, a display for TOMLINSON (personified in pride of place as a stuffed TIGER with a label RORY upon it)...

MARK was also on this display - sitting by TOMLINSON as the 'COLCHESTER ZOO MONKEY'...with a red string around his neck...between the pair of them (they were placed on a teddybear's picnic box)...was a YELLOW BABY RABBIT...

DALDRY was under the tree beside this display as BRIAN the SNAIL (I 'rescued' him first)...and so all sounds like MADNESS and it is...but I remember RIMINGTON explaining the symbolism of virtually every object that she had placed in that display...go check it out yourself. Easy to decipher when you know how ILL programming works.

I have now removed the most 'dangerous' mind control programming objects from the display and others have begun to help me...e.g. today, somebody had hung a plastic ORANGE over TOMLINSON'S display.

Black Rabbit said...

I might add that I only freed the pair of them because I had remembered RIMINGTON crowing that I would NEVER ever buy them (free them) from that display because by this point in the game - after remembering what they had done to me - I would HATE them too much.

It is lucky that I did free them or I might never have remembered MARK R telling me how to free the CLACTON MASONIC LODGE from ROYAL ILL CONTROL by removing the BURGUNDY twisted thread, upon their forecourt.

Black Rabbit said...

An ex-SAS slave turned up at EAGLEHURST last night - RIMINGTON had sent him to see what I had cooked for supper. He was in an abused child 'TOMLINSON' alter - he is also a master of martial arts.

It was a difficult situation to handle - but DALDRY helped me out - let us just say this - he knew how to handle men in these abused child alters - so I told the guy to go home because he must be hungry. I didn't tell him what I was cooking - in point of fact - it was ROAST CHICKEN and RATATOUILLE...RIMINGTON had programmed the guy to comment upon this (as he had done in 2004) and this would be interpreted as a big SIGNAL BOX for the SAS to attend RIMINGTON'S ILL EASTER RITE - 'permission' granted to murder and then eat the ILL victims.

Black Rabbit said...

Finally, as I am running out of time:

Quick notes - RIMINGTON was the AFRIKAANER 'GREEN GODDESS' of the UK.

RIMINGTON had told me that there was an ILL QUEEN in every country - just like her - I cannot remember the number but not a huge amount - I remember commenting that there wasn't one in EVERY country - by the number given. She could only think of 3 or 4 that she had personally met.

Black Rabbit said...


I guess that the RAF will be interested in this one - they were in on PSI RESEARCH and from the very beginning.

Let me just say this first. NONE OF US will ever kow-tow to some public schoolboy twat, ever again. You dared to try to program us like 'planes' - like robotised slaves.


We did what we did because we were highly intelligent 'independents' - no 'army protocol' or bollocks from idiot 'colonels' - we just got in there, did it and got out again. We do NOT need you and we never will.

You will NEVER try to make slaves of any human being, ever again (or to your cost, if you do).

Anyway, the most important finding of the whole lot is that the SOUL/REMOTE-VIEWER can pass through ANYTHING.

The ILL program you as a child - to believe that you, as an OBE'd soul - are a 'genie in a bottle' that only the programmer can let out. In brief, we were programmed to believe that we couldn't pass through glass. That is a LIE.

The two remote-viewers who went into the outbuilding at HAARP went straight through a solid glass pane window - it was NOT openable.

However, they fell prey to the ILLUSION that they couldn't get through the solid steel door to the next room - where the HAARP operative was and so had to wait until he came into the room.

The point here is that they could have passed through that steel door as well.

I was viewing from outside of the window but at the same time - I was in the room with them (turned round by about 45 degrees) and watching their 'essences' in front of me in the room - as they waited to 'jump into the head' of the operative as he came through the steel door.

Additionally, I could also 'see' everything around me...I could see the 'quidditch players' i.e. the remote-viewers who were high up above HAARP - who were 'jumping' the rays.

I could see the operative who had 'chickened' out - miles away behind me. In short, I could 'see' everything and at the same time - because I had been trained as an FBI WATCHER.

The guys who were 'jumping the rays' were extraordinarily agile - they were moving quicker than the speed of light - they could go backwards, forwards, upwards and downwards...the speed with which they moved - to appear in another place - was incredible to gold balls of mini-universes...moving so incredible sight. These guys had been 'trained' to do this - as their particular skill.

So what am I saying in synopsis?

Sitting here in this chair - by the computer - in my body - this chair and computer...look real and are real, to all intents and purposes.

However, once you have OBE'D - and you are simply a disembodied 'essence' but still can pass through anything because ALL IS ILLUSION TO THE SOUL.

Put even more simply - when you remote-view, you realise that ALL MATTER IS ILLUSION except that some 'illusions' are more difficult to break than others - such as that steel door, for example.

The world is one big HOLOGRAM to you, when you are remote-viewing.

Black Rabbit said...

HAARP is a glass-house and extremely vulnerable to remote-viewers who can 'throw stones'.

Black Rabbit said...

I have another hour upon the library computer today and have just had ANOTHER conversation with a library assistant about my supposed 'access card'. I have been issued with no such thing.

Apparently somebody had written upon my library record that I had been 'in hospital' and that I had consequently been issued with an 'access card'. The first assistant had queried if I had hearing or listening difficulties because 'free access' was to 'disability' resources.

I immediately got the picture. By this time (after 3 months), the ILL had figured that the OLANZAPINE would have knocked out my brain to the extent that I would be unable to hear/see or even walk in a straight line - even the hardiest patients on this drug - tend to shake all the time.

Who had put this information about having been issued an 'access card' and having been 'in hospital' upon my LIBRARY RECORD?

Anyway, I thought that I had cleared this up with the first assistant but obviously not - the second assistant, after I had asked for another hour of library time - rang up a colleague to ask her if they could book 'disability people' with an extra hour on a computer - straight after their first one.

This is infuriating but I can see how the ILL had planned this all out - even to setting up an ACCESS CARD for me - because RIMINGTON figured that I would need one, by this stage in the ILL GAME.

Black Rabbit said...

An important note here is:

Why did the ILL keep so many of their ILL SLAVES alive in mental hospitals?

Why did RIMINGTON and TOMLINSON continually come back to the mental health units around ANGLIA?

Answer: because even though these people had damaged minds and bodies - their remote-viewing alters were still good - able to do the 'business'.

The more abused you were as a child and an adult by the ILL - the more easily you could 'fly'. That simple.

Black Rabbit said...

company: HAVEN HOLIDAYS (Prince Philips NAZI naval intelligence group - MRS BROWNE told me that this company was part of the naval ILL)
PP 5201
5 027148 052017

company: PMS
5 050563 006349

Additionally, TOMLINSON and MARK R had two other 'voodoo dolls' in Greater Clacton - suitably placed in the PETSHOP.

One was a GUINEAPIG (SDL imports) - MARK R and the other was a BLACK AND WHITE CAT with yellow/orange eyes - 'JINX' - KEEL TOYS SC1475
5 027148 014756

RIMINGTON had placed the 'hamster' in a large container covered in dark blue felt - at the top of a display. The container had two large holes in it -MARK R told me dismally that the hamster was himself and he was the 'mouse in the hole' who came in to steal from ILL SLAVES.

The CAT'S EYE was symbolic of not only TOMLINSON but all other cat's eye programmers. This cat was sitting on top of the container.

I bought both of them and then used my Swiss penknife scissors to make holes in their stomachs and took the stuffing out.

I then threw them away, outside ST JOHN'S CHURCH - in the litterbin.

The CAT contained little bags of what looked like translucent plastic crystals. The HAMSTER contained some sort of white fibreglass man-made fibre stuffing.

Black Rabbit said...

Additionally, I also got rid of ALL of RIMINGTON'S NEEDLE AND KNITTING PATTERNS. They symbolised 'a needle through the eye' and a 'knitting needle through your lung' (see notes on AMBASSADOR WOOD). The first was a primitive lobotomy - given to all slaves, to stop them waking up - every 5 years. The second was one of the most painful ways that a slave could die.

Black Rabbit said...

The ILL LIBRARY system is still up and running - the ILL have got a bit cleverer recently - RIMINGTON had taken me into the local library and told me 'don't bother with those - they aren't for you' i.e. the displays of paperbacks 'to go' at the front of the library. They are arranged in order, for certain slaves to register as they walk in - not to be taken away, in the main.

So I have been simply taking the first one and substituting it for the last 'top lefthand book' for bottom righthand book' exchange. However, because I now know the numbers, sequences and titles (imagery) - I can see that the ILL got wise to that one and so I have diversified into 'random' mixing up of the books.

I am still checking out the books left at the ends of rows - these are the new programming orders (and not as you might assume - simply returned books waiting to go back onto the shelves)and yesterday the ILL had put out:

THE DOOMED YOUTH OF BOMBER COMMAND at the end of a row - beyond the clip.

Well, aren't we touchy, ILL?

It is YOU who are DOOMED and it always ends the same way - you all DEAD in your bunkers. Really, this is getting very dull but then, little robotic NAZIS never give up, do they?

Have I mentioned that those that the ILL want to sacrifice - are put on top of the other books upon a certain shelf? For example, KATE ADIE has been consistently put on top of the books in the biography section.

Black Rabbit said...

I also got rid of all of RIMINGTON'S paintbrushes - she had told all of her slaves to identify with a thin paintbrush (with a gold number upon it) which she then tied together with two red elastic bands. The type that the POSTMEN 'CARRIER PIGEONS' use.

The ELASTIC BAND was one of the first symbols shown to us at POWERGEN. We were all told that we would be stretched until we broke.

Black Rabbit said...

I recently borrowed an ILL command book at the end of a line - beyond the clip:


I have no idea why but figure that this is of extreme importance. I need to browse through it. Is this 'druid land'? The early Britons were all forced back into the furthest reaches of Wales - when the ROMANS invaded.

ISBN 2 06 710887 5
9 782067 108875

Black Rabbit said...


I remember SHARON asking me about my childhood experience of the PINK ALIENS upon a PLANET within the COSMOS (no 'maps' I had no idea where).

So ISRAELI INTELLIGENCE had read my ILL records from way back, then and they were interested.

However, SHARON was of the opinion that I had in fact, contacted a SEPHARDIC COMMUNITY.

He laughed at me - he told me that I was describing the intricate extended family relations of a SEPHARDIC COMMUNITY and that because these familial relations had been 'alien' to me as a child - I had then fantasied these people to be aliens.

Okay, so if that is correct - then my whole experience of going up beyond the Earth's atmosphere, into the COSMOS was untrue - and that means that my conviction that the THEORY OF RELATIVITY is a lie - is also untrue.

Alternatively, it could mean that the SEPHARDIM believe themselves, that they orginated from another planet - rather like what the SCIENTOLOGISTS are supposed to believe, in relation to THETANS.

