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British Intelligence Torture Techniques

I would like to briefly recount here, the two systems of torture, which comprised a large part of 'training' on the INSET course. 'Mind control' programming was intermixed with torture - the objective being, to break a person in terms of their mind, body and soul. The hoped-for result was that agents and officers would then follow commands and orders, unquestioningly.

Torture was divided up into 'hot' and 'cold' as well as 'wet' and 'dry'.

Every recruit was tortured arbitarily and at random, regardless or whether or not they had performed well at the tasks set. Even if a recruit followed orders unquestioningly - they were still tortured as much as anybody else. People who excelled at tasks were tortured because they had shown 'pride' and therefore their ego had to be punctured.

Recruits quickly learnt not to excel or to fail any task - most importantly, they learnt to follow orders unquestioningly, even if it meant abusing one of their peer group whom they knew was entirely innocent and did not deserve to be 'punished' at all.

When 'punishment' has no rhyme or reason, it kills most people's spirit of rebellion very quickly. It is the quickest way to break a person's heart and mind - they become something less than human.

'Cold' Torture

(A survivor's account)

"We had sessions in breathing control and how long we could hold our breath - presumably for any operation which required swimming under water. We were made to practice and the programmers timed us and took our best results.

We were then taken to Fort Monckton where we were given various practical training sessions, run by the SAS. During our stay there, each one of us was taken away for a morning. When the recruit came back, he or she could not speak about what had happened. They had been forbidden to and so none of us knew what to expect.

When my turn came, I was taken by the graduate programmers and Manningham-Buller to a small room with no windows, where there was a large tank of water. I was told to strip and get into it. Once inside the tank, they put a lid on and bolted it down. There was still air at the top of the tank but this began to rapidly disappear and I realised that there was a pipe at the bottom of the tank which was filling it up. Someone had turned on the tap. I cannot describe what I felt like at that moment of realisation. It was impossible to escape.

I held my breath for as long as I could but eventually began to take in water. When they took the lid off, I must have been unconscious.

I remember coming to, on the floor. I could hear a huge argument going on between one of the SAS in the doorway and Manningham-Buller. He was shouting abuse at her...that I was one of their best recruits and what the hell was she doing...Manningham-Buller sounded rather strange. She kept saying that it was 'just like drowning kittens' in a rather fey and bewildered voice. She didn't appear to understand why the SAS officer was so enraged.

Afterwards, I developed a lung infection and had to spend several days in sickbay."

'Hot' torture

(A survivor's account)

"The graduate trainees on the INSET course at Powergen - had been given a 'student house' of their own, in Solihull. A road which was opposite a paddock with a couple of horses in it, just behind the Franciscan Monastery.

The graduates used to 'use' the female recruits as prostitutes in the evening and it was common for them to order young women recruits to stay the night. Under mind control - it was almost impossible to refuse and if anyone did, they faced severe punishment. The graduates would then close the curtains of their living room and watch each other use the women.

I was taken there one evening and told to strip in the kitchen. The graduates had laid out newspaper on the floor. I was terrified but had no idea what to expect. They told me to lie down on the floor. Daldry then took a chip pan of smoking oil from the stove and began to flick boiling oil at me. It was excruciatingly painful and I began to scream.

This stopped him in his tracks (worried about what the neighbours might think) and Marr told me to 'switch alters'. Under mind control, there is an alter called 'rubber duck' which is supposed to be impervious to pain. I was ordered to keep silent. Tomlinson came in and filled a bucket of water.

Daldry then tipped the entire contents of the smoking, chip pan oil onto my stomach. They waited a few seconds and then Tomlinson threw the bucket of water over me. Marr was watching, he didn't say a word.

I don't remember anything much after that. I must have passed out. When I woke up, I was lying in the middle of their living room, naked under a blanket. They had left me there and gone to bed. I nearly choked as I woke up - the need to breath and to vomit, at the same time.

I began to feel myself to see if there were any bones broken...a natural reaction I suppose...I hadn't quite remembered what had was then that I saw that my stomach was bright red, as well as part of my torso. The pain kicked in and I found myself unable to move. I lay there sobbing, I was so frightened.

Tomlinson came down and whispered in my ear to 'grit your teeth and bear it'. He then went upstairs again. They left me there for the whole night. I was terrified, too frightened to cry out - too hot and yet shivering, with this horrible need to scratch but my stomach was too painful to touch.

In the morning, the graduates took me in to Powergen as if nothing had happened. I could hardly walk. When we arrived, I told Rimington that I had to go to hospital. She replied that I should join in and that I would feel better later on.

I told her that if she would not take me to hospital then she would have to call a doctor to Powergen or else I would die on the floor. At that point, she began to realise the seriousness of the situation and called the graduates out of the room to question them upon what they had done to me. She then consulted Scarlett who agreed that she should run me to hospital.

I was driven to a military hospital, where a doctor examined me. Rimington told him what had happened. As I lay on a hospital bed, the doctor exclaimed in front of me that it was a miracle that I had survived. He was surprised that my internal organs had not gone into shock. He then remarked that the 'blubber' on my stomach had probably saved me.


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Anonymous said...

The 1980 course run by British Intelligence at Powergen. Why has nobody mentioned the Royal Arch Freemasonry training in how to be a mind control slave smuggler for the British Crown?

What about the trip to Israel and the occultic OTO ceremony under Temple Mount in 'Herod's Temple'?

What about the short trip to Tibet in order for the Tibetan monks to ascertain whether or not our minds (and souls) had been entirely wiped out - that we were now just 'automatons'.

What about the trip to Jamaica where we met Prince Phillip, Princess Anne (at her most deranged - whipping the Royal Illuminati slaves) who watched us go through various tortures in an ancient Roman arena.

What about the visit to an outpost town near Luxor - where we were all trained to smuggle parcels over the border by Arab Intelligence?

How about a little more information about this entire year's course run by Stella Rimington and John Scarlett.

Black Rabbit said...

For a whole load more information upon this British Intelligence - see the link below:

It can also be accessed from: by clicking on the GREEN hyperlink at the bottom - 320 comments left so far.

Anonymous said...

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Mr. X and Pinkplanet has written a blog as well. It is very rare to see almighty's blog. visit it!!!!

kittenjane113 said...

Please refer to

Mr. X and Pinkplanet has written a blog as well. It is very rare to see almighty's blog. visit it!!!!

Anonymous said...

Letter to ERIC SWAN:

Upon entering PETER BRUFF ward, I began to gradually realise that it was all a set-up, worse than that – the whole ‘drama’ had been enacted in 2004 and gone horribly wrong for TOMLINSON and RIMINGTON.

The pair of them had been torturing, drugging and in some cases, murdering psychiatric patients upon either Peter Bruff or associated MH wards within the Essex district, for years.

The staff were no help – even the psychiatrists had been put under mind control and were ‘used’ as programmers – hence DR SAMI having to play the role of ‘Dr Death’ in front of Rimington – ‘king of the funeral pyres’ and DR CARNEY had to play ‘dancing zombie’ out of a Stephen King movie about ‘CATS’.

Anyway, what had happened in 2004?

Several patients went AWOL – the first was HELEN MALDON whom I gave a leg up to, out of the main office window. TOMLINSON then took me in his car to find her…at a local pub – her usual haunt. When we arrived back at the Ward – certain patients had rung every ‘service’ they could…the Police, the Ambulance and Fire Brigade service had all turned up…the place was in total and complete anarchy – shots were fired but I do not know who was using the firearms. RIMINGTON walked out of the building, unharmed and unquestioned – I do not know how but figure that she had enough people in the ‘services’ to do so. TOMLINSON, myself and Helen watched from the car, he then gave some baloney out of the window about ‘just visiting’ and drove off quickly.

All of this was covered up.

However, the most terrible thing was that RIMINGTON and TOMLINSON had decided to try a terrible experiment, whilst upon the ward. They had programmed two ‘patients’ to imitate themselves – to carry on the ILL CULT/GOLDEN CHAIN if anything ever happened to the pair of them.

Most people who were on Peter Bruff that night, were either staff, ILL slaves like myself who had been brought in for the ‘event’ – or those who had had a history of psychiatric ill-health and had already been on the ward, or those who were patients at the time, upon it. We had all been ILL-programmed.

Anyway, RIMINGTON and TOMLINSON sat me down in a room with JASON STANDING and WENDY OSHER – they then forced JASON and WENDY to role-play themselves. Most slaves know their ‘masters’ very well indeed – every mannerism, turn of speech and these two were no exception –they did brilliant imitations and really got into the parts.

The most awful thing is that in 2009 – WENDY and JASON are back on the ward – WENDY told me that she had ‘brought them all back’ – she is acting out being RIMINGTON to the hilt – as if she really believes it. JASON is acting out her sidekick TOMLINSON – he hates Wendy but follows her orders – and things are reaching a boiling point. I have no idea whether or not staff know how dangerous this may become.

I have been continuing to go through the ILL GAME that the pair of them set-up at Peter Bruff and around CLACTON but have had no time to put up my notes – plus I have agreed not to divulge anybody’s identity upon the INTERNET. However, needs must – I will put it up on another site – maybe my site.

I will do this because I know that MARK tried to plan the murder of CAROL (the ‘queen bee’) upon the ward. He nearly succeeded – but I managed to put up an exposure of the pills she was taking and the staff changed them just in time.

I also know that JONATHAN at EAGLEHURST HOUSE was nearly murdered last night. RIMINGTON and TOMLINSON had programmed him there – in 2004. It was the final stage of the ILL GAME. They had put him in ROOM 5 – in the bathroom there – in the bath and then splattered him with blood. They then ‘woke’ him up and told him that he had murdered a baby. When somebody complained about ‘fluff’ in the bath – (‘fluff’ means blood in ILL cult-speak) he would remember what he had done.

The bath was filled with fluff yesterday – JONATHAN went into a steep decline – he gave me a signal that he was operating on one side of the brain and to help him – I had to find out what had happened…and remembered the lot. I told him to forget about the bath (I didn’t know how much he could remember) and that it wasn’t his fault – he had to believe that.

JONATHAN has been in MH institutions for about 12 years or more. He was on my training course in 1980. MARK rigged an ‘orange UFO’ outside of his bedroom window and that turned into a diagnosis of ‘delusional’ and the slippery slope into the MH system…RIMINGTON had him under mind control, made a person walk by him from one direction and then another (with no time lapse because she had but him to ‘sleep’ in between) so JONATHAN was diagnosed as ‘bipolar’…RIMINGTON then made me approach him outside MORRISONS supermarket and give him a cock and bull story about how my name was ‘Elaine’ and that I ran a ‘snake farm’…this was to be used as further proof of Jonathan’s ‘delusions’…since then, the ILL have been trying to slowly kill him off with un-necessary drugs for years. He is a physical wreck but still fighting – and a strong telepath – despite the drugs.

Anyway, in overview…I can now see that the ILL had planned 2 deaths upon that ward…and today I found out that they had planned a couple more…all to be filmed…on camera.

JASON will attempt to murder WENDY as ‘Tomlinson’ because TOMLINSON hated RIMINGTON so much but never managed to do it in his life time.

Yet these people are NOT Rimington or Tomlinson – they are two very emotionally disturbed people.

To make matters worse – RIMINGTON faked TOMLINSON’S funeral at a crematorium in Chingford – to really screw JASON up, before she and Tomlinson dumped him into MH ‘care’ and started a new life together as the ELLIS couple (the STANDING JOKE family didn’t last long)…Jason still believes that the stepfather that he idolised, died years ago. I do not know how to break it to him…because he then met TOMLINSON many years later on…I suppose Jason was in a separate ‘alter’…because he didn’t recognise the fact that it was the same man…or at least, he doesn’t appear to have any chronology upon his memories, upon the other side of the mirror.

MARK RICKENBACH was the ‘older son’ of this makeshift family. I was taken to the house in CHINGFORD. Jason still remembers the address and remembers me being there. The night of Tomlinson’s overdose – the ambulance – the whole lot.
As far as Jason is concerned ‘Mike Standing’ never came back – he was then cremated.

This is all a bit garbled but I am trying, at short notice, to give a general picture of what I have found out (and only another 15 minutes to write it on a library computer)…

The important point is – that this is all still being filmed and it is a terrible experiment – those who commissioned the film wanted ‘deaths’…two have been averted so far…but the ‘big scene’ is the one where JASON murders WENDY. He nearly murdered her today but restrained himself – that is why I am writing this now. He will be driven to attempt it and soon.

If the ILL do not get their way with that murder – they will probably try BELLE AND THE BEAST programming…which means that HELEN MALDON will be in danger…or even myself. JASON is fighting his mind control programming but it is really driving him mad.

I know that the Police and the Army are now involved at PETER BRUFF (too many strange things have happened there over the years)…and that they have been using the Psychiatrists’ CCTV (Rimington had shown me this ‘office’ which you can enter via the ‘exit’ door in the main hospital canteen on the first floor – it is inside the roof of Peter Bruff).

However, I do not know if they know the whole score i.e. that unless somebody tells JASON and WENDY the truth about what they are doing and why…acting out the roles of RIMINGTON and TOMLINSON…they will end up killing each other or others caught in the fray…they have to be deprogrammed NOW.

WENDY is acting out what RIMINGTON did in 2004…everything…and I can remember most of it now…RIMINGTON was completely insane…WENDY has adopted her shrill and shrieking tone of voice…her mannerisms and black looks…she is sending JASON round the bend but he continues to act out TOMLINSON’S role in relation to her…

I had met the pair of them before…with the ROYAL MARINES/SAS in 2005…and the two of them (according to these people) were to be sent to PETER BRUFF in order to help me – get through this ILL GAME…but they are not ‘helping’…and they are victims of this sick game, as much as myself…more to the point, they do not appear to have any ‘consciousness’ of what they are doing, anymore…whereas I do…but if I tried to explain it to them…it would be impossible…they are too ‘locked up’ in those dreadful alters…and I cannot get either of them to listen to me, anymore.
Nor will they listen to anybody else…they are like little automatons…acting out what happened in 2004…trying to activate the cult again…trying to program people upon that ward…it is hideous.

Anonymous said...

The CID have all of the footage of what happened in 2004 upon the Peter Bruff ward but they appear to be sitting on it, at present - simply keeping the ward under 'surveillance'. Why? SIS orders?

If SIS attempt another cover-up, they need to think twice. All of those children murdered at the Templar Castle should be weighing heavily upon their consciences. If it isn't - they had better think about what happened to the BOSS of SIS - he got a sound 'thwacking' didn't he? Although unlike ROWLING's dad, he managed to survive.

Anonymous said...

Whose orders does SIS follow? The CROWN.

Anonymous said...

42 WEST AVENUE with the 'Tutankhamen' alarm on the front of it and the myriad programming objects around the front garden - including a turquoise WC.

A little bird tells me that this was the house of the KKK in Clacton - the 'white brotherhood' which incorporates certain 'druids' and the 'Celtic roots' movement.

I had noted this 'New Age' movement in Prague, in the 1990s e.g. learning Irish/Scottish dancing, listening to Celtic music. However, the majority of Czechs and Slovaks (whom I spoke with) also claimed to have Celtic ancestry. All harmless fun, you might think - even if you were in Eastern Europe.

However, the ROTHSCHILD programmer told me that it was all brainwashing - to create a 'divide'.

What the Czechs were in fact doing, was positioning themselves in relation to the 'unwanted' gypsy population within the country.

A 'divide' between the WHITES (those who identified with Northern Europe) and the BLACKS (those identified with the South/East).

The basis of this 'divide' appears to have its origins in the SLAVE-DRIVING FAMILIES of the Colonial period - they hated the idea of 'mixed race' babies because it blurred their basic distinction between:


Anonymous said...

Like HITLER, the ILL still 'file' their slaves accordingly i.e. if you have Semitic ancestry - it doesn't matter if you look 'Swedish' e.g. blonde-haired and blue-eyed. You carry the 'tarred with the tar brush' genes and a black baby might result down the line.

See Muriel Spark's novel about a white couple - who came from white families going back generations - when out of the blue, they have a black baby.

This is what the ILL cult most fear - they figure that 'the tar brush' contaminates their 'pure blood' race because 'blond(e)' is a recessive gene - 'black genes' appear to be stronger. This is why they trace back all ILL slave families - through so many generations.

Anonymous said...

ELIM - the pentecostal church in CLACTON - Tomlinson had to move his 'Saint John cult' base here.

Black Rabbit said...

The end of the ISBN trail?

ISBN 0 333 51506 4
9 780333 515068

EXCALIBUR (in Italian)
Traduzione di G.L. Staffilano e Riccardo Valla
(BERNARD CORNWELL - English author)
ISBN 88 04 45247 1
9 788804 452478

(I remember having to recite a certain page in Italian, to the Mafia Boss).

The GOLDEN CUP logo says it all - the end of this particular 'grail'.


Died on the twentieth day of the second month, 1779
at the age of sixty-four.

Late-blooming cherry:
wonderous workings
of a flower's mind.

Winter ice
melts into clean water-
clear is my heart.

Two death poems have been ascribed to Hyakka. Both cherry blossoms and melting ice are images of spring, the season in which the poet died."


compiled and with an introduction by Yoel Hoffmann.

Charles E Tuttle Co.; Inc.

ISBN 0 8048 3179 3
9 780804 831796

MARK'S idea that I should die just before 64 years old.

Black Rabbit said...

I forgot to mention ENVELOPE programming (11.5 'addressing the Envelope') in the EFL book P119.

P60 and P84 (I forgot to mention the latter) in the EXCALIBUR book.

Anonymous said...

EDEN, FOX and TANGLEWOOD. Major ILL families?

Anonymous said...


TOMLINSON used to have his 'regulars' as he called them - upon this bus.

One Senior Citizen was a 'grandpa' who would escort a drugged child off the train - posing as the 'grandfather' to all and sundry upon the bus. He would keep up a patter of 'we are going to see Mummy' to keep the child placated.

I do not know precisely where RIMINGTON and TOMLINSON had their 'mansion' upon this route but I have it in my mind's eye. It was set back from the main road behind a line of trees - a massive rectangular building in grey/light stone. There was quite a bit of parkland around it - a cut lawn at the front behind the trees, in front of a drive that came in from the side.

They didn't want cars turning up there, for some reason.

Anonymous said...

The 'regulars' would get off the London train at Manningtree station and then catch this bus in the afternoon - there was only one a day (each way) as far as I can remember.

Anonymous said...

'THE UNBORN' got a stupendously bad review in the DAILY MAIL yesterday and its plot sounds so bad as to be untrue...who is producer Michael Bay and why would he want to film this particular script?

Anonymous said...

Another ILL 'in-joke':

The POOR shall inherit the Earth.

They translate this as PAW i.e. those programmed with 'tiger' or 'cats eye'.

Anonymous said...

The ILL don't bother carrying around CS GAS - they carry around CS EXEMPTION CODES.

Black Rabbit said...

Like the MI5 application forms - the GRO birth certificate form also contains an important 'spelling error'.

The MI5 one was 'preseverance' instead of 'perseverance'.

The GRO birth cerificate form 'mistake'?

"Section 5 - GRO Index number * Year of registraion is mandatory if supplying a GRO Index reference."

So what is REGISTRAION - opposed to REGISTRATION?

I really cannnot believe that the government is so incompetent as to not bother to proofread their forms before they send them out. Particularly not from the BIRTH/DEATH/MARRIAGES HOME OFFICE DEPARTMENT OF OFFICIAL RECORDS - but who knows?

GRO is part of the Identity and Passport Service FLO8/ICR V4 (Rimington sometimes used the pseudonym 'Flo' and would instruct slaves to 'go with the flow'.)

What I find quite bemusing is that in order to gain my birth certificate replacement - I only had to give my first and last name - as well as that of my parents along with the date and place of my birth.

Anybody could have my details and do the same because no 'proof of identity' is required - just payment.

Additionally, one can now open a 'customer account' with this Home Office department (presumably for those researching their family trees).

What worries me the most is that my 'right to reside' forms were reliant upon me either producing my passport OR my birth certificate. Go figure.

The most worrying thing of all is that the HOME OFFICE asks for your bank card 'small number' and not the 'number across the card'.

So how do they debit your account?

Simple. They ring up your bank and tell them to do it.

Who gives them the 'authority' to do that?

I had not known how 'hand in glove' the Home Office is with the banks.

No wonder my debit card got stopped in Israel when I was 'in the black' and there should have been no reason for it not to work in the cashpoint machines.

However, various people pointed me to the Palestinian exchange kiosks because they had the 'machines' to do it i.e. produce a statement of how much you had in your account and how much you could take out.

Many people told me that the UK government often put a 'block' upon UK tourists in Israel because it was on their 'black list' - certain other countries were also on this list. I wasn't the only one, it was a common complaint.

This is an ILLEGAL practice.

If somebody is suspected of being a financial 'criminal' then the Police should be contacted.

What was happening to me was HARASSMENT, pure and simple. I had done nothing wrong but there was a 'block' upon my debit card.

Anyway, I contacted LLOYDS to complain about it - they acknowledged that there had been a block - gave no reason for it - and said that they had now removed it.

They hadn't. My debit card still wouldn't work in the bank cashpoint machines around Jerusalem so I kept on having to go back to the 'exchange kiosks' which sometimes charged a higher rate than the banks.

After a few more emails to LLOYDS and them telling me that there was no reason why I shouldn't be able to draw money in Israel - I gave up with them.

Once back in the UK - my debit card worked as normal.

My question now is: what 'higher financial power' or 'authority' were the 'exchange kiosks' contacting, in order to get round this ILLEGAL UK BLOCK?

Black Rabbit said...

I have to mention what happened in the aftermath of giving the CHINESE the codes to open up 'the gates of Mordor' or if you will 'the keys to heaven' or as the ILL called it:

'the all-seeing EYE'

In short, this meant the keys to a state in which one could see past/present/future simultaneously and one could also use 'remote-viewing'and telepathy in order to get inside a person's head within the future and to direct their behaviour/thoughts.

The US 'Satanic bankers' had this 'mathematical' knowledge by the end of WWII.