I would simply like to add (and those who have read my notes from the beginning, will remember this):

...that when I had that 'dream' as a teenager - the dream of the AMERINDIAN RESERVATION - and it was a very similar experience - I was accepted as an 'ancestral spirit' despite my protestations to the leader of the tribe...

These AMERINDIANS were very much REAL human beings, as was their location - somewhere upon a US reservation.

They were not PINK and nor did they have OBLONG HEADS.

I had this 'reality dream' as a teenager. I had been given a beaten SILVER CHARM PENDANT by my mother. MURIEL LASKIN (US New Yorker Ashkenazim) had sent my mother a package of silver - from a reservation that she had recently visited.

The charm was peculiar - it was like an upsidedown horseshoe and had two heads and arms, hanging down, on either side of it. Rather nasty, in retrospect - rather like the ILL hanging you upside down, to program you...

Anyway, I was fascinated by it and wore the pendant everyday for about 6 months - just after having been programmed in 1980.

Back at 6th Form College - I approached my 'mentor' NANKEVILLE about this strange dream because it was so 'real'.

I had 'flown' over this mountainous terrain - to a concrete long building. I had entered the building and seen a lot of men in 'red indian' costumes. They were seated at a long table with one chair vacant by the 'chief'.

Only the 'chief' could see me. He pulled up the chair - called me an 'ancestral spirit/visitor' and the 'banquet' commenced.

I tried to explain that I was no such thing but to no avail.

I then saw a solitary Amerindian woman standing at the back of the hall - she was paying attention to nothing and no-one. She looked 'dead'. Nobody was paying a blind bit of attention to her. It was as if she wasn't there - she wasn't 'serving' anybody - she was no 'menial' at their feast.

Besides, I knew that she was a 'spirit' just like me.

I eventually managed to get one of the men to take notice of her and to give her a seat (this was particularly hard - I kept 'shouting' in his ear - the man to the right of me but it was as if he couldn't hear me but eventually he got up).

The old woman, immediately sat on it and continued to stare blankly in front of her - rather like a disorientated, animated corpse.

I wonder now...had she recently died? Was she the one who was supposed to be given the 'seat of honour' at the table?

Souls tend to hang around for a while after their immediate death.

Anyway, SHARON - I would query your understanding that I had visited a SEPHARDIC COMMUNITY - if I had done so, why wouldn't I have seen them as they really were?

Black Rabbit said...

My last 5 minutes upon the computer today - this is really tedious.

My only concern, every morning is to pre-empt the ILL and their 'game plan' by putting up my notes - using the library internet computers.

Surely this ILL GAME must be finished now though? What more can I possibly say about this sick ILL CULT?

Black Rabbit said...

In brief, the MICHELIN NORTH WALES 'MINIGUIDE' is the major book to all ILL practices within the UK - it has been thoroughly coded by them.

Look at the ORANGE first letters of each chapter - MARK R had pointed these out to me - they spell out what the ILL are up to and where in WALES - all coded references.

He didn't tell me that the ILL had been thrown out of the UK/Scotland but it looks likely - for whatever reason - this ORANGE team had moved its HQ to NORTH WALES.

Their main HQ is POWIS CASTLE.


It would take too long to recite the reasons why I began to realise this but suffice to say - it is all in my notes concerning the TEMPLAR CASTLE - PRINCE CHARLES was higher up the ILL scale, than the rest of his family. He ran the CATS EYE programmers.

I saw the CCTV with MARK R - of PRINCE CHARLES admitting to his sons that he had murdered DIANA.

I also saw his CATS EYE programmers attempted to murder the QUEEN and upon PRINCE CHARLES' orders.

Black Rabbit said...





MARK R showed me this book and told me that this is where the ILL CULT had originated.

KING LUDWIG II's fairy castle made real in 'Walt Disney' style.

Ludwig was known as the 'Swan king' or Parsifal and the 'Pure Knight' (Wagner was a close friend).

Ludwig 'made madness into an art form'.

His entire family suffered from PORPHYRIA. They were completely insane. In fact, they were the MOST insane of all of the European Royals (any chance that the BRITISH ROYALS are descended from this lot? If so, it would be carefully hidden).

Ludwig's father starved and beat his sons and when they began to hear voices - he recommended a bit of black bread and a swim in an icy lake.

Ludwig ascended to the throne in 1864 at 18 years old. He then began to create a 'wonderland' around himself - the descriptions in the book are quite extraordinary: 'Euro-Disney came to Bavaria a hundred years early'.

Ludwig dressed in silver armour and paddled round the lake in a boat shaped like a swan.

He became known as the SWAN KING.

After nearly bankrupting the country - his ministers tried to force him to abdicate - LUDWIG was demanding still more money off them for his off-the-reichter scale insane ideas...and so LUDWIG then recruited Italian bandits to go and rob all of the banks of Europe.

Anyway, eventually his body and that of his doctor von Gudden, were fished out of the lake. A mystery as to what happened.

What can I deduce from all of this? Firstly that the LEVITE'S CASTLE was of a very similar design - again a 'Walt Disney' type of style and so the ILL obviously love BAVARIAN architecture.


Black Rabbit said...

Additionally, this morning I got rid of the most pernicious of all of RIMINGTON'S programming objects:

Suffice to say it incorporated a large white 'EGG' of white polystyrene balls underneath her particular shade of PINK fake flowers.

The white EGG had been punctured all over with GREEN spikes. The 'trunk' of this bunch was composed of a papier mache toilet roll construction made to look like a tree trunk - with twigs all around it - inside the hollow trunk were more polystyrene 'eggs' and TWO GREEN WIRES.

In short, we had all been forced to watch the making of this macabre VOODOO device in 1980.

It not only symbolised the ZYGOTE to be experimented with (the egg being fertilised by GREEN sperm) but also the TWO WIRES up the nose - an ILL lobotomy to take away the memories of their slaves - the single most effective way that the ILL could maintain power over their slave base.

Anyway, I dismantled the entire lot and threw it away.

Black Rabbit said...

MRS BROWNE had also shown me a large GOLDEN screw which had a black top to it and scornfully laughed at me when I couldn't read the tiny numbers upon it "I thought you said that you had 20-20 vision?"

For the record: BRIT PAT 1396518

MYERS is a name to be conjured with - I intuit that it is a name of a DOCTOR.

I have already 'outed' P J MANDERS as a fraud at ARDLEIGH SURGERY (he has no medical qualifications) - MARK R told me he had read up on 'skin diseases' to pass himself off as a doctor - the easiest specialisation of all because you do not need to know how the body 'works' - just how to recognise a rash and to treat it.

I have already recited how my mother cleverly caught him out (see previous notes.)

DR BETTLE is 'controlled' by MANDERS - MANDERS now operates more as the 'office manager' but still does the TWO WIRES up the nose 'lobotomies' to ILL SLAVES. He recently performed one upon my father (a few years ago).

MANDERS was and is a PRINCE CHARLES 'cats eye' programmer.

Who is MYERS?

Anonymous said...

NAPP PHARMACEUTICALS LTD should also be 'outed'.

RIMINGTON used this company for her drug supplies - she also used to give slaves 'appointments' at this company and would dole out 'prescriptive medicines' and injections.

Black Rabbit said...

RIMINGTON also showed me the grave of a certain JOHN POLLARD in the ST JOHN'S churchyard, Great Clacton (Valley Road).

died September 13th 1871

There is a large hunk of WOOD - a tree stump that has been placed in a hole, upon this grave. It has funghi growing out of it.

RIMINGTON put wrappers behind it:

CLEAR SWEET WRAPPER (Foxes glacier?)

Also a newsagent's card - mangled:

812 922
LYN 07748640246'

RIMINGTON told me that I would never be able to remove the tree trunk 'boulder'.

Anyway, a strong young man removed this tree trunk for me and there was a PINK wrapper underneath:


Anonymous said...

Is that the POLE at the centre of the PULLMAN map?


Black Rabbit said...

According to MRS BROWNE the next 'green goddess' to replace RIMINGTON in the UK will be...and I do not have the woman's name but I can give a description of her:

Dark hair and eyes, snub nose shoulder-length hair - smartly dressed - bordering on obese.

The woman is 'typical' of TOMLINSONS' 'dream woman' in looks - so one can see why she was 'chosen' for this role.

She works in a 'managerial capacity' in the NHS or related services and attended a 'manager's meeting' at EAGLEHURST a few days ago.

Her car registration is:

(Wolverhampton garage)

Check out her phonecalls to WALES.

Anonymous said...

The ILL have already performed their EASTER RITE in WALES. They figured that their trail was already too hot.

Black Rabbit said...


By the end of the 13th Century - Lord Gruffudd Gwynwynwyn was obliged by Edward I to renounce his Royal titles and to accept the title of BARON DE LA POLE (= POOL or POWIS).

The POLE in the middle of PULLMAN'S map is POWIS CASTLE.

Anonymous said...

The reference to TRIDENT missiles should not be overlooked though.

Black Rabbit said...

TRIDENT missiles? They were bought on PRINCE CHARLES request.

RIMINGTON was trying to throw me off the scent with her guff about POLLARD being the heart of the ILL CULT - who cares about the history - what matters is what is currently going on at POWIS CASTLE.

It is currently owned by the NATIONAL TRUST.

Black Rabbit said...

I had already 'read' the codes of the MASONIC 'washing line' at EAGLE HOUSE and decoded POWIS at the time but had no idea what to think...

Black Rabbit said...

I knew that they were taking people there for 'reprogramming' but had no idea where in this region.

Black Rabbit said...

ORANGE codes (first letters) in the MICHELIN GUIDE:

I - S

I remember MARK showing me quite a few pages of this book.

ORB is simply three places where the ILL blow the glass to make the ORBS to 'soul-trap'...the WELLS in which they trap them and then the MONASTERY on BARDSEY ISLAND where they take them...

MARK R told me that the mention of the 'shepherd' was a reference to NIKOLAS HULBRUSCH...


Black Rabbit said...

FT is all about ILL 'financial times'.

IT location, speaks for itself.

PAO is the 'HQ' as it were (POWIS included) - and this is all about the MARY cult - two places where the ST MARY'S CHURCH is and another castle with DEATH HOLES i.e. MARK told me that they would eventually murder me here.

EAT I do not want to know about...


SR had chosen these two locations as her own...

Black Rabbit said...

I have got another 20 minutes of library time and so I can expand a little upon what I have already said regarding this 'ORANGE' manual which was left out at the end of a row - to program 'elite slaves' presumably.

I just 'knew' I had to borrow the book as soon as I saw subconscious mind must have been screaming 'MARK R showed you this book and where they all are - get it out NOW!'

So now I know where the CASTLE OF 'O' is:

'O' in ORANGE begins the chapter on POWIS CASTLE P88.