So did MOSHE DAYAN and his rebel force in Israel. That is what they 'downloaded' into myself. They were unsure if it would 'work' but figured it was worth the chance. They figured that nobody would look in the 'ark of covenant' - that was reserved for your 'top programmer' who posed as the 'light of G-d'.

Nobody looked in it - although TOMLINSON suspected what I was carrying but couldn't gain access to it. He therefore began to doggedly teach me 'higher maths' at the Templar Castle. A case of trying to get me to 'work back' to the blueprints that I carried in my head. As soon as I realised that this was the case, I led him down a blind alley - mathematically-speaking. He fell for the 'bear trap'. A little knowledge is a very dangerous thing. Yet TOMLINSON was then to go on to boast to others that he had 'solved' the ARUM maths. He hadn't.

I can now see how I didn't end up in China, by accident - nor the fact that I got the Chinese Einsteins of the next generation, in my class of Science Phd students, at Shanghai Jiao Tong Unversity - the most famous 'Science' University in China.

I was supposed to be impressed by these young people and I was. Their optimism, their extreme dedication to their work (even in my English language classes), their open-mindedess and willingness to discuss just about anything (even to criticise the Communist Party), their ethical behaviour and their philosophy upon life in general.

I was supposed to teach them 'general English' as well as 'how to write a scientific abstract to be published in a Western journal'. Within the general English classes - these students were quite extraordinary in their willingness to tackle and solve the big philosophical questions surrounding general questions in relation to 'education', 'religion' - you name it. Anyway, it was to these students in the main, that I gave the 'keys to heaven'. However, the information was then downloaded by a different university and those students were given an 'award' for the part that they had played.

Unfortunately, only some of these students were allowed to work upon the 'information' because of their specialisations. Two students complained vociferously that they were not allowed to join the 'project' and were subsequently jailed.

I would like to make a plea upon their behalf. It is really important that they should be released and given the honour accorded to the rest of their colleagues. They all deserve an award for proving themselves to be worthy of the 'keys of heaven'. They are all an extraordinary credit to China. The 'Einsteins' of the future.

Black Rabbit said...

Having remembered so much recently - the jigsaw pieces have come together more - in relation to the ORANGE TEAM i.e. the cabal in Tangiers.

PUTIN, TOMLINSON, MILIBAND, SHANA, RIMINGTON all turned up in Shanghai. TOMLINSON told me that the pretext was because 'they' thought that I was in danger, after seeing the photograph of myself holding a butterfly kite in the Shanghai daily newspaper.

I can now see that this wasn't the case. PUTIN suspected that the MOSSAD was up to something but it wasn't exactly the MOSSAD.

I can now understand fully why he was hanging over the balcony, with a face like thunder, as I talked with NIR below, during our Hebrew lesson.

PUTIN suspected that the 'Jews' were up to something but he didn't know what.

In brief, I am now put in the uncomfortable position of being a 'mouthpiece' for the rebel Israeli/Jewish forces against the US Satanic Ashkenazim bankers.

The basic idea appeared to be that the 'keys of heaven' had to be given to other 'powers' in order to create a 'balance of power' and to bring down the Satanic bankers, who were creating abominations all over the world - the TEMPLAR CASTLE was symptomatic of their growing insanity i.e. the 'commissioned tapes' by Goldman-Sachs.

MOSHE DAYAN and SHARON had both told me that they would 'turn at the last minute'. The last minute came in the Spring of 2003, in Shanghai.

NIR gave me the ALEPH code and it was with great relief, that I knew that I could now unburden myself of the information that I had been carrying for so long - within the compartment of my mind called 'the ark of covenant'.

Why were the CIA and the MOB chosen? Because it would give them power over the Satanic ILL bankers in the USA.

Why were the CHINESE chosen? Because if the above didn't work - then they would be the safety valve.

The MOB BOSS told me that negotiations were then rapid and it was quickly decided that HONG KONG should replace LONDON as the new financial centre of the world. The TEMPLARS were to be ousted.

One can only hope that in 'cosmic' terms (and Templar terminology) - giving the nexus of power to the 'Lemurians' of the EAST - to prevent the 'Atlanteans' from destroying the world, will prove a wise move.

Black Rabbit said...

To conclude:

As 'punishment' the higher echelons of the CIA then decided that I should continue through the ILL game and film, as planned by the ILL.

However, it was to be a 'walkthrough' and I was protected throughout.

The lower levels of the CIA figured that this was because I had given the information to the Chinese. The MOB and CIA whom I have met, privately agreed that letting the Chinese be 'partners' was probably the best way to go about it but the orders from above, were that I should continue through the 'game'.

However, I was also allowed to expose all of it upon the Internet and so it has been a sort of strange blessing in disguise, rather than a curse. I have been allowed to gradually wake up and remember every pertinent thing that happened along this terrible journey of realisation and as such cleanse myself, of all of it.

Black Rabbit said...

In case DAVID DABYDEEN is wondering where that 'rolled up painting' came from - found in his luggage (after he left the TEMPLAR CASTLE)- it was painted by me.

The painting was of a certain 'enlightenment period slave-driver' called POWELL - you can hardly see his blue irises (mainly only the whites of his eyes) because he is straining to look behind him...the black woman in the white cap, is almost hidden in darkness but she is screaming into the back of his head. I used a light, white wash to pick out the details of her face and the cap.

MARK used to give me 'creative' lessons after TOMLINSON'S maths lessons. I painted this - as a satire upon his family tree. MARK was descended from the POWELL 'magical magician' family of slave-drivers (see Harry Potter books). The actor ROBERT POWELL is also a descendent of this family.

Black Rabbit said...


I can only guess because I do not know and I certainly haven’t been ‘contacted’ in relation to what the Israeli Jewish ‘rebel’ network were up to or what they are currently about…but it seems to me that the ‘Satanic bankers’ and their brethren were behind CERNE – funding those like MARK, RIMINGTON and TOMLINSON in the ‘research’ going on there…and that this was the last straw…why the ‘blueprints’ had to be exposed.

However, I do know – because I have an image of it – of CERNE was surrounded by a peaceful ‘military force’ who then marched in, at all entrances/exits and whatever was happening there…was stopped and an inquiry was launched.

I know that this was due to the quick action of the CIA.

I also know from my own experience, that some of the CERNE research had been based upon the ‘faulty’ maths of those like TOMLINSON…and MARK who told me that the project was based upon the BELL experiments of the NAZIS. I have no idea about the ‘science’ of it all but know that this simply meant using negative human brain electricity, culled from ILL microchipped slaves – who were generating this negative energy. This ‘energy’ was then going to be used, in order to ‘break on through to the other side’ whatever that was…and I know that this was something to do with timetravel.

I also know that CERNE did not possess the ‘blueprints’ and that is why their research was incredibly dangerous – faulty from the beginning.

I remember MARK complaining that the ‘machine’ had disappeared from MI6 and that nobody knew where it had gone – this was the machine in the room – in 1994 - when I first viewed ‘past/present/future’ with MARK.

I suppose that MARK, RIMINGTON, TOMLINSON and CO…were trying to ‘work back’ to regain this sort of extraordinary power over the future. The blueprints obviously weren’t included in the LOEHRMANN FBI files.

Additionally, I can now see why when I ‘saw’ 9-11, that this had been a real glimpse of the future – because whilst only one ‘agency’ was using this ‘timetravel facility’ – the future could be ‘set in stone’. It was possible to dictate the fate of the entire world, to an extent.

Now, it is not. I remember, a few years back…writing upon TOMLINSON’S blogspot that any reports of his death would be greatly exaggerated…I ‘saw’ a couple of them but they didn’t happen…that perplexed me…normally when I ‘saw’ things…they always happened. I now realise that this is because the future is no longer ‘set in stone’…because enough ‘agencies’ know how to do ‘it’ and one can imagine the result of different people changing future events which have a knock-on effect around the world…and so on. Nothing is now ‘set in stone’.

I also thought back to the ‘miracle’ of 1967 – MOSHE DAYAN and the Israeli Army – against all of the odds, defeating the Arab Nations arraigned against the fledgling Israeli State…and realised what had probably happened. To be able to ‘see’ the future, accurately – is a gift of extraordinary power. How much more so then, to give that power up? To make Israel vulnerable again?

I can only say that this rebel group took an enormously ethical decision, relating to the future of the world and that it was probably prompted by what was happening at CERNE.

Black Rabbit said...

Other Notes:

I also 'saw' who was behind the 'pink planet' blogspot and it makes me laugh - I saw 'you' compiling the blogspot.

So to those readers who are a bit bemused by the 'Templar craziness' described upon this particular 'Jonathan Evans' blogspot - read between the lines.

The people who wrote it are not 'insane' at all - they were joking around whilst helping me out.

Thank you for reminding me of quite a few things that I needed to remember.

All I can say in summary, is that the whole MARY/TEMPLAR farce has now got to be exposed for what it is.

Neither myself or my sister are a 'Mary' (nor any other poor women tagged by British Intelligence/the ILL CULT). We are NOT going to produce any 'Christ child' either.

Yes, we do have a distant 'Arabic Jewish' strain in my father's family but then so do many, many people. That does not make us 'Merovingians'. For all I know, the Merovingian strain might exist but in order to find it, you would have to analyse every Semitic Jewish family's genealogical roots, in order to trace it back...

The fact that the BRITISH ROYAL FAMILY claim these 'roots' is yet another of their 'standing jokes'...

No, my sister's baby boy is NOT Jesus and I can only hope that the ILL CULT will not put him through any more hell than he has already been...he is NOT Jesus, geddit?

Black Rabbit said...

Additional note:

I need to publicly humiliate the TEMPLARS in the hope that they will now see 'reason'.

They kicked little LEO around like a football, in order to terrorise him out of his mind... s 'pinkplanet etc' say...this was because of the Templar belief that my family carried the 'Merovingian' strain...and being a devil/anus-worshipping cult...naturally they wanted to kill off or irrevocably damage any 'Christ child'.

Yes, RIMINGTON, SCARLETT etc managed to convince you that I was the 'special Mary' for some time and that my whole family were a danger to the ROYAL FAMILY and their claim to the British Throne...something that the RA CULT has always been terrified of...the true MEROVINGIAN LINE...

I have already briefly summarised in previous notes, why the FBI (at the turn of the century)exploited this very real fear of the European Monarchies...that one of the line of 'Jesus and Mary' would turn up...with a MANDATE from G-D to rule...rather than a 'beer-making family' from Saxony...

As Ericswan said...KABBALAH is all about the nature of belief and to put it candidly...

What do the idiots want to believe?

Feed it to them.

Hence the whole 'Rennes-le-chateau' farce and RIMINGTON trying to get me to 'douse' for the bones of the biblical Mary...

Scarlet was slightly more sensible...he had already heard about the 'forgeries' of the Dadaists...but RIMINGTON wanted to believe.

Anyway, I was NOT a Merovingian Mary...I was simply carrying scientific blueprints in a 'compartment' at the back of my mind. Accessible by codes. This was SCIENCE and not MAGIC and certainly NOTHING to do with RELIGION.

LEO does NOT carry these blueprints. He was however, a natural telepath, from birth.


Black Rabbit said...

RIMINGTON took me on the bus ride from MANNINGTREE to CLACTON - this was after TOMLINSON had done the same thing with me - having pointed out the OAP gent who was taking the little girl - off the London train, onto this bus and then on to one of the ILL paedophile cult houses.

Anyway, I went on this bus route this morning - from MANNINGTREE to CLACTON - and remembered RIMINGTON pointing out a driveway which was quite overgrown with trees and bracken to the right - this was as you entered TENDRING village. The driveway, curved to the right. I couldn't see the house at the end of it but that wasn't important.

RIMINGTON told me that the makeshift sign for this house...BAT something...BAT MANOR, BAT HOUSE...had been put there by TOMLINSON as a joke - to alert his regular OAPs to get off at the next bus stop. RIMINGTON sniffed that the sign was rather out of the way and not such a brilliant idea.

So the bus went past this BAT sign on the right and to the left, I then saw a high hedgerow of trees that had been trimmed but I couldn't see above it...still far too see the house beyond. I then remembered the CIA asking me to 'look over the hedge'...and that is when I got the aerial view of the house. However, I cannot say for definite until I have a look over the hedge but do not think this to be necessary - enough to have located where the house is.

Anonymous said...


In relation to Jonathan Evans wanted to expand MI5 territory in Ireland - forgive the generalisations but isn't that because he is hand-in-glove with PUTIN and uses IRELAND as the backdoor to the UK? Ireland has always been a smugglers' paradise but how do the Irish feel about the influx of Russian mafia, courtesy of MI5?

Black Rabbit said...

Some more ILL emails in my inbox:

Unread nikolay sintsov HELLO Sun, 1/3/09 8KB
Unread Mr lazi Faso HELLO Sat, 28/2/09 5KB
Unread We care2 Foundation International Conference Fri, 27/2/09 5KB

Black Rabbit said...


Thank you.

Anonymous said...

SKYPE: Stephen Daldry told me that the ILL CULT call this:

SKY PAEDOPHILES because so many of them advertise children, using this service.

Anonymous said...


Vol 16 No. 2


This contains an article:


If you would like to read about the Nazi experiments with the 'Bell' - information sourced from the remaining documents - this is a good read.

Additionally, there is an article entitled:


I know this interview to be authentic and the CIA officer in question to be telling the truth as far as he knew it.

There are two things here that are of paramount importance:

Firstly that the NAZIS were creating aircraft that looked like flying saucers.

Secondly, that if any retired CIA official decided to talk about all of this - after the documents had been declassified 'memory modification' would kick in i.e. the unwitting mind control victim would add fanciful stuff about the 'alien agenda' to confuse the issue.

An example:

"Stein: What did stand out in the classified documents I saw was one about a UFO crash on a ranch in New Mexico in 1947. The document said that it was a German-built saucer that had alien hieroglyphics on the outside and the inside. They found out it was German when they did reverse-engineering upon it. There was something in the craft that linked (it) to being built by Nazi Germany in 1938, I think. But there were also aliens on board. One was still alive, one was dying and, I think, one or two were dead."

Now I am not against the idea that aliens have landed upon this planet and that there have been real sightings and experiences of 'those from another planet' but...reading this article which I know to be an authentic account from a real CIA operative - it makes you wonder, doesn't it?

What can one make of it?

So a bunch of aliens NICKED a German airship - took off in it - and then crashed it on a ranch, in New Mexico?

Apparently the 'reason' given as evidence that the bodies were those of aliens - was that they had 'six fingers'. A common 'memory modification' technique of the period. Remember Captain Scarlett and the Mysterons - aliens who had two fingers stuck together?

I know that there were ILL/NAZI designs of aircraft, of the 'flying saucer' variety - but they were not built or flown by 'aliens'.

Anonymous said...

'PORTHAUS/HOUSE' somewhere in ABERYSTWYTH - the last sighting of Tomlinson. Is he acting out MARK'S RAW library book then and about to take the ferry to Ireland?

Also varying accounts of a telephone number:


Anonymous said...

'Faulty maths' queried the CIA and shut down CERNE for 'further investigations' immediately.

The investigation carried out - revealed that no real harm had been done - apart from irretrievable damage to the parties concerned - they had been experimenting upon themselves in an attempt to become 'gods'.

Anonymous said...

'King of Kings' or 'Jesus Christ'?

Putin had been 'crowned' this by the British High Commission in Cairo.

His 'death sentence'from the RA CULT, in 1993. Presumably he had outlived his usefulness - as the Head of the Stasi in Berlin, East Germany - he must have facilitated a massive amount of RA smuggling/contraband.

Was Anthony Blunt another 'king of kings' - if so, did the Queen's intervention save his life?

So who decided to save Putin from this fate? The Russian Ashkenazim? The Rothschild programmer in Prague, was always very fond of him.

Black Rabbit said...


RE: pinkplanet, mr X, kittenjane etc

I now understand what had happened with JONATHAN EVANS and myself - at the Templar Castle.

The UK ILL had attempted to put his 'alter' into my 'ark of covenant'. This is why I satirized the 'dungeon scene' with an image of EVANS as a white bird with a GOLD HALO above his head. This 'alter' escaped as the Russians opened the lid of the sepulchre.

Originally, this sepulchre had housed the 'alter' of the Head of the Mossad, in my programming. He had told me to think of him as 'god' - whilst viewing a cloud in the sky with two holes (for eyes) through which the sun was shining.

MOSHE DAYAN and his mates were conning the whole lot of them 'do you think it will work? Yes. They'll never think of looking in there...' and they laughed about it...the sheer irony of it all.

Of course, very few people would be allowed to go near that level and depth of programming - only 'heads of service' would even know about it - never mind have access codes for it.

So EVANS thought that he was my 'lord'? How hilarious.

Other notes:

'postman patel'?

I remember a very nasty scene with a family called 'Patel' - a scene that had been orchestrated by TOMLINSON.

They had lost a relative (son?) whom they believed to have been possibly put on a CIA 'rendition flight'.

TOMLINSON'S interest in the matter, was simple:

He wanted to know what the hell was happening to his 'Islamic terrorist mind control slaves' who were supposed to usher in the UK ISLAMIC NWO. They were 'disappearing'.

TOMLINSON had therefore instructed this family to harass and harangue me into finding out what had happened to this relative.

Let me put it this way:

After the CIA had found out about the intended UK ISLAMIC NWO - they decided to 'clean-up'.

Why? They felt a 'degree of responsibility'.

Anybody who was one of JONATHAN EVAN'S 'carrier pigeon' mind control slaves and had also been programmed by TOMLINSON and others, to be an Islamic terrorist - was rounded up. It was simply a case of looking down the lists.

I have already exposed this BRITISH INTELLIGENCE practice of creating 'Islamic terrorist mind control slaves'. It is not something new - it has been going on for decades. BRITISH INTELLIGENCE train them all over the world and send them against many different countries.

The last 'incidence' I came across was in Harwich - before that, in the GUANGDONG, China.

BRITISH INTELLIGENCE were therefore simply 'expanding' this practice, in order to provide a basis for the ISLAMIC NWO in the UK.

I queried the CIA upon what happens to these people - those that 'disappeared' upon such flights.

I was told that they were normally held for 6 weeks although in some cases it could be longer but usually 6 weeks to 6 months. I was not given any information upon reports of 'torture', in relation to Guatanemo Bay. However, the good news is that these men were not 're-programmed'.

So what happened to them? They were 'repatriated' - put simply, their BRITISH PASSPORTS were taken off them and they were 'dumped' in radical Islamic countries - under another name. 'They beg for their passports back after a fortnight'. Some of them apparently took longer to 'break' according to the CIA but all of them lost their 'radical ideals' very quickly indeed...once they realised what it was like to be 'bottom of the heap' in a radical Islamic country rather than 'Sultans' (as Tomlinson and the UK ILL had promised them).

Rough justice, eh?

I suppose the principle here is that they did have a 'choice' - even under mind control. Yet they chose to use violence in this country, against the State and the people - in order to usher in a fascist State because of what they had been promised in the long run.

So the good news is: your son/father probably isn't dead but is trapped in Afghanistan (the only country I heard talked about)with no recourse to a British passport ever again (or appealing to the notion of 'European human rights').

The other basic idea behind this was because of the premiss that reprogramming was a bad idea. Far better to let people learn their own lessons, in their right mind, independently.

Anonymous said...

The British Army reported that they had encountered quite a lot men, in Kabul - who claimed to be British citizens who had 'lost' their passports. They didn't know what to make of it.

Anonymous said...

'mr x and pinkplanet' on:

refer to a 'pioneer research project' using telepathy.

Not so much 'telepathy' as:


Tomlinson's injected microchip - into the eardrum.

Anonymous said...

Other references upon this blogspot include:

The 'Inspector Clouseau' drama on stage - which ends up with the BUTLER 'wot dunnit'.

Members of the Cabinet and other notaries, were forced to watch this charade - for mind control purposes.

RIMINGTON was dressed up as 'princess Diane' and Eliza Manningham-Buller's 'learning disability' brother, was made to play the 'butler'.

Anyway, the BUTLER murders the PRINCESS and is then led away in handcuffs by the 'French detective'.

DALDRY asked this 'interactive audience' if they knew who the BUTLER was and the assembly in the auditorium shouted back PAUL BURRELL as they had been instructed to do.

The poor 'butler' was then branded upon his chest with a hot iron, as punishment.

The main idea behind this grotesque charade was to program the subconscious minds of the audience with

LADY DIANA = RIMINGTON (hated and feared by most if not all of the audience)


Just imagine what that might do to your subconscious mind? No wonder Lady Diana's Inquest took so many years to reach a conclusion.

This ILL technique works upon the premiss that most people work upon 'hunches' from the intuitive/instinctive side of the brain.

If you can 'doctor' this in the subconscious mind - then you get these people thinking:

"Burrell - looks like the villain of the piece, to me."

"Lady Diana? Not so sure about her anymore...something not right about her either..."

How to create the utmost confusion in the subconscious minds of so many influential people.

Anonymous said...

Paul Burrell was one of the 'Jesuits' who conducted a 'sting operation' against Jonathan Evans.

All ILL slaves are told the nature of their deaths - it is part of programming. One of the first things that I was asked by the CIA in 2003.

Lady Diana had been programmed to believe that she would be murdered by British Intelligence in a road accident. Paul Burrell let that out to the public at large.

In the eventuality - it really happened - although now - the future is open - nobody can foretell anybody's death with any degree of accuracy. Nothing is 'set in stone'.

However this type of programming needs to be rooted out - in case a slave unconsciously 'makes' it happen.

The 'astronomers' - can we guess certain members of the 'MI6 cosmos programming' teams?

Tell me again, why did John Scarlett have to carry the can in court concerning David Kelly - instead of the MI5 boss (surely MI5 territory)?

Anyway, Paul Burrell is alive and well - and so is his family - apparently all now living in the USA.

So one thing is for certain - the power of the ILL has dwindled remarkably, over the past few years - in the USA as well as the UK.

I suppose the ILL didn't really want to tangle too much with the power of the Jesuits and the Catholic Church (not forgetting the Queen's pardon).

So one could retitle that ILL morality play at the Templar Castle as:


Anonymous said...