PRINCE CHARLES runs the HOUSE OF 'O' in this country.

He was the one who was primarily responsible for stealing all of the HARRY POTTER/HIS DARK MATERIALS money - using me as a PI slave - keeping me in penury and poverty - RIMINGTON had even been instructed me to tell me that I must NEVER eat BAKED BEANS because that sick little bastard wouldn't allow anybody that he hated, to eat them - his 'favourite food'.

Black Rabbit said...

"One of Wales' grandest residences..."

Where the ILL perform their major sick, Satanic rites.

Black Rabbit said...


I was running out of time and got this confused with TT - something MARK had shown me in 2004:


PENRHYN CASTLE = T (in the ORANGE first letter code)


"We throw you out" he said simply.

Upon the orders of PRINCE CHARLES, presumably.


Black Rabbit said...

Note the SOLARISED church image at the beginning and end of this book.

MARK R told me that I would 'remember' this i.e. that I had been there but it looked pretty generic to me.

However the fact that it is a SOLARISED image - suggests the RA FREEMASONRY CULT.

Black Rabbit said...

There are other ORANGE 'O' locations e.g. DENBIGH CASTLE.

As soon as I began to read about it - I KNEW that I had been there.

This was TOMLINSON'S 'castle' where he used to perform and probably still does peform (if he is still alive) his VAMPIRE RITES.

The 'grand chamber' is open to the sky - I remember that one, very well.

Black Rabbit said...

Did I mention that KING LUDWIG had one of his bedroom ceilings painted with ORANGE TREES?

I also remember having been in that bedroom...a long time ago so either we were forced to visit this castle in BAVARIA in 1980 or I was taken there at a later date e.g. whilst I was working in Eastern Europe...whilst I was living in PRAGUE perhaps 1994-6 or more likely - POLAND 1992-4.

Black Rabbit said...

MARK R pointed out the spelling mistakes (always intentional in ILL typesetting) upon P76 concerning BARDSEY ISLAND.

"the isle of 20 000 saints"

MARK R pointed out the lack of a comma ',' as in 20,000 as being relevant to something but I have no idea what.

He also pointed out:
"peninsular.A third..."

No gap between the fullstop and the next sentence.

It also had significance but again I have no idea what it could mean.

Black Rabbit said...

I am assuming here that upon this 'lonely isle' that MARK R was supposed to be the 'warden' to NIKOLAS HULBRUSCH's 'shepherd' but I am not sure - he didn't actually say.

Black Rabbit said...

The 'glass-blowing' for the soul-trapping ORBS is done at:


Black Rabbit said...

AI is interesting in this ILL ORANGE code:

P21 Isle of ANGLESEY

Here we have the RA CULT bridge:

"monumentally Egyptian in character guarded at each end by pairs of lions of distinctly Sphinx-like mien"

'mien' - does that mean 'likeness' - I sense an ILL meaning behind that one.

Anyway, ST MARY'S is over this bridge.

PRINCE CHARLES is obviously the PATRON SAINT of the MARY cult.

He has been behind all of those rapes, abortions and murders of innocent women - aided and abetted by RIMINGTON, TOMLINSON (the ARCH GOBLIN)and MARK R.

The SWAN KING? - 'raving mad turkey' is the image that comes to mind.

KING LUDWIG was obsessed by LOUIS THE SUNKING and his court...he tried to do the same sort of things...

Black Rabbit said...


Work that one out - MARK thought this the most interesting 'ORANGE anagram' of the lot but I am not entirely sure why.


PORT MEIRION was the stage-set for THE PRISONER TV show.


It all looks rather MARITIME...I remember MARK telling me that I had visited the MARITIME MUSEUM and so this must be all about SMUGGLING/PIRACY/PAEDOPHILE TRADE.

The FFESTINIOG RAILWAY...and the 'railway families' all ties in somehow...I guess it is simply that we were all taken here in 1980...and then went on to LIVERPOOL...COLWYN BAY...I remember that we visited that SLAVERY base...and so on.

Anonymous said...

The PPP of Hans Christian Andersen?

Those three place names...

Black Rabbit said...

In the library yesterday - a young man talked to me about his computer - it was rather a 'nonsensical' conversation until I realised/remembered that he was here to remind me of something:

His last words to me were: 'remember it is a 10-15 digit number'. This is NOT the length of a library card code number.

Anyway, I remembered in time - flashbacked to MRS BROWNE scornfully telling me that I had brought her back the WRONG number and guess where I had found it?

On a BENEFITS cheque.

I recently received the PRINCELY SUM of a cheque for £803.79

NOT enough for 'HARRY POTTER' and 'HIS DARK MATERIALS' - I think you can do 'better', ILL.

Anyway, this CHEQUE had the same ANAGRAM upon it - whilst with MRS BROWNE in 2004 - I had 'wrongly' worked it out as SHELL LOEB (which I thought was correct but she said WRONG).

Here is the anagram of 11 numbers, upon the CHEQUE:

735 ****

Put this into iqbl and you get:

LES ****

I talked with another remote-viewer who is usually more accurate than I am, in his information and he said:


I shall have to look up 'BLOE' upon the internet.

Anyway, having looked at this anagram again - I realise that I have MY OWN preferred 'reading' of it.

Think of it as a SHELL - the common ILL image and start in the middle to read off:


In point of fact, that is precisely what I have done. I was the BELLE to TOMLINSON'S BEAST.

I have made a HOLE in the HH fascist organisation of the ROYALS...this is the ROYAL NAVAL 'contacts' cult of the 'yachting paedophile ring'.

Who or what are the 4 STARS? These were taken out of the CULT to create the HOLE.

I can read this several ways:


For example:



Anyway, I have got the general 'gist' of the anagram at any rate.

I might add that the OIL CULT number was also upon this CHEQUE:

G1A 1740 - 05 47740634

174 is the OIL CULT number and in iqbl 05 = OZ.

However, the most interesting number of the lot to me, was the number printed down the side:

3MSPSL 9659 023354 02/09

Black Rabbit said...

Anyway, let us now talk about COLOUR-CODING.

RIMINGTON always liked to have an ARGOS CATALOGUE in every house that she visited - why?

The ROYALS had created a new ILL COLOUR-CODED system, easily accessible to all programmers, through the ARGOS CATALOGUE.

This 'compendium' lists basic categories e.g. mobile phones, computers and so forth, under different colour-coded pages. These different shades of colours, are then used for programming. In 2004, RIMINGTON had to remind herself every so often because the ILL system had changed.

Other notes:

Yesterday I bought three SOAPS (as a symbolic statement against the ILL):


I put WRIGHTS (bright ORANGE) in the shell-like formation to the left of the taps in my bathroom basin and the PEARS in the right 'shell-like' formation.

I was trying to remind myself that it all goes back to ROYAL DUTCH SHELL.

I put the DEAD SEA soap (WHITE) on the bath.

Black Rabbit said...


Black Rabbit said...

I also bought 3 DAIRY MILK CARAMEL EGGS because I saw the barcode and it contained TOMLINSON'S shortening of my basic mind control command: 492 (shortened from 231231231 in terms of 'squaring' - so he could say it quickly and get away with it if people were around.)

Barcode: 5 000201 492135

I received a SOMERFIELDS receipt for this purchase and on it was:

3/04/09 14:54 2223111

So tell me - just how 'computerised' is this world?

Black Rabbit said...


The demonic blood transfusions which we were all put through - were little more than the calculated infection of ROYAL slaves with PORPHYRIA.

DR BETTLE (who suffered traumatic injuries to the head, after TOMLINSON had bludgeoned him into unconsciousness) had previously told my mother that her ailments were probably because of:

" could be PORPHYRIA but I hope not because we can't treat it and so let's go down all the other avenues first..."

My mother had related this conversation back to me ad verbatim.

I asked my father if this was true and he added this further information:

"It is treatable but there is a law which states that you are not allowed to diagnose it. Anyway, everyone in this country is allocated about 4 pints of blood per year for surgery and the treatment of PORPHYRIA would require a complete blood transfusion - which is too 'expensive'."

No wonder BETTLE nearly got bludgeoned to death - he had broken an ILL 'law' by diagnosing possible PORPHYRIA.

Additionally, my father, as a retired CONSULTANT HAEMATOLOGIST would know of the consequences of going anywhere near PORPHYRIA i.e. its diagnosis and treatment.

Black Rabbit said...

I have also to mention that the POLICE were incredulous when they saw 'GINGER SPICE' on their CCTV - being led into EAGLEHURST by TOMLINSON and RIMINGTON.

She was pleading with them, crying 'please don't hurt me'. They put her through an NDE i.e. 'murdered' her and then resuscitated her.

I cannot remember now - how many people I named - who were slaves of the ILL CULT - to the POLICE in 2004 but I did make it clear that most famous and influential people were in the cult.

Anonymous said...



The largest and most famous diamond in the world, was stolen from the ruler of the Punjab, MAHARAJAH DHULEEP SINGH - upon the orders of QUEEN VICTORIA in March 1849.

This unique diamond was then 'butchered' by PRINCE ALBERT and the DUKE OF WELLINGTON who felt that its original shape wasn't quite up to their 'standards'.

The diamond went down from 187 carats to 109 carats.

It was then presented to QUEEN VICTORIA - who, herself - didn't like the 'new design'.

Henceforth, the MAHARAJAH was to privately refer to QUEEN VICTORIA as 'MRS FAGIN'.

Black Rabbit said...

PRIVATE EYE 3rd April-16th April

Look in 'Eye Say' in the 'small ads':

"MABINOGOGIBLOG. Because it's no use looking in the papers."

Thank you, I think I get the gist of that one:


The 'old witch' is in the Castle of 'O' in POWIS, Wales. Enough said.

Black Rabbit said...

vol 16, no. 3


"Well, at the very heart of the problem is who exactly has been given the power to issue currency. You see, the average person assumes that the creation of money and credit is a government-controlled thing. It is not. It is a private business - and I speak particularly about the US scene. Just as the baker makes bread and sells it, so too do the people in charge of currency. They make it and sell it to governments to use."

The author then goes on to state:

"Who are these people, you ask? Well, I do not know. I know that a lot of readers will contact me to say that it's the Jewish bankers, or the Freemasons, or the Vatican that are in charge of this - but I believe all of these are merely servants to some other real controllers."

Let me now talk about my own experience:

RIMINGTON showed me quite a few 'PRINTING PRESSES' - the last one that she showed me was in HARWICH in 2004 but was now in 'disuse' because of 'digitalisation'.

In 1980, RIMINGTON had shown all of us this PRINTING PRESS and boasted that she could print off as much money as she liked and when she liked.

I have to underline the point here that in 1980, we were all being programmed by BRITISH INTELLIGENCE to be SLAVES of the MONARCHY.

I had assumed, at that point, that she MUST be talking about FORGERIES.