The BUTLER AKA THE PINK PANTHER (PP) with Inspector Clouseau - standing rather clueless, at the end...

Anonymous said...

Another 'drama' enacted at the Templar Castle was a play that I am familiar with but do not know the title - one of RIMINGTON'S favourites.

In brief, the ILL cobbled together a RED INDIAN version of ROMEO and JULIET i.e. you had two warring families but eventually the lovers are reunited and married...the ILL twist being that there was a blood-price dowry to pay before the wedding.

A number of the 'walk-on' squaws, were then murdered outside the Templar Castle.

Who took the leading roles in this 'romantic drama'?


Who was part of the TOTEMPOLE scenery?

ANDREW MARR numbered one of those, made to climb a mini 'Eiffel tower' of scaffolding. Each segment of the totempole was hidden by the costume of the person allocated to that section.

Who was at the top? I didn't recognise him but he looked 'Spielbergish' i.e. short, stout, bandy legs and bearded.

I also remember that a certain Professor of English, managed to topple the whole thing over at one point - with only him on it...I suppose that must have been during 'rehearsals'.

Anonymous said...


Anybody worked that one out yet?

It appears to be composed of mafioso groups.

Anonymous said...

CHROMA-KEY - a certain shade of BLUE which symbolises 'INVISIBILTY' and also 'EIN SOF' to the ILL.

A combination of film technology and what happens when you really die, rather than being put through an NDE and then being resuscitated.

Anonymous said...

One of the Chinese students who was jailed at Shanghai Jiao Tong University: it is highly probable that he was ILL and had been programmed by Rimington and her programmers, resident in Shanghai at the time. This is why he had been such a 'disruptive' force.

Anonymous said...

Why were TOMLINSON and his son, invariably made to play the 'detective' in ILL dramas?

Their programming was to hunt down any enemies of the ILL.

Anonymous said...

ARUNDEL HOUSE - business people were electrocuted in the back room after 'training courses'. They were then forced to sign a contract - I have no further information upon what was in these so-called 'contracts'.

Anonymous said...

A Friday the 13th - dental appointment?

Not good for some...and speaking of dentists and dental surgeries...

Apparently DANIEL HANNAN was spotted in the Manningtree surgery on Tuesday. RIMINGTON had sent him in there, for reasons of her own (his ILL name is 'Darrell'). The guy has been missing for some time - from Southwold - he is a member of the Foreign Legion.

Anonymous said...

Anyone for GOLF?

Why not buy a flat overlooking a golf course and study your own ILL programming as a GOLFER.

The GREEN represents your subconscious mind. The HOLES are for the ILL programming BALLS to be put in.

Just remember to try and kill those pesky RABBITS who can dig deep...and upset your subconscious mind...

One of RIMINGTON'S Masonic lackeys went overboard in trying to kill RAB-ITS...he let lose Myximatosis - the fatal viral infection which caused needlessly painful deaths for these wild animals. Rimington sniffed about it all - a bit of a 'mistake'.

This is but one of the reasons why mind control should be banned in this country.

Anonymous said...

Anybody want to work at MI6 like RICHARD TOMLINSON or HELEN BROWNE? All you have to be is 'average' at maths but think you are a genius and fail your English A' level.
Heh, heh.

Anonymous said...


What does that have in common with a GOLF COURSE? Quite a bit.

The LEFT EYE is the HOLE and the DUR-TEE is used by the ILL to putt their programming BALL in.

So if you are a DUR-TEE (dirty) RABBIT, watch out!

'Get your mind dirty with us'.

Anonymous said...

GOLFING or would that be FLOGING?

Anonymous said...

See the Penguin front cover ILLustration to get an idea of how to put your ball (of programming bollocks/'dirt') into the eye socket.

Black Rabbit said...

A DUR-TEE BUN KNEE RAB IT - that is what the ILL used to call me - a 'summary' of my programming as a zygote slave.

Anonymous said...

RIMINGTON used to identify with CIXI - the psychotic Dame of the last Chinese dynastic court.

CIXI was known as the 'Empress Dowager' and she managed to bring the whole lot down - the entire monarchistic dynasty.

I wonder which Royal Family, RIMINGTON had in mind?

Anonymous said...

Can one say that after the blueprints had gone to the CHINESE as well as the CIA and the MOB - that there was a certain amount of 'friction' between the Head of the Mossad and the CIA? (Despite the fact that certain members of the CIA and the MOB privately agreed with the decision taken.)

Anonymous said...

I guess you basically have two 'camps' of people, regarding the BLUEPRINTS.

Those like RIMINGTON and TOMLINSON who were clueless and still believed in the bollocks about the MEROVINGIAN LINE and the 'MARY'.

And those who weren't 'clueless'.

Those who knew about the blueprints - where they had been hidden - and why.

I know why RIMINGTON chose to believe in the Templar bollocks surrounding the 'MARY'. She loved the whole 'abortion' show. Her Porphyria cravings used to overcome her, with alarming regularity.

Black Rabbit said...

GIORGIO - I remember him being in a dungeon - manacled, upon his side - in the Templar Castle 2001.

I was still being treated as a 'schoolgirl' at the time but as Rimington and Tomlinson's 'daughter' I could go where I pleased and could ask favours off the SAS guards.

So I asked for the SAS guard's water bottle, claiming it for myself - I then helped GIORGIO to drink from it. Later on, I asked for the keys to his manacles but was told to go away.

JOANNE COLLIE wanted an Italian translator for one of her programming books in production, at the Templar Castle. A man was called in - so the 'mob' walked in, so to speak. As a friend of mine once said, the Mob do not wear 'badges'. This man asked me where GIORGIO was and I took him to the dungeon where he had been. He was no longer there. I then advised the man to leave as quickly as possible because 'things' would start to happen and he really didn't want to be there, when they did.

I knew what PUTIN and his ORANGE team were planning - I had been on that team and was privy to the briefing - which revolved around 'you will see terrible things but you just have to focus, steal as much as you can, observe as much as you can and get out alive'.

Why did the ILL hate GIORGIO so much?

He had been attempting to blackmail RIMINGTON and TOMLINSON with videos of them, in the South of France.

After returning to the UK. RIMINGTON and TOMLINSON put some soiled underpants with the name GIORGIO upon the waistband - into a plastic bag and hung it off a tree, outside of a certain PUBLIC LIBRARY - for all of their ILL slaves to see.

This was an example of their sort of 'humour'.

Black Rabbit said...

A certain warehouse was recently opened to the Public, just outside Bristol. It was advertised as a 'freebie' jamboree in the Daily Mail. Come and take away as many books as you would like, sort of thing.

The warehouse contained the programming books of all of Rimington and Tomlinson's programmed slaves - all higgledy piggledy - no rhyme or reason to their location.

Before the warehouse was opened to the public - certain slaves were allowed to go in, to hunt for their most important programming book and ISBN number - in order to set themself 'free' from slavery.

Daldry was one of the first in - he found his relatively easily and apparently by accident - a slim volume of history - a light brown, embossed cover on the third shelf up. However, the ILL had turned over many of the bookcases in the middle and the photograph in the DAILY MAIL showed a massive pile of books...which members of the public were walking over.

Anyway, one can see that the ILL are being defeated, inch by inch.

A copy of the contents of that warehouse upon the Internet - complete with ISBN numbers, would be useful.

Black Rabbit said...

I have two files at the dentists - so what is new? The same was true of my NATIONAL INSURANCE number. I found that out the other day at Mr Clamp's dental surgery in Manningtree. I was surprised that I even had a file at all because I am no longer part of their clientele.

RIMINGTON had programmed the receptionists there and left various programming objects in the waiting room. However, I think that certain people are well-aware of what has been going on in that surgery and for some time now so my next appointments there, should be 'uneventful'.

Anonymous said...

DRINK ME - early ALICE childhood programming.

The syrup upon the spoon tasted of ANISEED and I wouldn't play the game, as a toddler and pretend that it tasted of 'delicious things'.

Is ANISEED important to the ILL as a 'taste'?

I have hated it all of my life as a consequence - particularly PERNOD.

Black Rabbit said...


I had confirmation today, that the Manningtree dental surgery is a RAT-LINE. DANIEL HANNAN probably disappeared down it but then I am sorry to say that he was working for RIMINGTON and so it was probably his 'choice'.

Mr Kazan is facilitating this 'rat-line'. I was supposed to 'disappear' today but luckily missed my appointment.

Why? I had been forewarned.

Another ILL slave asked me if I could tell this dental surgery that she was 'family' and book an appointment for her. Too long a story to explain in detail - who she is and why she asked but it must be pretty obvious, by now.

This is a RUSSIAN rat-line.

I suppose it is useless to say: "I locked everything up - nobody can ever access it again."

I told the CID/Police that, years ago - after I had made the 3/4 hour tape.

In point of fact, I had perfected a system - rather like typing in a 'spontaneous password' twice without looking at the keyboard - held within the 'conscious mind' - but not held 'consciously' and completely separate from the subconscious mind - so as not to leave an impression, that would make any sense.

I do not suppose the RUSSIANS would believe that for a second - if I were to be kidnapped by them and taken to Russia - I would be tortured and eventually murdered, in an attempt to gain access to this information.

Talking to others about this - most were of the opinion that if TOMLINSON were to be sent to kidnap me - I wouldn't even make it back to RUSSIA. He is now so furious with me - that he would kill me on the spot.

I can believe it. He could never access my mind - and he knows it. Therefore any 'kidnapping' will simply be a matter of 'revenge'.

Anyway, the fact that key members of the present government e.g. BROWN/MILIBAND are on PUTIN'S 'ORANGE' team - I can now see how it has been so easy for them to manoeuvre me into this 'tight spot'. However, the fact that they are still trying to do it 'secretively' - makes me laugh. You are all EXPOSED for it.

Black Rabbit said...


On a lighter note and this is 'gallows humour' upon the Israelis' part - I have heard reports that they have taken it all rather well - along the lines of 'we can't prosecute MOSHE DAYAN because he's dead' and do not seem bent upon any sort of 'retribution'.

The point of all of this is that these blueprints were ISRAELI MILITARY property and have nothing to do with any other country whatsoever. Nobody else had any claim to them, as far as I know.

MOSHE DAYAN and his rebel force did what they did, to bring down the SATANIC BANKERS and their allies - any good and fair-minded person would see the merit of such an action.

Black Rabbit said...

Other notes:

I wonder if DALDRY remembers my reference to 'appliques' and 'epaulets' in Prague 1995?

RIMINGTON kept a selection of them as programming objects - symbolic of the top of the ILL CULT.

Her list ran as follows:

Number 1: 'cartoon man' whose real name was GASCOIGNE (ring any bells'?

Number 2: 'mickey mouse' - I guess WALT DISNEY was a well-known Satanist and Nazi.

Number 3: a 'winds' design to symbolise the WINDSOR family.

Is this list now out of date or still 'current'?

Black Rabbit said...

PETER BRUFF ward - is now trying to get me out, as quickly as possible.

A social worker tried to have me 'frogmarched' up to the Council House 'housing department' today, to see if they could hurry up the process - despite the fact that I have no benefits to pay my way, as yet - due to the hold-up of the processing of the forms, regarding my 'right to reside' in this country.

I have been told that I will be put in B&B soon if the benefits do not materialise, in the near future. What will I live on, if my 'help and support' benefit still hasn't come through? One meal a day i.e. breakfast.

I now realise why the psychiatrists decided not to section me again after the 28 days. That would have interfered with the Russian kidnapping of myself - planned at the Manningtree dental surgery after the 'injection'.

Black Rabbit said...

Anyway, Mr KAZAN told the receptionists at the Manningtree dental surgery that I would need 3 appointments - the last one being a 'trigger' i.e. Friday 13th (to tell me that I had had my 'chips').

However, I still have two of the three appointments lined up for next week and so for a laugh (why not - because I need my teeth fixing, badly) I shall turn up for the next one on MONDAY 9TH 12:00.

In fact, I shall keep the FRIDAY 13TH appointment too, at 11:30 - it has never been an 'unlucky' day for me before (quite to the contrary) and I do like to disprove superstitious beliefs.

Anonymous said...

the end is nigh

Are we talking NYE BEVAN here or 'Mr brain aneurysm'?

Aneurin "Nye" Bevan...

Anonymous said...

What is is about the ILL and Wales? Powis, Aberystwyth...where else?

Black Rabbit said...

Other notes:

MURIEL SPARK and THE PRIME OF MISS JEAN BRODIE...was the novel that made me laugh the most, in my youth...I came to see it as a satire upon Rimington...and myself as 'Sandy'...

Funnily enough, a new paperback was on display, in the library today:

ISBN: 0 14 002745 9
9 780140 027457

That made me wonder...MANDELSON...MR BAUM/WOOD...silly associations but useful at present, putting the jigsaw pieces of the ILL 'game' together...

I read the blurb and a few chapter didn't ring any bells (and I was sure I had read all of her books in my teens)...'via dolorosa'...this novel, set in Jerusalem, could be very interesting indeed.

Black Rabbit said...

I might add that if it were not for the quick thinking and action of the Israeli authorities at TEL AVIV airport, the ORANGE bomb in my luggage...might have succeeded.

For this, I am eternally grateful to those in airport security (and beyond).

I now realise that the ORANGE team are simply 'MONsters' who haven't learned their lessons yet. They will.

Anonymous said...

I have a basic 'diagram' of TOMLINSON and RIMINGTON'S programming if anybody is interested (from head to toe):

WHITE (3/4) BLUE (1/4)
BLUE (1)
RED 3/4 GREEN (1/4)
BLUE (1)
BLUE (1)

PURPLE (3/4)
RED (3/4)
RED (1)
RED (1/2)

Black Rabbit said...

MACINTYRE WARD, Clacton General Hospital - normally for the 'geriatric', suffering from dementia etc.

RIMINGTON and TOMLINSON murdered a man who went under the alias of 'Fergal Ferguson' in Room 12. He was working for Irish Intelligence in the UK. Amongst other things - he was researching that 'Chinook helicopter crash'.

The pair of them tortured him to death. They showed me the room in which he had been murdered in 2004.

The room has been 'closed' until this time - Mar 2009 - despite the lack of beds upon the ward - goes to show you, the amount of mind control that the staff working on the ward, were under at the time and still appear to be. RIMINGTON even filled in a 'form' and left it in the room, stating that the man's belongings were of 'Derek Foord'. She also peed in the toilet and left toilet paper in it - telling the staff never to touch the room again - and certainly never to flush the toilet.

Another point - the window was locked in this room (as all bedroom windows are, upon this ward) and so I opened it with a multipurpose key.

I then realised that this ward had been used for soul-trapping. RIMINGTON and TOMLINSON had attempted to entrap this man's soul within this ward - as they had done with many other of their victims.

Why did the practice of opening windows after a death, disappear upon this ward - most if not all of the patients are terminally 'ill'.

Anonymous said...

Feargal had been working 'in computers' in London and was part of a rebel group, against the ILL, at the time of his kidnapping.

Anonymous said...

The spelling of the alias was probably the uncommon FERGEAL.

Black Rabbit said...

More ILL mail:

muna_satter3 URGENT AND CONFIDENTIAL!!!! Thu, 5/3/09 5KB

Black Rabbit said...

Sometimes I feel that the 'collective powers that be' have tied the hands of the UK ILL behind their backs and are just letting me PUNCH them...

Anonymous said...

So MANNINGHAM-BULLER'S 'ship of fools' got handed over to JONATHAN EVANS? The ARGONAUTS (Templars) upon their quest for the GOLDEN FLEECE?

Time to go home, boys. The 'fleece' disappeared in 2003 and you never even knew what you were looking for, never mind where to find it.

Anonymous said...

Anybody remarked upon the DAILY MAIL photograph (Thursday edition) of the 'UGLY BAT CAT' yet?

An especially printed photograph to enlighten anybody who still follows the PAW aka TOMLINSON. Man, is that cat ugly (but apparently 'good-natured').

Anonymous said...

Apparently it sleeps all day on a computer, in Exeter University - to keep warm.

Black Rabbit said...

An apology to my psychiatrist for the mentioning of certain people related to the Peter Bruff ward at this point but I need to let off steam about a rather bizarre situation which occurred today.

Yesterday, MR P from MC told me that he would send 'S' to help me sort out my 'accommodation' problem. He assured me that a quick visit to the TOWN HALL 'Housing Department' with 'S' would solve all of my problems.

Knowing the situation inside out - this made me a little curious - I had already visited there and knew the score - no benefits = no housing or even B&B, unless you are high up on their list in terms of various criteria (and I have been repeatedly told that I am not a 'priority case' i.e. I could wait years).

Anyway, Mr P works with patients at PB in a 'social work' capacity - this man was also under RIMINGTON'S mind control program - she took me to meet him in the 'piano room' within the building in which he works. When I first met him again - after returning to PB in December 2009 - I opened up the piano and played him one note: middle C

This was an attempt to get him to wake up - to 'see' what was going on. RIMINGTON used to play him a programming jingle, before she left.

Did it work? Apparently not.

Anyway, 'S' came to see me and obviously decided that she didn't believe the above and so made a trip to the Town Hall herself - in order to find out - she later apologised to me for doubting what I had said - and told me I had been correct.

Additionally, she had found out that the waiting list was 2 WEEKS to see the HOMELESS OFFICER and so she advised me to book an appointment now - as that would hurry things up in future.

Good advice, I thought and so this morning - I went up to the Town Hall Housing Department to do just that.

To my astonishment - I was given an appointment, the very same day - at 2pm.

I then went back to PB and saw my psychiatrist who commented that I must have 'lucked out' there.

I was a bit bemused - the same thing had happened at the JOBCENTRE in terms of queue-jumping. I therefore suspected something was up...and then I remembered.

RIMINGTON taking me in to see some ghastly woman at that very same HOUSING DEPARTMENT.

The basic idea was that RIMINGTON wanted me to rent a room from one of her ILL slaves - via a card in a newsagents. She had therefore instructed anyone who could help me to find accommodation e.g. Estate Agents (dealing in cheap 1 bedroom flats for rent) and also the HOMELESS OFFICER to send me away.

I then remembered the name of this woman - NAOMI JOSEPH. The same name was written upon the appointment card, from Housing Benefit reception.

RIMINGTON had instructed this woman to be as rude and obstructive to me, as she possibly could i.e. to attempt to humiliate me and send me away with a flea in my ear.

Anyway, I have just come back from this appointment with NAOMI JOSEPH.

The woman emanated hostility and malign energy - as soon as I walked in the door.

The conversation was brief because I knew what to expect but because I was aware of the siutation and what to expect - I took especial care to be calm and polite throughout.

RIMINGTON had told me to make a joke about her name for some bizarre reason - something that I certainly didn't do. 'Joseph's coat of many colours' because the woman is apparently of Jewish descent.

Anyway, the woman asked me when I had been discharged.

I explained that I hadn't been discharged yet because I was still living at PB as an informal patient.

She then asked me if I would continue to see a psychiatrist after I left the hospital.

I said 'no' because it had been agreed with the psychiatric nurse from 'community care' that I should liaise with my GP instead.

JOSEPH then barked at me:


I replied that this was personal information.

JOSEPH had almost shouted the question at me and I thought it inappropriate to be asking for such detailed information.

She then shouted:


I told her that my psychiatrist would supply her with a letter which would give her all of the information that she needed, which I would bring along when I next made a visit to the Housing Department but I was not going to discuss this further.

JOSEPH then vindictively shouted at me:


I was quite angry at that point but remained cool and polite. I got up to leave the office and replied:

"Thank you for being rather unhelpful but there you go..." and left the office.

Outside I was felt shocked and surprised.

Is this normal practice for jumped-up Housing Officials - to demand to know what 'medication' you are on?

What would she have done if I had told her? She wouldn't have had a clue.

It wasn't as if she were a nurse or doctor - somebody who would actually know what I was talking about.

Black Rabbit said...


A brief summary:

I can now remember precisely what happened with MARK at the TEMPLAR CASTLE 2001 - he wanted to 'repent' - he was sickened by the ILL and what they were doing. I told him to contact the ISRAELI MILITARY. I was taking a chance, exposing a major rebel base against the ILL.

MARK had contacts in the MOSSAD. He appeared to be working for MI6 and the CIA - with good connections to the MOSSAD. Anyway, he asked his contact at the MOSSAD for the email address of a 'high security' member of the Israeli Army. He then sent an email to this person, requesting Israeli military satellite connections. It worked - he got them and showed them to me.

This was UNDER the nose of the MOSSAD - who, in general, were kept in the dark, throughout. They had all been ILL-programmed, like MI6 and therefore, as an organisation - were NOT to be trusted.

Anyway, TOMLINSON had no idea of what was going on in that 'control centre'. He was simply told 'the coordinates have changed'. He was led to assume that this was GOLDMAN-SACHS etc and the satellite that they were using - who had changed their own coordinates. That is why TOMLINSON queried it at first and had to be 'shouted down' before getting down to programming in the upload, to the satellite.

Other notes:

I now 'get' what has been happening, in terms of a simple metaphor:


RIMINGTON's family were part of THE RAILWAY PEOPLE - the business people who owned the railways in colonial times and this business culture of many contacts, all over the world - had decided upon the above metaphor, for their SIGNALS network.

THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE was developed, as a ILL children's programming book.

Almost every little boy in the UK, had a favourite 'engine' with which he identified.

Nobody really liked the FAT CONTROLLER because he was 'fat' and a 'businessman'. Apart from a few - like one of my brothers i.e. 'control freaks' and the 'ambitious' - those who had been chosen to go high up in the ILL CULT. They identified with the FAT CONTROLLER.

Most kids simply wanted to be the 'engines' because they were 'good characters', in the main. (The ILL have even introduced a female engine now, called EMILY - who is supposed to help GORDON to bring the trucks back into line.)

Anyway, think back to HENRI PEULEVE and GEORGE MILLAR of the SOE.

How did they stop the NAZIS - literally, in their 'tracks'?

They blew up the railways. They blew up the tracks - they blew up bridges, they blew up engines, they blew up trucks. Anything they could, to stop the URANIUM from getting through - from Africa - up Spain and then France and then to ARNHEIM.

Today we have a similar battle upon our hands - how history repeats itself - again we have the old RAILWAY metaphor.