What if she wasn't? What if that PRINTING PRESS had the ROYAL PLATES? That would have made the notes printed LEGAL TENDER.

Anonymous said...

The 'face' of the SUNKING 'sun dial' has now been BROKEN.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me for stating the obvious but - the fuckers are just refusing to print and sell any more money and that is why there is a worldwide 'shortage' of it?

Anonymous said...


Black Rabbit said...

Ever wondered why JAMES BOND was called 'James BOND'?

Why the surname BOND?

Let me take you back to 1980 - towards the end of programming by BRITISH INTELLIGENCE for the BRITISH ROYAL FAMILY:

Quite a few of the course were presented with BONDS - GOVERNMENTAL BONDS.

Each GOVERNMENTAL BOND contained their encoded mind control strings.

I was given something different - not a GOVERNMENTAL BOND. RIMINGTON crowed with delight:

"You are only worth a GIRO - get it?"

She presented me with a piece of paper which looked like a BOND - about A5 size and of cream colour - with a silvery emblem embossed at the top of it. However, it was a BENEFITS cheque for the sum of £803.97

I didn't get it. RIMINGTON slowly enunciated the word:

"GI - RO. ROE - get it?"

I was a 'human egg' slave a ZYGOTE SLAVE - one of the 'little fishes' who laid 'roe' for the ILL.

I still didn't get it because at that point - I had little or no memories of what had been done to me that year. I was almost a complete blank. I stared at her. This insane woman shrieking with laughter at her own inane jokes.

Black Rabbit said...

'JONATHAN' was one of the remote-viwers at the TEMPLAR CASTLE 2004.

He is now at EAGLEHURST - having been sectioned just before XMAS and put on 'depot' injections. Narcoleptic drugs which knock you out for about a month.

In 2004, RIMINGTON had screamed with laughter - after injecting him with this completely unnecessary drug. She had called him a 'SLEEPING RABBIT'.

LEPI - or 'lapin' in French.

The side-effects of a DEPO injection are hideous. 'Pseudo-Parkinsons' and tachycardia, to name but a few.

It is a wonder that JONATHAN presents as so 'sane' but that is because he IS sane - despite such terrible drugging.

Why was JONATHAN allowed to live? Because he is a brilliant remote-viewer and the ILL still hoped to use him.

Why is he on such a heavy drug? Because the ILL do not want him to wake up.

He is on CLOPIXIL injections despite now being an informal patient who does not legally have to be on any form of drug.

I suggested to him that he ask his psychiatrist for a 'trial period' without another depot injection and he replied that he had tried that last time but they then resectioned him for refusing and so he was back to square one.

What is JONATHAN'S story?

He used to work for a solicitor's - around the block from the BANK OF ENGLAND. I know because I visited his place of work.


One day, he spotted an error in the coding of these BONDS, to a 'colleague' in the office.

He exclaimed that they couldn't possibly send these BONDS out because the numbers were wrong - they were in fact FORGERIES and that anyone (like himself) could spot the mistakes quite easily.

The person that he complained to was TOMLINSON - who was the one who had put those BONDS into his drawer, in the first place.

TOMLINSON didn't work in that solicitors - he just 'popped' in now and again to see JONATHAN.

JONATHAN always trusted TOMLINSON - he believed him to be working upon the 'rebel' side of things. JONATHAN was wrong to trust him.

JONATHAN was scared in relation to his job - if these ILLEGAL BONDS were sent out of the office - he was the one who had had to sign for them and they would be traced back to him - it was more than his job was worth. He refused to send out the BONDS.

RIMINGTON then employed TOMLINSON and MARK R to set up various 'traps' for JONATHAN because they were all so frightened of being found out - JONATHAN wasn't playing ball and they had to do something fast - in brief, they got JONATHAN to believe that he was hallucinating.

He wasn't. MARK R thought that his 'ORANGE UFO' was so clever that he told me all about it.

Cellophane over JONATHAN'S window at home - with an ORANGE BALL in one corner. MARK had even rigged this ball to simulate it moving behind a 'cloud'.

How did the Ill fool JONATHAN? They called round at his flat - drugged him and then told him to look out of the window and describe what he could see and he described a sort of ORANGE UFO to them...he was then instructed to tell everybody.

JONATHAN then began to tell anybody who would listen (upon ILL orders) that he had seen an ORANGE UFO...and that was the beginning of the slippery slope. He was then duly sectioned.

RIMINGTON told me how they had created yet another 'hallucination' for JONATHAN - she had asked TOMLINSON to walk past him - she had then put JONATHAN to sleep...(this can be done with a click of the fingers of a programmer - like a hypnotist)...she then told TOMLINSON to walk from a distance directly towards him...and she woke JONATHAN up to view this...she showed him the clock and asked him to tell her what he had just seen...

JONATHAN then related the two events which seemed quite impossible but what he had actually seen i.e. TOMLINSON walking across lis line of vision to suddenly disappear and appear in front of him, walking towards him.

JONATHAN was duly diagnosed as 'bipolar' once he had told his psychiatrist this 'story'.

Additionally, I was also employed in this game to go up to him outside of a supermarket - and to tell him that my name was 'Elaine' and that I ran a 'snake farm'. I had no idea why RIMINGTON wanted me to do this and so I just did it - it seemed harmless enough at the time. I had no idea that JONATHAN had been sectioned or was a mental health patient, at the time.

Anyway, JONATHAN then told his psychiatrists that he had met a woman who ran a 'snake farm' and that was further proof of his 'hallucinations'.

What more can I say? How many others are there, like JONATHAN?

His only 'offence' was to be more gullible than most, in relation to seeing through the ILL and their sick games.

Anonymous said...

CLOPIXIL is the depot drug used.

Black Rabbit said...

The ILL system of GOVERNMENTAL BONDS is ludicrously simple.

Everybody thinks that they are just about investments/money but they also contain the coded information and mind control codes of every ROYAL SLAVE.

In short, these BONDS represent REAL PEOPLE who are MIND CONTROL SLAVES.

The BANK OF ENGLAND has a 'dual system' in operation here:


Black Rabbit said...

The BIG question here is why was RIMINGTON interesting in fiddling the information upon these GOVERNMENTAL BONDS?

What was she up to?

Black Rabbit said...

I always wondered what the BANK OF ENGLAND actually did...

I mean, it isn't exactly a BANK is it?

You cannot open an account there...what do those people do in there, all day?

Anonymous said...

grand larceny

Black Rabbit said...

The reason that I studied that GIRO so carefully was because I had 'seen' it before was an old one.

It was of A5 size and 'portrait' rather than 'landscape'.

I found it very peculiar that having filled in the page of the benefits claim booklet with ALL of my bank details and ticked the box to have my money paid into my BANK ACCOUNT...that I was then to receive this very peculiar looking GIRO...

I mean - hadn't anybody paid any attention to my instructions upon the form to put it directly into my bank account?

Additionally, this A5 piece of paper was of CREAM colour and had a silvery logo embossed at the top of it...and it rang so many bells...

I then checked out the 1st Dec - 23rd Mar and the amount that I was to be paid (£60.50) and realised that BENEFITS had underpaid me by approx £100...and this further increased my suspicions...I worked out the anagram...slept on it...and then remembered the whole lot...about government BONDS.

UK GOVERNMENT BONDS are nothing but SLAVERY BONDS masquerading as 'investments'. This is how the UK SLAVE TRADE in mind control slaves of the Royal Family - continues to be conducted.

Black Rabbit said...


Look out for the article on CORDYCEPS - this was written up after some serious research, conducted by the CIA - the part about this 'mushroom' managing to get rid of HIV in the bloodstream of people who have not gone on to develop AIDS is particularly interesting...

In Switzerland 2004, the CIA were particularly interested in my account of the ILL at the TEMPLAR CASTLE using CORDYCEPS as a 'cure-all' for everything...particularly after they had drowned and then resuscitated you - to prevent lung infections...RIMINGTON also gave me CORDYCEPS after she had poisoned me with that toadstool...the TEMPLARS believed that CORDYCEPS had almost miraculous properties...

Black Rabbit said...

Why was POWIS CASTLE renamed POWIS rather than POOLE or POLE?


MI5 used it as a 'debriefing' centre during WWII = to bring this rather out-moded term up to date, it is now a mind control programming 'torture/prison'.

Black Rabbit said...

There are quite a few tunnels in and out of it - which, luckily, the ARMY are aware of...on verra.

Black Rabbit said...

I have always wondered why the ROYALS love the term:



Why doesn't CHARLES just go the whole hog and call himself the PRINCE OF BRITAIN?

Why is WALES so special to the ROYALS?

Black Rabbit said...

Prince Charles' biggest blunder in Wales was when he asked a bystander with a banner who LLEWELLYN was...the name upon the banner.

The bystander replied:

"The last PRINCE OF WALES who was WELSH."

Black Rabbit said...

It is now coming up to nearly 2 months since I first applied to the HOME OFFICE 'GRO' department for a replacement BIRTH CERTIFICATE.

Normally, people receive these within 2 weeks.

15 days is the stated time upon the GRO website.

I have applied through the post - having filled in one of their application forms and I have also applied online - upon one of their online forms. They have my bank details and all the other information which they require but STILL not replacement BIRTH CERTIFICATE is forthcoming.

To make matters worse, GRO has BLOCKED my last email to them - requesting my replacement BIRTH CERTIFICATE.

I shall now write to them using GQ within the 'subject' in order to avoid the automated response.

Here is the last email that they sent me:

"This is an automatic response that contains information about the records held by Certificate Services and tells you what options are available to you if you wish to purchase birth, death and marriage/civil partnership certificates.


Can your query be answered by one of our FAQs contained in the following link:

If the FAQs do not resolve your query, please see information below about re-sending your email.

If you would like to send us further emails, to avoid receiving our initial auto-response again, please ensure you include the letters GQ , with a space
on either side, in your subject line. You will receive a personal response.

The records of this office relate mainly to births, deaths and marriages/civil partnerships registered in England and Wales since 1 July 1837.
The records are not linked so we are unable to compile family trees or trace people. The only information that we can supply is in the form of a birth, death and marriage/civil partnership certificate.

Our website contains general information about our services and provides a secure online ordering facility for certificate orders where the GeneralRegister Office ( GRO ) Index reference is known, or where the exact details for events that took place in the twentieth century are provided.

If you do not have all the details of the entry you are looking for and would like our office to do the search, you should complete the relevant application form(s).

For further information, please visit our website at

You must supply full details of the event as we do not undertake searches of an indefinite or protracted nature. For the fees quoted, we do a three consecutive year search but you must tell us which three years to look through. Please note that once an order has been placed and payment details have been provided, the order cannot be
cancelled or amended.