This time however, the SIGNALS MASTERS are those who direct the microchipped ILL slaves who are running like ENGINES and TRUCKS according to the signals sent out, along the ILL SMUGGLING lines.

The FAT CONTROLLER is at the top of every ILL 'railway network' and as such, controls the 'memory' FAT of each 'human computer'.

What I am basically trying to point out is this:

Firstly, one has to act in a non-violent way and simply DISRUPT THE SIGNALS of the ILL CULT.

One can do this by identifying programming sites and programming objects and getting rid of them or simply moving them around - changing the SIGNAL.

Every time you do this - the 'engines' and 'trucks' are given the wrong 'signal' and consequently there is MAYHEM and CHAOS upon the lines.

You do not have to 'blow anything up' - just re-route the trains, send them elsewhere...shunt the trucks down a blind alley...that sort of thing. Put a RED light up and stop everything upon a certain track. Change the points...whatever it takes.

When 'trains' crash - they have a big argument and I have seen many of those, as a consequence of changing the 'signals'.

This is the old SOE game (disrupting railways) but in the 21st Century and it can be done PEACEFULLY this time.

Anonymous said...

SUPERMARKETS are a big programming site for the ILL.

When visiting your local supermarket, spot all of the objects left upon the floor.

This is invariably done for a reason - unless a small child has simply picked something up and then dumped it on the floor. I have been 'supermarket-watching' for some time now and have related this ILL practice in some detail, in other notes.

A supermarket ILL operative is told to lay out certain objects to give out a particular signal to the ILL slaves who walk up and down the aisles. I have noted how the rest of the supermarket staff, invariably MISS these objects upon the floor.

All you have to do is to tell an assistant that the object upon the floor is a potential HAZARD (health and safety) and should be removed immediately.

One of the very worst objects to be left upon a supermarket floor is a large box of STELLA ARTOIS.

I kid you not. The ARMY knows the phenomenal 'effect' of STELLA ARTOIS as a beer, upon their troops. It has become a cliche to find out that the guy who got arrested on a 'night-out' for brawling/street-fighting - had been on the 'STELLA' at the time. It is known as 'fighting juice'.

Why? It is no different from any other beer - apart from a small alcohol content difference to the less potent supermarket brands.

The reason is that the ILL used it to call out the 'fighting' DELTA alter in slaves. It is a highly potent symbol.

When a box of it, is left out on the floor in supermarkets - this is basically an ILL 'rallying' signal for VIOLENCE UPON THE STREETS.

Sounds like a joke? I wish that were true.

Anonymous said...

Other ways to disrupt ILL slave 'smuggling lines':

Create a SPILL.

Again, this sounds like 'crazy stuff' but a simple spill of SUGAR, TEA, COFFEE upon a workplace table - creates havoc with ILL slaves.

The metaphor works as follows:

SPILL = 'drugs/contraband spill' but the metaphor is wider than that to cover 'government leaks' etc.

If an ILL slave sees a 'spillage' he/she has been programmed to clear it up immediately.

In real terms, this means - 'plead ignorance' if questioned - hide whatever has been 'leaked' - lie, cheat, steal - do whatever it takes to hide the 'spill' and the ILL programmers behind it.

If you want to create complete havoc within a 'network' - trying creating a GOLD SPILL.

I kid you not - sprinkling GOLD GLITTER around (or something similar) sends the ILL microchipped network, berserk.

Use your imagination - whilst 're-arranging' ILL programming sites.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps a better answer to the 'jumped up Housing Official' would have been:

'I'm on POLOS'.

That would have given her food for thought.

Anonymous said...

Ideally, everybody should become their own FAT CONTROLLER. Aim high.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody remember IVAN P.?

He was the one who introduced to 'British Intelligence trainees' on the ILL mind control program - how to play 'dirty chess'.

IVAN got out his chessboard - complete with black and white pieces and the game commenced, with the unwitting victim.

Naturally, Ivan was a 'dirty cheat' - he played by his own rules. As soon as he was in trouble, he told his victim about the RED piece rule - i.e. that he could introduce a RED piece at any time in the game, to block his opponent. His RED pieces could 'appear' and 'disappear' at will.

The RED pieces in ILL IVAN's mind control game were ILL slaves who were known as the RED ANTS. They were used to BLOCK anyone who looked like 'winning' against the ILL CULT.

Why was IVAN P. called THE PEA?

He was one of the main controllers of the human zygote/eggs ILL trade.

IVAN was an erstwhile PRINCE of BAVARIA and on very good terms with the BRITISH ROYAL FAMILY.

PRINCESS ANNE was another controller of the human zygote/eggs ILL trade and was known as the PRINCESS AND THE PEA.

Anonymous said...

IVAN P. is now dead.

Israeli Intelligence tipped off the mafia and they got him in Perugia - or was it Argentina - no matter, they got him.

Anonymous said...

Who else were amongst the 'ILLuminati' of the PEA trade?

PUTIN, RIMINGTON, BERLUSCONI...they all rolled out - like peas from a pod - once IVAN had been 'apprehended'.

Anonymous said...

I guess we shouldn't talk about IVAN's Ashkenazim and Israeli military background - considering Israeli Intelligence were the ones who decided to 'get him' in the end...

Black Rabbit said...


MARK found this one, a-laugh-a minute - or rather the videotape/CCTV footage but I didn't. Mainly because I was involved and having to listen to the Templars (one by one) in a closed room, with TOMLINSON.

We were at the TEMPLAR CASTLE and TOMLINSON was convinced that he had managed to break into the 'all-seeing EYE' i.e. to put me into this state, where I could 'see' and 'make the future happen'.

He hadn't managed to do it at all. I had told MARK what he was up to and a scheme was devised. MARK always knew how to turn a disadvantageous situation into a 'positive' one.

I had to sit there and listen to each TEMPLAR state their wildest dreams for the future, in the hope that these would come true.

It was quite sad really and boring. I was quite repulsed by the lot of them.

MILIBAND hated his wife and wished her dead. He just wanted power and money.

TOMLINSON (as you probably know) wanted to have SULTAN status and a harem of men, women and children of his own choosing.

JONATHAN EVANS boomed, that he wanted to be the KING (as in Elvis) and to be irresistable to all women - shades of the Hitler complex coming out, then (did MARK show you the tapes, pinkplanet?)

DAVID CAMERON was the only one who actually wanted to do a good job as a politician and to 'help everybody' - however, he also wanted to get divorced and to live with Billie Piper.

GORDON BROWN simply wanted ABSOLUTE POWER over everybody and everything. He was the only TEMPLAR who didn't actually mention sex, in any form.

The most disgusting part of this whole charade came when MILIBAND obsequiously stated in the beginning (with the slyest look on his face) that he wanted his life to be with 'me'...and TOMLINSON barked at him that he didn't have to butter me up...I was just an 'automaton' who wouldn't remember anything afterwards, whilst in that 'state' and so MILIBAND changed his manner, accordingly.

MARK found the tape hilarious - as I said - and I found the experience quite repulsive. None of these people were fit to be leaders at all.

This is why I hate telepathic remote-viewing of people's minds. You see what they are really like, behind the gloss and sometimes it is so much easier to accept the listen to the 'politician's patter' rather than to hear the truth.

I suppose that is why MARK liked the film - because you cannot prove ESP/PSI telepathic accounts of a person's real character - however, nobody would argue with a videotape.

The TEMPLARS - poor fools. I suppose the words upon the tip of my tongue are 'weak-minded' and 'extremely gullible'.

Anonymous said...

Anybody remember 'TARIQ' SVENSON in 'computers' at EXETER UNIVERSITY?

The CIA had modelled their spoof 'UGLY BAT CAT' upon TOMLINSON who used the above alias whilst working on ILL computer systems, at this particular university.

Anonymous said...

Talking of the CIA - one of their operatives walked in the other day and used a password which began...WRST1Xi...I forget the rest, I have it down somewhere...anyway, having downloaded certain files...this man was on a rather peculiar 'clean-up the garden' and to get rid of 'weeds'...particularly those marked with an *...

Really? What is this division up to? Surely this is a bit behind the times? The UK is no longer a HIVE...and you cannot 'weed' out those who are waking everybody else up - WAKE UP yourself. Remember 'LOBSTER' programming?

Anonymous said...

The guy used an alias:


Funny how the computer could find no match for the name and that address...

Black Rabbit said...

Is this the 'war in the heavens' then?

What TOMLINSON was referring to when he showed me a poster of SWISS PENKNIVES (symbolic of different CIA divisions) and said:

'Those are YOU and these are ME - we are going to defeat YOU.'

Funny how TOMLINSON was always so behind the times - I was an 'untouchable' as far as the CIA were concerned, at that point - working for the FBI, not CIA.

Anonymous said...

RE: supermarket programming

W H SMITHS has got 'toblerone' on the floor now - in a large display case but they also have a variety of liquorice allsorts on the counter - what does that mean?

What if I put them on the floor too?

Is that a quick way around pulling all of the ILL out of the woodwork and exposing them - just take their symbols off the shelves and put them on the floor?

What about HOOHAAS on the floor?

Wouldn't the RED be Kofi Annan's Korean replacement?

Anonymous said...

So where is the ORANGE ship off to next?

It appears to be metaphorically fleeing ISRAEL and either heading back to RUSSIA or perhaps on to HONG KONG.

Black Rabbit said...

Monday morning and that dental appointment with Mr Kazan - who has a Russian accent - I had met him before with RIMINGTON.

I suppose the plan was to inject my gum with something and hustle me out the back of the building and into a yacht - such an easy route. MANNINGTREE is well-known for its yachting smuggling trade - to and from the ships which anchor just outside British waters. A way of getting round Customs, let us say.

Anyway, I do not suppose that anything will happen this Monday - the Russians won't pull KAZAN out - that would mean a loss of face and admittance that he was up to something for them. They would rather 'lose a man' than admit to anything. So I figure that this particular 'appointment' should now be safe. I mean, which dentist can I trust - if not one that I have outed upon the Internet? It is a tricky business.

Black Rabbit said...

A curious one: I remember how difficult it was to get my TENDRING HUNDRED WATER bill onto the INTERNET. I had to try so many times and eventually 'cheated' the system by using it as 'wallpaper' under the 'title'. It worked in that it wasn't 'blocked' - all other facilities to put up pictures were 'blocked'.

Anyway, I have just received another WATER BILL from the same company. One that I know that JOHN SCARLETT had a big hand in - and I have related, in previous notes, how 'dodgy' that was - what on earth was MI6 doing with this 'private' and 'independent' water company in Tendring?

Anyway, here are the details of my latest bill. It was sent to me at PETER BRUFF because my father refused to pay it off and has obviously rung up TENDRING to send the bill on. Additionally, he hasn't taken my name off the bill (even though he knew that I had left on 18th December 2008, after my mother had sectioned me and I subsequently lost the flat) and so my 'charges' are up until 31/03/2009.







000051157322 V4321250701 91 X


STANDING PERIOD CHARGE: 12/01/2009 TO 31/03/2009


Black Rabbit said...

ACC 80863564


Black Rabbit said...