If you would like to look at copies of the GRO Index, our website will show where this can be done

If you wish to order by post, please obtain a Birth, Marriage or Death application form by emailing your request to and insert the code GQ in the subject line of your email to ensure a personal response to your query. Please state which type of application form you require, how many copies and your name and address details.

Alternatively, you can contact us by phone on 0845 603 7788. Lines are open Monday to Friday 8 am to 8 pm and Saturday 9 am to 4 pm.

It should be noted that these applications must NOT be faxed or photocopied. Please send your completed application form to:

The General Register Office
PO Box 2

Payment for your order may be made by sterling cheque (made payable to 'IPS') or by quoting your credit/debit card details, including expiry date
and issue number (if there is one). Alternatively, you can telephone your order on
+44 (0)845 603 7788, quoting your credit or debit card details. Lines are open Monday to Friday 8 am to 8 pm and Saturday 9 am to 4 pm.

Providing you know full details and the area in which the event was registered, it is often possible to make an application direct to the local
register office. Certificates ordered in this way cost £7.00 (7.00 GBP), but the length of time they take depends on the work load of the particular

If you know the district concerned, please contact us and we can give you the telephone number and address of the relevant local office, or visit our website to find contact details:

Enter the full postcode or name of the town you require in the box at the bottom of this page.

Replies to this message should be addressed

The original of this email was scanned for viruses by the Government Secure Intranet virus scanning service supplied by Cable&Wireless in partnership with MessageLabs. (CCTM Certificate Number 2007/11/0032.) On leaving the GSi this email was certified virus free.
Communications via the GSi may be automatically logged, monitored and/or recorded for legal purposes.

Black Rabbit said...

More ILL mail in my inbox:

Graham Kumara REQUEST FOR URGENT TRANSFER Sun, 5/4/09 10KB

Unread VERY URGENT, PLEASE REPLY OR CALL ME 00226 78 78 59 97 Fri, 3/4/09 4KB

Unread - Exclusive 10% Stena Line discount! Sat, 28/3/09 33KB

Unread hamed smani Urgent attention Please. Thu, 26/3/09 4KB

Unread Rightmove Newsletters Property price reductions, footballers homes and more from Rightmove Thu, 26/3/09 31KB


Unread peter nouri REPLY ME "TOP SECRET" OK Sun, 5/4/09 10KB

Unread YAHOO! ACCOUNT SERVICE Yahoo Warning!!! Verify Your Account now To Avoid It Closed Wed, 1/4/09 4KB

Unread olu mohamed FROM:MR ULU MOHAMMED Wed, 1/4/09 12KB

Black Rabbit said...

After putting GQ in the subject - this is the answer I received from GRO:

"Thank you for your email which will be responded to within 5 working days."

We shall see, eh?

5 DAYS AND COUNTING - from 6th April 2009.

Black Rabbit said...

I have NOT got the FLAT OF 'O' - according to my mother - who received their call upon her ansaphone. (I have since bought an ORANGE mobile - see previous notes).

I assured her that this was not upsetting at all, for me.

It certainly isn't - THE FLAT OF 'O' was simply a stepping stone in order to catch much bigger fish i.e. the CASTLE OF 'O'.

Anyway, I will now write to the above THE LETTING LINK estate agency in order to get my £100 back i.e. paid into my bank account.

You have to put £100 down as a refundable deposit - whilst paying them circa £30 to do a 'credit' check and references. The latter is NOT refundable and you have to pay it every time you want to apply to rent a flat/house because they do not retain your 'file' as a client. I learnt that one in 2004 - when I applied for the very same flat during the ILL 'stage directions' of this sick game/film. What a scam.

Black Rabbit said...

I do not know if everyone has this 'problem' upon a library internet computer but every time I log onto my YAHOO! MAIL account - the 'bar' above YAHOO! doesn't show an advertisement - all I can see is a large ORANGE bar with ACCESS DENIED upon it.

Call me paranoid - because it could simply be the library blocking advertisements but that doesn't seem to occur upon other people's screens.

ORANGE TEAM I am going to rip you apart - limb from limb - if you do not repay my money.


The CIA tells me that there is a lot more that we can EXPOSE about you all - so much more.

I have given the basic ROPES of it all, so far. However, it is time to go into greater detail now. READY?

Anonymous said...


Remember the book by JAMES THURBER?

Remember how it was dedicated to the people who had freed him from 'wicked wizards and witches' i.e. mind control programmers?

Remember how the PIRATES end up DEAD?

We are about to commence with the denouement of this PROPHETIC script...

Black Rabbit said...

ILL SIGNAL boxes are quite easy to scramble once you realise that all ILL slaves are so easily governed by colour:

e.g. take away a RED ANTS 'RED' folder in the office and replace it with a YELLOW one and their 'red ant' alters are left clueless.

DARK TURQUOISE is the colour of PURE EVIL.

ORANGE is the colour of BOMBS.

Put the two together and only a very brave slave will approach you and try to block you...if you are wearing/carrying these colours.

Anonymous said...

REMEMBER 'PO' out of the TELETUBBIES with his 'O' on top of his head?

Now would one call that a microchipped 'O' slave?

If so - are we saying that RED/ORANGE have the same sort of effect?

The ROYAL PURPLE hook of ROYALTY upon the biggest TELETUBBIE'S head.

The HOOK to hang you upon - or also used in ILL abortions.

The SKEWED SAFETY PIN upon the head of the YELLOW 'DIXIE' teletubbie.

The BRITISH ASHKENAZIM colour - they were the ones mainly responsible for 'a needle through the eye'. However, this group now appears to be in revolt against the ROYAL ILL...on verra.

The URANUS GREEN SPIKE upon the head of the URANUS GREEN teletubbie - signifies what TOMLINSON loved to do most - anally rape little boys - although this also covers girls and also the hideous ROYAL torture of putting slaves upon an electrified spike up the anus - to make them disassociate completely - to make them OBE out of their heads. Perhaps even more effective than the MI6 CAROUSEL.

Anonymous said...

harry bloe

Black Rabbit said...

EAGLEHURST has an 'inspection team' coming this WEDNESDAY 8th April 2009.

In 2004 - RIMINGTON and TOMLINSON headed up this 'inspection team' - but they came a day late - upon THURSDAY.

RIMINGTON explained that she wanted the staff to be as nervous as possible beforehand - it was easier to control people i.e. mind control slaves when they are edgy and scared - anticipating an 'inspection' which could result in them being closed down, if everything wasn't up to 'standard'.

My question now is: will the ILL be foolish enough to turn up again for their 'film' this year? Or will they employ 'doubles' as they have recently done e.g. a stand-in for MARK R on the plane to Switzerland and BRICHTO later on...

Anonymous said...

"suspense" by charles burton barber

The ILL used this 'innocuous' painting of a girl praying in front of her boiled egg - to program girls into being 'zygote' slaves. The two programmers tell the child that they are the 'cat' and the 'dog' who look on in 'suspense'.

Anonymous said...

i wouldn't take olanzapine if i were you. All medical staff know or should know that it stops your periods and makes you infertile. This isn't mentioned in the published side effects.

Black Rabbit said...


I have so little time at the library - upon the Internet - that I do not check what I have already written and so all I can do is to assume that I have already noted the 'HAMSTER' and the 'BLACK AND WHITE CAT' soft toy which were put on top of a DARK BLUE structure in the PET SHOP in Great Clacton - Valley Road.

RIMINGTON, TOMLINSON and MARK R all showed me this 'signals box' for mind control slaves in the area.

I had no idea why this oddly shaped cylinder, covered in soft 'fur' with two large holes in it - had been designed for two cats to sleep in and also to sit on top of - it also has two columns bound with rope - apparently for cats to scratch on.

Anyway, near to the top of this structure - there is a RADIATOR KEY which was sellotaped to it - with the instructions.

The shop owner and a customer had a brief discussion upon what this key was called.

He said "An ARAN key" and proceeded to spell this A R A N.

She said an ALLAN key" but didn't know how to spell it - the shop-owner figured that she could be right but that the spelling would only have one 'L'.

It was only then that I flashbacked to JERUSALEM and realised what this coded name signified:

THE ALLENBY KEY: Sir Edmund Allenby entered Jerusalem 1917 - and then stayed at what is now Mr D'Ajani's Modern Imperial hotel (although I think that they have now changed the name) in the 'snake' bedroom i.e. the one with huge green snakes, patterned in circles, upon the tiles of this once magnificent bedroom. You can also see the design upon the dining room floor (partially hidden by the carpets).

Anyway, to cut a long story short - this ALLENBY KEY is the mind control code to access the 'internal thermometer' of a mind control slave (in Allenby's time, these 'slaves of the Empire - were called 'sons of G-d' and 'Christian Zionist martyrs' to the British Empire cause).

I have seen ILL slaves go into HYPOTHERMIA once this mind control command has triggered them. Despite the fact that they are in a warm room and adequately clothed. It is frightening to watch. The body carries the memory of this state and re-enacts it - and to all intents and purposes, the hypothermia is real - their extremities drain of blood and their hands, feet and faces feel like ice. They began to shudder all over.

Black Rabbit said...

Anyway, the CAMEL that I bought from this shop - I took out and then removed the stuffing within it (as I had done with the 'cats eye' b/w cat and the 'hamster/mouse').

TY INC 1998
REG. NO. PA. 1965 (KR)

I didn't want to do it because my subconscious mind, really didn't want to go there but I knew that I had to - this is what I consequently remembered:

MRS BROWNE and her daughter HELEN BROWNE in a hotel in Dubai - which they referred to as the 'seven sisters' hotel.

It was a massive white modern structure with a huge shopping mall within it. The hotel looked straight out onto the beach.

The SUN was blazing - so hot and so bright that looking out of the bedroom window - the sky hardly even looked blue. All one could see was 'white light' everywhere.

The rooms themselves were all white and minimalist 'boxes' - with white blinds that one could pull across - but they did little or nothing to get rid of the light - no 'shade' anywhere.

I likened the bedrooms to an 'asylum' - in 2004 - I had no idea of what the inside of a modern asylum looked like.

The horizon was barely visible over the white sand of the beach...and the view was almost nothing...apart from a few people (whom the BROWNES termed insane) who were sitting on the beach.

There was however, a sort of wooden 'verandah' in front of the hotel where people could eat - those who were not guests at the hotel - they could use the hotel restaurant but were only allowed to eat outside, upon this 'verandah'.

Apart from that - there was a street going up to the left of this hotel but it was filled with the same sort of 'shopping mall' international names and brands as were already within the hotel.

In short, this was an 'ex-pat' paradise - for those who love to shop and who worship the Sun (even though it was foolhardy to go out in it without a hat and the strongest sunblocker.)

There appeared to be nothing else to do apart from to shop. No local culture to speak of - nothing of interest to visit - just one big shopping mail in the middle of the blazing desert.

I found it incredibly alienating and shocking. Not my cup of tea at all.

Anyway, the BROWNES were dressed up to the nines. RIMINGTON and TOMLINSON left me in their charge...and the pair of them told me about their new lifestyle...they had been living there for a long time...and they loved it.

In the mornings...they went to the beauty parlour. They then shopped...apparently they had limitless money to spend...they then had aperitifs...then dressed for lunch...then a nap and a quick read of a DANIELLE STEELE novel...then dinner...and then the CASINO.

I asked them if they knew anybody at the hotel - MRS BROWNE pointed to an old couple sitting across the restaurant...people she hadn't even bothered to say hello to, as we walked in...but that was that...they didn't seem to know anybody else apart from the staff...whom they were not 'friendly' with...

Anyway, HELEN then told me that she and her mother often picked up men at the casino...she laughingly said 'my mother pulls more than me'...apparently the men were often elderly and liked a more mature woman...HELEN at 40 years old...looked much younger than her age...

HELEN then took me shopping (after the beauty parlour)...and told me that if she disliked the look of another woman guest...she would put her down by choosing the most expensive item she could find...and buy it...she demonstrated this to me...the jewellry store was ghastly...ghastly designs at exorbitant prices...but HELEN could apparently afford bracelets at £30,000 a go...

TOMLINSON put me right upon that one, later on...he had made a deal with the assistant at the jewellers...HELEN had to return whatever item she 'bought' upon her cards...a few days later. HELEN didn't want me to know that.

Later on in 2004...the CIA put me right upon TOMLINSON's scam: apparently HELEN had been picked up for 'fraud' in relation to the buying of this jewellry by the DUBAI police...apparently the assistant who was being paid off by TOMLINSON had called in sick and the stand-in had caught HELEN out...

Anyway, I am jumping back and fro here...whilst in DUBAI with HELEN and her mother...the two of them...with RIMINGTON and TOMLINSON stormed into my bedroom in the afternoon...they all held me down on the bed...and branded my legs...with the 'seven sisters' constellation'...they took it in turns to use what looked like a large knitting needle...the pain was excruciating...

Having gone through this 'GROUNDHOG DAY'...once I had seen the CAMEL symbolic toy...this had triggered my ALLENBY KEY...the 'SEVEN SISTERS' reappeared upon my legs...and what was worse...the symbol of the PENTAGON with a 'C' in the middle of it...RIMINGTON had told TOMLINSON to draw that for her...because I was a 'copyrighted slave'.

That is the power of the ALLENBY KEY...I now have a pentagon with a 'C' upon my right thigh...and I can only hope that it will fade in time and disappear completely, this time.

I suppose that the ILL thought that the 'devil' resided in 'the seven sisters' constellation...what utter fools...any remote-viewer of the cosmos could tell you that was nonsense...but I suspect that the 'seven sisters' had a far more sinister aspect...this was all about the CAMEL TRADE...

I haven't mentioned yet what HELEN and her MOTHER did at the Casino...

They picked up the CAMELS i.e. male mind control slaves...and took them back to their twin bedroom.

Drugged and under mind control (the BROWNES had all of these men's mind control commands) - they were told to strip and roll over. MRS BROWNE had put on plastic gloves. She then took the white packets out of their anuses.

I was watching the whole thing in abject horror. The BROWNES appeared to want to train me up to do the same 'business'. HELEN's mother - after she had retrieved the packets - told me:

"HELEN sometimes uses them for sex"

MRS BROWNE, herself - had admitted to me that she had left her husband, come out as a lesbian and had a 'partner' in B'ham. I wondered why she was in Dubai...but the BROWNES loved the fantasy life of the 'high-life' was as if I had been forced to play a bit part in a 'made-for-TV' Danielle Steele was hideous...the mother and daughter 'made good' all of their finery...looking down their noses at the other guests...and then in the is unspeakable...but then, that is the ILL CAMEL TRADE for you. Run by RIMINGTON and TOMLINSON for the BRITISH ROYAL FAMILY aka the ROYAL ARCH FREEMASONS.

Black Rabbit said...

When I first read the 'wilder' comments and websites of 'internet bloggers' about the PENTAGON - they made me chuckle- in a similar way to when I had chuckled about DAVID ICKE's theory about the INTERDIMENSIONAL SPACE think that there were people who could 'think outside the circle' to that extent (even if they were mistaken in their beliefs) was such a relief to me...some REAL creative, intelligent human beings out there...

Anyway, what I had read about the PENTAGON was this - along the lines of:

The PENTAGON has the DEVIL i.e. the BEAST 666 trapped within it. They are using this BEAST to create havoc and evil across the world.

Looking back on this now - I dismissed it immediately and I thought 'internet bloggers at their silliest'. Everybody knows that the PENTAGON is a MILITARY base and silly stories about having trapped a 'devil' there are just beyond anything 'rational'.

However, at the time - I 'saw' a large pentagram upon the stone floor and what looked like a shifting shape - mainly translucent - of a man but a giant - looking a bit like TOMLINSON when I sensed his 'aura' - all I can say is that the image of the man - had light brown eyes/gold-coloured eyes and dark hair and a semitic complexion - so not exactly TOMLINSON - he had mid-brown eyes. the image was of an 'energy field' and not a human being in actuality - a remote-viewer can see this sort of 'energy field' but it is not visible to the naked eye.

At the time of 'seeing' this image as I read the 'lunatic' internet bloggers accounts of the 'beast 666' at the PENTAGON - I figured that I had just conjured up this image - out of my imagination. How was I to know that it was a REALITY?

In point of fact, I was looking at a 'swarm of souls'.

Read THE ZOHAR (BERESHEIT/GENESIS - STANFORD PRESS - in translation) - I was forced to sell my two copies in Harwich - when I was short of money...the SEPHARDIM knew pretty much, all there was to know about how souls 'swarm' in 'seas' and the refraction of the light...what they were writing about was how the world should be, according to natural law, G-d's law...and one can see how that has now been twisted and used against them.

The RABBIS knew all about this 'swarm of souls' who were the real 'sons of ADAM'...those who formed the BODY OF ADAM KADMON.

SHARON told me that every Jewish tribe had a different location upon this 'body'. The most important souls formed the most important organs. He told me that my 'soul family' belonged to one of the extremities - probably a finger or something - the atom of a fingernail - because we were of mixed blood and had no cultural education but still a 'link' as it were.

I can see what had really happened to the SEPHARDI male children in Israel - shot through with radiation - repeatedly through their brains.

I can understand what happened to TOMLINSON and all of the other men programmed with BEAST who guards the CROWN JEWELS.

Their SOULS are all TRAPPED in the PENTAGON.

Surely though, such 'higher consciousness' souls should realise that escape is easy - all matter is an illusion?

Unfortunately not - because the beams which HAARP uses - are all trained upon them as a 'body' - in order to 'spin' them - to make them disorientated and amnesiac.

In brief, what we are looking at is the BODY OF ADAM KADMON IN PARALYSIS.

The BEAMS have to be closed down but how? Send in REMOTE-VIEWERS?

I do not know if the aliens will help us again - this planet has now been termed a 'black shell beach' and an extreme hazard. They helped us once, in order to free their own and also freed many human souls (whose bodies had died and therefore they no longer had ties to the Earth) in the process.
However, they are now aware of what is going on and may possibly help us.


There is NO 'beast' held within the PENTAGON - only the trapped souls of those that the ILL figured were the 'CHOSEN ONES' i.e. the real Jews - whose bodies and minds carried so much ancient spiritual knowledge.

I wonder why the CATHOLIC CHURCH didn't set this 'body' free - when they freed all of the other souls from ILL sites? Perhaps it is because these souls didn't belong to their own soul group. These souls were primarily from Arab/Semitic Jewish backgrounds. Perhaps the Vatican didn't have enough contacts, or hadn't infiltrated the PENTAGON enough to release them...

Therefore it is my duty to alert the Semitic Jews and also those who have this 'heritage' - whether they know it or not.

For example, those like RICHARD GORDON - who had converted to ISLAM and looked as if he were of AFRO-CARIBBEAN origins - although his father was JEWISH. GORDON had been programmed as an MI6 'BEAST' - just like TOMLINSON.

SHARON told me that my family were now so remote from the BODY OF ADAM KADMON 'genealogical tree' that they would constitute an atom of a fingernail or something like that.

However, my brother EDWARD was also programmed with BEAST and so it takes all sorts to make up the BODY OF ADAM KADMON.

Why would the PENTAGON do such a thing? Why would they paralyse this 'sea of souls'? I suppose because it is then more easy to control and to 'direct' this energy.

You can also use the 'shells' of the body and mind to do what you want...remember those BLACK STETSON HATS of the Sephardim?

SHARON told me that it was a 'fashion' started in Paris - in the early 1900s. Before that...the SEPHARDIM dressed pretty much like the Islamics in Spain...

So now I know why the SEPHARDIM wear COWBOY hats...this is the work of the TEXAN COWBOYS...

Black Rabbit said...

SCARLETT has been getting rid of all of his RED files in the 'office'.

Even STEPHEN DALDRY has had an immediate clear-out.

RED ANT programming is deadly. I have seen it in operation.

It is much worse than the COCKROACH programming of the POLICE.

With COCKROACH programming - which originated in ILL PUBLIC SCHOOLS, where boys weren't allowed pets and so they kept cockroaches to make them 'battle'...POLICE programming works in a similar way...they are made to feel as small and insignificant as 'cockroaches' in matchboxes...and made to fight each other, over almost order to create anarchy and ineffectuality in the 'services'.

However, RED ANT programming is far more pernicious.

RED ANT programming is all about using very young child alters and training them to think of themselves as MILITARY ANTS - particularly SENTINEL ANTS.

I saw RIMINGTON show a RED folder to two of these ILL slaves who then began to march around like children upon a parade ground. She then ordered them to go out and bring somebody back - the two ANTS marched off and forcibly brought their victim back - between them.

This RED ANTS are basically NAZI ants and the LIBRARY at CLACTON has a whole swarm of them.

MARK R had told me that a RED book is always on display here (and nobody is allowed to take it out) - it has been on prominent display for many months.

MARK R told me 'get it out but do not let them (library staff) see you do it'.

I questioned why - it was a crap book and I had no idea what I was dealing with. He wouldn't tell me - just added 'you will be sorry if you don't.'

ISBN 978 1848760 394

Yesterday, I had taken this RED book off its stand for a laugh and then walked down an aisle to hide it - two assistant rushed after me - two men - but I had been too quick for them and had already 'hid it' amongst the other books. I then walked around the next aisle to watch the pair of them - they spent ages hunting around the books to see if they could find it - but I had hidden it too well. They looked FURIOUS.

I had great difficulty taking this RED book out today. Every library assistant was scrutinising me. A large, dark curly-haired woman even jumped up to look over the displays to see what book I had taken off the shelf but again I was too quick for her - got it into my bag and then took it out on the other side of the 'self-service' as another library assistant came over to take books out of the cupboards beneath...whilst he had his back turned...I got it into my bag.

Every RED ANT on the library staff was on RED was quite extraordinary - all I was doing was borrowing a book...but hiding the RED cover of that particular book from them...

I remember now...the silly blonde woman on the front was supposed to represent MYSELF...MARK R had told me that much...these MILITANT ANTS were reminded every time that they saw this RED keep me under MILITARY ANT surveillance...

I have also to add that a new member of the LIBRARY STAFFF came up to me yesterday...he was one of the pair of RED ANTS who followed me down the aisle...he had literally raced out of the office with the other one, in order to follow me after I had removed the RED BOOK from the display...quite extraordinary...he is tall, thin, dark, with spiky hair - anyway, he then approached me later on and said:

"Do you have a PROBLEM with the BOOKS?"

I assured him with a smile, that I did not. He then clocked my 'O' necklace and his eyes nearly popped out of his head (the TU one with the large B/W 'O' on it) and he nearly ran off. I was talking to his back, at the time.

This is so weird - the 'O' necklace acts like 'voodoo' upon these RED ANTS. They are scared of it.

Anyway, I know who this man is - he was at the FLAT OF 'O'. He has recently moved in. I didn't get a look at this name tag - but according to the 'classical marches freak' down below - his name is 'Colin'.

This man is not only a RED ANT but a PIRATE of the 'O'. He is also an ARCH PAEDOPHILE.

We are now at the stage in the ILL GAME where all of the PIRATES are being pulled out of the woodwork.

Bizarrely enough - yesterday - a PIRATE SHIP appeared in front of SAINSBURY'S - recently installed. It is one of those 'rides' for children - complete with CAPTAIN PUGWASH and SEAMAN STAINES (or 'semen stains' as jokers pointed out).

Black Rabbit said...

When HOMER goes into outer space in an ILL rocket ship - he is terrorised by RED ANTS.

All a big cartoon joke?

Not really - this is a warning to all remote-viewers...RED ANTS are patrolling - do NOT remote-view outside of the Earth's atmosphere.

Black Rabbit said...

I might add that 'classical music freak' is also part of the paedophile ring. The POLICE know all about it - they were there, in 2004 for the initial run-through of the ILL film/game and questioned me after I had been to this man's flat to question him.

Unfortunately 'Colin' had then electrocuted me and so I couldn't tell the POLICE much - no memory at all of the event. They saw 'Colin' go into the flat though - on CCTV.

Black Rabbit said...

I might add that 'classical music freak' is also part of the paedophile ring. The POLICE know all about it - they were there, in 2004 for the initial run-through of the ILL film/game and questioned me after I had been to this man's flat to question him.

Unfortunately 'Colin' had then electrocuted me and so I couldn't tell the POLICE much - no memory at all of the event. They saw 'Colin' go into the flat though - on CCTV.

Black Rabbit said...




The 'blues' = the 'soft cops' of the ILL cult?

Black Rabbit said...

Those programmed with ANT-EATER can terrorise the ANTS.

Black Rabbit said...

The RA CULT had a hierarchy dependent upon animals - in the 'arctic circle' the penguins ruled supreme along with the walrus, 'white dog' and 'seagull' (RIMINGTON's main alter) - and a couple of 'seals'.

In the 'jungle' of AFRICA - the LEOPARD was 'king'...along with a gorilla, bear, faun-coloured monkey, toucans and so forth.

Check out these two cartoons by:



(by the same artist and publisher)

RIMINGTON showed me both cartoons - the arctic has a RISING SUN upon the horizon which dominates the cartoon...and the 'jungle' has a SETTING SUN which again, dominates the cartoon in the same way.

The NORTH and AFRICA. The two main ILL domains.

Anonymous said...

The list in full:

leopard, gorilla, bear, hedgehog, tortoise, fish (1), ant-eater, 4 toucans, stork (?), monkey

walrus, polar bear and 4 cubs, seagull, 2 seals, 10 penguins, 1 fish, 1 dog.

Anonymous said...

The ARUNDEL BUSINESS CENTRE in LONDON - where HELEN BROWNE (HORNER) used to work - ECTing businessmen in the back - after they had been enticed into an anteroom to claim for 'expenses' - the 'contract' that they were forced to sign - was of a different nature.

ARUNDEL was 'camel central'.

Black Rabbit said...

My old remote-viewing code was (and I kid not)


I had forgotten it because it hasn't worked in so long - I had other 'codes', means and ways of remote-viewing.

The 'sons of G-d' go 'up' to remote-view and this is their ID password.

Can you guess what TOMLINSON's was? I remember DALDRY and MARR pissing themselves laughing at TOMLINSON'S (in Israel 1980):


If you give it a 'French' accent as in how you pronounce FOUCAULT - then you have it perfectly, ha I was to joke to DALDRY about (in order to remind him) in Prague, 1995.

Black Rabbit said...

However, if he used it now - he might go into an amnesiac state because his soul was trapped by the beams - the ones that HAARP use.

Black Rabbit said...

Anyway, I have now remembered so much more about what happened in 2004:

Eliza Manningham-Buller was also on hand, to try to 'help'.

She told me that she had been in the PENTAGON and there was no such stone pattern upon the floor.

I was then flown out to MOSCOW - although Manningham-Buller thought it was useless 'I don't know why the RUSSIANS bother'.

I now know why they bothered - for a very good reason.

Firstly, let me quickly explain that whilst being at EAGLEHURST - we were shown several programmes on a BBC station for programming purposes, a BBC station which had not yet opened to the public (I think it was BBC 3) - TOMLINSON tuned into it and we all thought that we were watching BBC - which we were...but a station that was not officially 'open' at the time and therefore unless you tuned into it by mistake - you wouldn't know it was there...

Anyway, THE ILL had already made the EAST-ENDERS 'PEGGY'S WEDDING' in 2004 - RIMINGTON told me that the cast had been sworn to secrecy. Check it out with all of those involved in this production.

Additionally, the last two PAUL O' GRADY shows had also been made in 2004 by the ILL.

The two with 'GUEST HOSTS': Dawn French and Melanie Sykes.

All of these programs were used by RIMINGTON at EAGLEHURST to make us think that we were watching 'ordinary TV' and to confuse us all later on in 2009 - to make us feel as if we were all reliving 'GROUNDHOG DAY' when in fact it is nothing of the sort.

A small community of people in one house - where the ILL tried to prove their 'omnipotence' but in fact, have proved quite the reverse - their impotence in controlling larger groups of people.

RIMINGTON added that some people would have tuned in by mistake to this TEMPLAR BBC channel - but that they would all be tracked and have then had their memories modified.

So if you saw 'PEGGY'S WEDDING' by 'mistake' in 2004 whilst you were tuning your set (estimate - about 40,000 people in the UK) - you really did - no illusion.

Black Rabbit said...

Anyway, in brief - PUTIN and his AIDE - the Russian 'Madonna' were trying to get me to 'wake up' to what was going on in the Basilica.

The 'Madonna' told me 'none of us agree with this and I will try to give you as many clues as I can'.

PUTIN looked across the river from the KREMLIN to the BASILICA and told me telepathically 'we cannot stop this - what can we do?'

What were they talking about? What did they know?

They knew what the ILL were doing there and in short, it was SOUL-TRAPPING.

Or more specifically SOUL-CHIPPING as in chipping a splinter off the soul - as if it were a DIAMOND.

The people who were doing this, looked ASHKENAZIM - the main guy was a SPIELBERG look-a-like.

MADONNA mentioned on the 'O' show - that this was SAINT BAY-SILs...she meant BASIL...

Remember BASIL BRUSH...I guess this could be the FOX NETWORK at work...I do not know though...a short in the dark...

Black Rabbit said...

I only had 1/2 hour to write the above and so made a few mistakes - i.e. the BASILICA - I simply meant SAINT BASIL'S cathedral in Moscow. Yet the two are somewhat 'synonymous' to my mind.

Black Rabbit said...

Back online again - I can write a bit more about what I have remembered.

I wasn't actually 'shown' anything of import - upon this second trip to MOSCOW in 2004 - the important stuff had all happened in 1980 - this was what I had to remember:

The BRITISH INTELLIGENCE course - were all shown a photograph of an 'ideal man' as in the ILL 'ADAM KADMON' and we were each given a part of the body that the ILL wanted us to become.

I was a bit of a 'fingernail' - 'so we can cut you off' i.e. the most useless part of the body.

TOMLINSON was chosen to be the LEFT PUPIL.

DALDRY was to be the RIGHT PUPIL.


I cannot remember who was DALDRY'S 'iris' but can imagine that it would have been CHRISTINE DARG.

Anyway, the basic gist of it was this: we were led in turn - into this room in SAINT BASIL'S - a large one - ornate with high ceilings but nothing in there apart from the PENTAGON upon the floor and what looked like a large amount of FILM APARATUS but wasn't. The best I can describe it at short notice is of a FILM CAMERA upon a massive podium but with a MICROSCOPE 'lens' at the end of it - these electronic devices (and there were 3 of them around the pentagon on the floor) were similar to the ones that I remote-viewed for the CIA, regarding what had happened to the TWIN TOWERS (they were positioned in 'banking towerblocks' around the WORLD TRADE CENTER.

Each young person was then told to walk into the centre - whereupon we were 'shot' with something. They were then told to walk out of the pentagon shape and then to leave the room and wait outside in the corridor.

After everyone had been 'done' - including myself and the graduates - the room was cleared...apart from myself, the graduates, the programmers and this bizarre 'tech crew'.

SCARLETT was standing by me throughout and found the whole thing hilarious - he had obviously seen the whole process before.

He asked me to look at the swirling 'silvery-gold' mass within the middle of the pentagon.

What appeared to be happening was that each 'splinter' of our souls - was swirling around...and trying to form the photograph that we had been shown and programmed with.

The BLACK HAIR was quite obvious...and the IRISES were in place as well as the RIGHT SHOULDER and a bit of the THIGHS...these were obviously the most obedient ILL SLAVES of the lot...they got themselves into position immediately.

SCARLETT asked me to see if I could find myself...he didn't appear to be able to see much apart from a white mist (nor could anybody else)...but I could see much more...and I could identify those in that swirling 'mass'...

What shocked me was TOMLINSON whom I instinctively homed in on was almost funny but not...I could see the two BLACK PUPILS racing around the 'body' of mist...they were up were the ear should be...down by where the ankles should be...and I knew that this splinter of TOMLINSON was terrified...DALDRY and TOMLINSON were working in tandem as the 'pupils' and desperately trying to escape the beams being shot at 'stabilise' the whole mass...but there was no avenue of escape...but boy, they were trying...zipping around everywhere...

SCARLETT kept asking me where 'I' was...and I could sense myself at the back...not moving...quietly watching the entire I wasn't worried about myself...I was worried about TOMLINSON and DALDRY as the pupils...they were going berserk, all around the 'body'...

Anyway, suddenly the whole 'image' disappeared...there appeared to be a short-circuit somewhere.

I could 'see' the group outside...SEV and his mates had got bored and one of them had seen the massive amount of sets of white plugs and leads down the corridor...for a of them had pulled the main plugs out of the two sockets...

When you tune into 'souls'...they are more real than brick walls...and so I could view them outside, quite easily. A brick wall is far more of an 'illusion' that a person's soul.

Anyway, one guy then told the others to put the plugs back but to switch the socket off so that nobody would know what happened...once they had heard footsteps coming towards the door...they quickly flicked the two switches back on.

The 'tech crew' had no idea what had happened but were quietly panicking inside the room...they had lost all control over what they were creating...and kept assuring the BRITISH INTELLIGENCE programmers that it 'didn't matter'...I suppose they figured that we were all such obedient mind control slaves that nobody would have dared to pull the literal plug on them.

So what were they creating in 1980?

I suppose one could call it a sort of FRANKENSTEIN'S 'soul' GOLEM - not made up of whole souls but just splinters.

What happened to this particular 'soul golem'? It escaped...the ILL couldn't hold it once the power had been cut...

Black Rabbit said...

In 1995 PRAGUE- I started to joke to DALDRY about the 'floating womb' of Sigmund Freud - it was a reference to the 'floating pupils' attempt to get him to wake up to what had happened in St Basil's....

Black Rabbit said...

GOOD FRIDAY yesterday - the ILL are continuing with their ILL RITES...and so little seems to have changed.

I even saw in a newspaper the other day - a two-page spread ARTICLE which had been planned out at the TEMPLAR CASTLE 2005...

TOMLINSON had been asking for ideas upon how to turn the UK ISLAMIC...and naturally I suggested 'bartering'...that is a middle-eastern and Mediterannean custom...he thought it a great idea. I always had to show 'willing' to whatever insanity the TEMPLARS were planning. I should have bit my tongue.

So - apart from setting up a RADICAL Islamic Council to 'advise' government and building a whole load of mosques...and encouraging 'raving loony' preachers to come over to this country and shake hands with notables like Ken Livingstone...we now have 'instructions' to barter in all HIGH STREET shops...because apparently 97% of the people who do this are 'successful'...

Personally, I do not mind this part of the ISLAMIC NWO plan - it would certainly slow 'Consumerist Capitalism' down in this country...

However, the fact that this 'initiative' was part of what JOHN SCARLETT and his 'people' call SALADIN'S ARMY - headed up by PRINCE CHARLES, RIMINGTON and TOMLINSON amongst others, should give most people cause to worry, a little.

Black Rabbit said...

On THURSDAY - I was under attack from the RED ANTS (RA OPERATIVES) at the library again.

I had upset their ILL system too much.

Let me explain it briefly:

In 1980, the entire BRITISH INTELLIGENCE course was taught how to read DISPLAY CASES in the local library. It was very simple. You looked at the sequence of COLOURS upon the shelves and then picked out the largest and most important WORDS and then used their ILL meaning to work out the 'story'.

It was quite incredible but after a few practice runs - we were ALL making up the same 'story' in terms of analysing the sequence. We could all decode the message up on the DISPLAY BOARD easily and all of us concurred in what 'message' had been put up.

LIBRARY STAFF, according to RIMINGTON are trained to put out the books in a certain order but once they have done so, they immediately FORGET what they have done. MEMORY DUMP time. If somebody then removes one of the books that they have placed in a sequence or behind the clip at the end of a line, or on top of other books, or on top of a bookcase, or on the floor...the LIBRARY CANNOT REMEMBER which one...but they know that they are in big trouble if a programmer sees what has happened.

Black Rabbit said...

The main RA 'manageress' of the library approached me on THURSDAY to complain that I had been 'moving the books'.

That's right 'moving the books' - it is not as if I were swearing at people, hurling abuse, taking drugs/drink etc or trying to start a fight with someone, or simply making silly noises...I was only taking books out of shelves and putting them back again.

The Red Ant manageress was standing over me and breathing heavily into my face - a couple of inches away (a common intimidation tactic) but I stood my ground.

Was she paranoid? What did she think that people did in libraries? Didn't she need to go on a Customer Service course because she seemed to have lost sight of what librarys as a civic service amenity are all about...people taking books off shelves and putting them back again.

The RED ANT wasn't detered:

'My staff have SEEN you taking books off the display cases and putting them back in the wrong place'.

I agreed with her - I had been taking one book off a stand, looking at it, taking another one off the same stand, looking at it and 'inadvertently' swapping their places as I put them back onto the stand.

At that point, I gave up arguing with her - I simply smiled and said that this wasn't a crime in a library. She retorted:

'My staff are trained to set up the displays and you are not trained.'

That comment said it all.

Black Rabbit said...

Luckily, I know that SIS are tapping all calls in and out of this library now and so 'colin' (although that is not his real name) will probably be picked up in the near future. He was sent in once the RAs had sent out an 'emergency' signal that their 'ant-hill' was being 'kicked' i.e. their ILL system.

Black Rabbit said...

I have to add that once I had taken the JOOK BOX FURY - the RED book away - the RAs were militant and out to get me.

The ILL had then got a 'plan B' which was another book that was then put out on display called:


I was now seen as the 'invisible enemy' by the 'RED ANTS'.

I found this book almost immediately and picked it up off a small perspex display in the crime section - this small stand was placed after a clip on a shelf...and replaced it with another book...after hiding INVISIBLE ENEMY upon the shelf.

That is when the RA MANAGER stormed over to me and began to attack me verbally (as above) - breathing into my face.

What more can I add?

Black Rabbit said...

I am now caught up in another 'drama'. This time at EAGLEHURST.

The 'apex' of the ILL GAME and the only way that I could 'win' in the ILL FILM was to take away the main focal point of the RA staff in that unit and that was to remove the painting LES COQUELICOTS - it was seemingly impossible but it was done.

Nobody went off the unit (all patients have to check in and out upon a board) and nobody was seen leaving via the front or the back door. The window in the dining room where that painting was hung - was locked. So who dunnit and why and how? It is just like OLD TIMES at the TEMPLAR CASTLE, regarding the shooting of 3 of the 4 ILL BANKERS...another 'whodunnit' for the ILL to solve...

Black Rabbit said...

All I shall divulge at this point in time is that the painting is now in SHREDS and that this symbolises the end of the ILL CULT in the UK.

Yesterday, whilst going through the hell of GROUNDHOG DAY yet again...I remembered (because somebody had left a green/cream cushion out on the armoire in the sitting room)...RIMINGTON standing by that black wood armoire and telling me to put my right hand upon the cushion...she then told me that after the ILL had put me in a wheelchair i.e. made me into a paraplegic...they would then chop off my right hand...

I have had no time to write about this but the POLICE saw what was happening to me in 2004...the RA CULT had got their ILL SLAVES in cars to try to hit me and one did...knocked me off my bike...the POLICE thought it was 'lucky' that an ambulance was waiting in the traffic queue behind...not 'lucky'...I was ECT'd in it, to take away all of my memories...the ILL had lined up their SLAVES all over the place to intermittently kidnap me and ECT that when I managed to report back to the POLICE who were surveying the whole thing...I couldn't tell them a thing. No memories.

Message to the POLICE: For the record, in 2004 I was ECTd in the back of SAINSBURYs by that security guy who picked me up for noting down the ILL selection of cheeses (CHEESE = CONTRABAND coding) on display and their barcodes in the 'quick sale' selection - there, you could find and I have the numbers of all main ILL codes regarding cheeses that they programmed with and the numbers used e.g. TINTERN CHEESE 'the moon is made of green cheese' - my sister's code as 'St Helen's goat cheese' etc...

Anyway, RIMINGTON told me that PRINCE CHARLES had given the order for my RIGHT hand to be chopped off - after the 'car accident' on the road and my resultant 'paraplegic' state in a wheelchair -which RIMINGTON had simulated whilst on PB ward - injecting my spine and paralysing my lower body in order to push me around in a show me how I would end up.

RIMINGTON told me that I would end up with a stump - has she held my hand upon that very cushion, upon the armoire.

Anyway, I queried the RIGHT hand because I had written HARRY POTTER and HIS DARK MATERIALS with my LEFT hand...I am primarily left-handed and this was further proof of the pure insanity of the ILL CULT...their sheer stupidity.

RIMINGTON told me that this didn't matter because it was a symbolic action - as revenge upon myself for 'rabbitting' about the ILL CULT.

Black Rabbit said...

Additionally, I might add that I am FURIOUS about all of this...and that my anger was tempered yesterday by the watching of a DVD of THE OFFICE.

Why would THE OFFICE make me laugh?

It was put together by those against the ILL and it is primarily a parody of JONATHAN EVANS as HEAD of MI5.

In the first episode upon this DVD, the 'OFFICE MANAGER' is told to play second fiddle to the MANAGER from SWINDON who is called GOODWIN.

Yes, MI6 and the CIA - I understand now...the actor who plays JONATHAN EVANS/OFFICE MANAGER has picked up his mannerisms and general behaviour so fact, he even looks like him.

I remember the CIA guy in INDONESIA 2004...the 'THE OFFICE' was 'cult viewing' for all CIA operatives, wasn't it (a favourite amongst many Americans abroad) and I questioned why at the time (surely it was too 'parochial' and not like US sitcoms?)...and just got a smile in return.

Anyway, the GOODWIN chap is none other than a skit on DAVID MILIBAND who was sent in from let us say 'Gruffud Gynwynwyn' (or something like that) as in the Welsh owner of POWIS CASTLE...because that is what the CIA/MI6 KNEW DAVID MILIBAND was doing...working for PRINCE CHARLES and trying to run the CASTLE OF 'O' i.e. POWIS CASTLE and the RA SLAVES in the UK (and abroad).

I 'saw' MILIBAND in this role - at POWIS CASTLE - the CIA were interested in what those stupid fuckers were doing in there...MILIBAND had taken over from TOMLINSON as the 'brains' of the operation...TOMLINSON was almost a complete 'dead-head' by that point...however, MILIBAND was failing fast...he couldn't work out what was going on and why...why the RA CULT was going down the pan so was all going out of ILL control...he had his head in his hands...I could point out the precise room which the ILL tended to use as their main office had a fireplace to the back and the window came out in a sort of hexagonal a promontory...

Anonymous said...

MI6 were renowned for calling their 'sister service' MI5 - THE OFFICE as a derrogatory term.

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