Will I get a 'magic ticket' for £2.70 return upon the 174 between CLACTON and MISTLEY again today, I wonder? I am catching the 10.40 bus.

Other notes:

THE MANDELBAUM GATE - equally, I am wondering if reading this book in the waiting room might open the gateway to RUSSIA?

Or perhaps it might be the other book I have brought along...which a 'little bird' told me was the new compendium of the ILL around the world in 80 days trips:

ISBN: 10 1 905814 31 3
13 978 1 905814 31 2

9 781905 814312

'The Old Candlemakers'

Other notes:

I was recently shown an 'ice palace' city in Turkey and immediately recognised it as having belonged to IVAN P. in 1980.

Was the name PAMALAKKE? Something like that...basically a load of white caves formed from natural spring water minerals which had been carved out into a palace which contained both PLUTOS UNDERWORLD AND THE TEMPLE OF APOLLO - side by side...the SUN and the UNDERWORLD...

Other notes:

Somebody also told me about POLICE programming: COCKROACHES

Additionally, this is childhood programming and if it is not on your file, you are not allowed to join the police in this country.

It can be triggered by a MATCHBOX...references to smoking and ROACHES...all sorts of things.

Anonymous said...

'rolling your own'

Black Rabbit said...

After TOMLINSON had been told that the ISLAMIC NWO wasn't going to happen in this country. He tried to commit suicide by taking an overdose of street drugs.

He didn't die.


RIMINGTON arranged his 'cremation' at CHINGFORD crematorium.

This was an old ILL torture which we had all been put through in 1980.

COLLIE talking about how 'the soul comes out of your bottom' to the adults in 'child alters' at the TEMPLAR CASTLE?

This is how it works:

I was led into the 'chapel' and told to get into the coffin. It was then nailed/hammered down. The coffin then began to go into the furnace as the funeral organ music blared out.

The heat was suffocating and my body was swimming in sweat - extraordinary how a couple of seconds can feel like an eternity - I truly believed that I was about to be burnt alive.

The idea behind this was that your 'I' or 'soul' then OBEd up the chimney.

This was a quick ILL way of cutting off the soul from the body - to leave an 'automaton'.

However, it didn't work with me - I didn't go up the chimney but went into the next room where I saw the ashes and urns.

I had been programmed as a WATCHER from childhood and it was imperative that I stayed with my body in order to 'watch' what the ILL were doing.

What happened to the others who were not trained in this way?

A lot of fragmented 'souls' or if one puts it into scientific language: a strange sort of 'noble gas' was then separated from the body and left 'in the ether' as it were. More on this later.

Black Rabbit said...

I'm back from the dentists and at CLACTON LIBRARY once again. Did anything 'strange' happen? No.

Additionally, I had already re-arranged the programming objects in the waiting room - I forgot to mention those children's 'abacuses' which are often in dental/medical waiting rooms - you know the ones, with the coloured wooden balls which go around bendy coloured wires in a sort of maze. Anyway, I also 're-arranged' that one which caused one guy in the waiting to room to start involuntarily tapping his hand upon the chair. Weird how moving the objects, can affect people.

Talking of objects, I then went and had lunch with my mother - and realised that there was still a small pile of dust and GREEN glitter in the bathroom - my mother had left it in the centre of the room and had placed a new PURPLE broom beside it. I had seen it the last time I visited i.e. last week, after the last dental appointment.

I then flashbacked to RIMINGTON telling my mother to do exactly this - leave the 'dust and glitter' for me to clean up with HER broom (not my mother's).

Naturally, I will do no such thing - I wonder how long my mother will leave that broom and the dust upon the floor? Judging by the way in which ILL SLAVES can leave things for years - if not decades (when programmed to do so) - unseen and untouched - I could be in for a long wait.

Anyway, I rebooked my second appointment with MR KAZAN (who did a very good 'amalgam' job on my 'dead' molar i.e. the one from which SARAH had extracted a microchip) which will be on:


I also rebooked the MR CLAMP appointment (formerly FRI 13th) to:


Remembering as I did so the strange conversational snippet with DALDRY about the film title 9 1/2 weeks to which he replied 2 1/2 weeks...if this is applicable here (and most of that conversation was - Prague 1995) then DALDRY was telling me that I had 2 1/2 weeks to complete whatever it was...

Haven't I already got there?

I know enough about the 'all-seeing' eye - or do I?

Funnily enough - upon the number 2 bus back to CLACTON - I remembered another thing.

As before - an OAP got onto the bus when it stopped at OAKTREE MANOR - TENDRING MEADOWS - RESIDENTIAL CARE HOME - 01255 870900

RIMINGTON had pointed this man and his zimmerframe out saying that he carried the 'eye' in his black box - strapped under and inbetween the zimmer legs.

Today, he had an ORANGE bag sticking out of this black box - then his mobile rang - and he got it out of the box. So what can one deduce in relation to RIMINGTON calling this black box the 'all-seeing eye'?

A mobile and an ORANGE plastic bag...and also a GREEN plastic bag...all I could see in the black box.

Anyway, I also remembered RIMINGTON taking me into that very residential home to meet 'DR CARRUTHERS' who turned out to be TOMLINSON impersonating a doctor - as he had impersonated DR BETTLE at the ARDLEIGH SURGERY, I would assume. So is there a real Dr Carruthers in the house?

Black Rabbit said...

DR BETTLE'S house in MANNINGTREE - 'Brantham House' now has an ORANGE front door. What are the ORANGE team up to?

What interests me now is the evident 'powerplay' between MR PUTIN and TOMLINSON in the Academic Center of Jiao Tong University. They were literally trying to stare each other out.

PUTIN had asked to be 'MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE' during MARK'S faked 'opening of the eye' at the TEMPLAR CASTLE.

Then GORDON BROWN came in for his turn and asked for precisely the same thing - I found it quite difficult to give an answer and so just told him that PUTIN had got there first - so BROWN decided to be his 'second-in-command'. Always the bridesmaid, eh BROWN?

Yet I get the feeling that MARK might have included PUTIN in his plans but I have no real idea. He certainly didn't include TOMLINSON in his plans, that much is clear.

What about JONATHAN EVANS? MARK was very pally with him.

PINKPLANET - you have really made me wonder about the power relations that were going on at that TEMPLAR CASTLE. How come EVANS got to be put in the ARK OF COVENANT as the 'lord' or 'light of G-d'? Why not MARK, or PUTIN for example?

Black Rabbit said...

I also have to work out, when and where, those who gave RIMINGTON the 'walkthrough' to my their information from?

I could have given it to them - once I had opened the 'all-seeing eye' or somebody else, who could do the same thing - might have done.

I certainly gave MARK an immense amount of information in 1994.

However, I decided to change things - after meeting the CIA in 2003.

Other notes:

Additionally - I have been wondering about the 'soul-trapping' practice in relation to animals and birds.

My theory is that MR TOM had been microchipped and that the 'I' of a certain person (and I know their identity now)had created an 'impression' upon the 'magnetic strip' so to speak.

The cat then began to 'act' like this person ('Dangercat' off on his SAS missions around Harwich) and could communicate with me telepathically - even though this person is still very much alive as a human being.

So what I am looking at here? A sort of 'collective consciousness' of fragments - or rather 'imprints', in relation to the 'soul' creating an 'impression' upon 'magnetic tape' in the brain of a cat. Weird? I am sure it will get weirder.

Black Rabbit said...

Patient X would like me to tell his story. I have agreed not to name names - and so will not give any clues to his identity.

Many years ago - he was 'happily married' as part of a longterm gay relationship. He was an unwilling member of the ILL CULT. He came a cropper, not because he had messed up on the ROYAL smuggling lines or because he had 'touched' their money. It was simply because he and his partner were 'out' and 'gay'. If the ROYAL FAMILY cannot be 'out' then nobody else can.

His partner was murdered and he was tortured horribly. He doesn't know where his partner was buried.

Black Rabbit said...

With a 'lateral leap' I am beginning to get an overview of this and it begins and ends with the man that the CIA decided I should call JOHN WATERS - as a cover, for my first and most influential programmer.

Firstly, I have just remembered what TELEPHONE programming was all about in 1980.

After RIMINGTON and SCARLETT had strung you upside down until you almost lost consciousness - RIMINGTON then put a black, old-fashioned telephone underneath you - which you could reach by your finger tips. She then recited a number. This was the number that she gave me to DIAL:

071 359 420

Now in iqbl, this comes out something like:



As I told DALDRY in 1995...oil and water do NOT mix...

Also, the name MR OLIVER came up today for no apparent reason...I have no idea if the above telephone number was an old British Intelligence HQ number in London...

Anyway, I got out two comic books recently...I have had them for over a week now - the first one, is the most important:


ISBN 978 1 934413 13 5
9 781934 413135

Anyway, after glancing through it - I remembered that one character 'Ronald Wipes' was based upon the man - whom I only know as 'John Waters'.

I then remembered somebody telling me...probably MARK and/or the CIA later on - that these 7 men were responsible for bringing down the OIL CULT. I have no idea who they are or why they did it - but as they say:


Apparently they used ESP to do it - but it is so much more than simply 'extra-sensory perception' nowadays - in military terms, that is. We are talking about vast populations of microchipped 'slaves'.

We are also talking about different mafias (be they intelligence agencies or 'independent' mafias in the 'Private sector') ILL-programming their own new 'recruits' and also trying to poach 'slaves' from other mafias.

The second comic book was used to program TOMLINSON at the TEMPLAR CASTLE as the LEOPARD KING. I can now remember that because the ILL couldn't get a leopard cub at short notice - they settled for a lioness cub, instead.


ISBN 978 1 932234 80 0

Black Rabbit said...

My first thoughts on the 'all-seeing eye' in the 'black box' which contains a MOBILE PHONE...are that ILL SLAVES are now programmed to 'phone home' - rather like ET - if they spot anything that HQ might want to know about...and that they are probably doing this subconsciously.

This is all done via the microchipped network.

SIS/CID had fitted me with a transmitter in 2004, which could decode language (but only worked effectively if I was writing or speaking)and so I was told to 'say things out loud' if caught without a notebook, in order to ensure a good transmission.

So their equipment was somewhat behind the times then? The ILL were doing this in 1980.

No wonder I told TOMLINSON at the TEMPLAR CASTLE that I didn't want a MOBILE PHONE - I realised that this would mean only more programming. He couldn't be bothered to program me with it anyway and so I got off lightly.

He was also probably too mean to buy me one. I had no money.

I now have NO telephone, to speak of...does that mean that I am 'off the network' or did TOMLINSON give me a new 'HQ' number to dial (subconsciously)? I mean, an 071 number is rather old hat...

Anonymous said...

MARK planned JADE 'GOODIE's death on camera - she was injected with something to create cancer. This was also ETI's plan. No idea why.
What else had they planned?

Black Rabbit said...


It is odd how so many supermarkets are ORANGE nowadays...SAINSBURYS and phones...Wanadoo...and so on.

Was it always like this? Was ORANGE a preferred colour?

I remembered where the MOSSAD offices were - in 1979 - some years ago but thought it politic not to write a description - particularly because I had been in Israel again in 2006 and had been in telepathic contact with the 'head of department' from 1979, who now appeared to be very high up in the Mossad - if not at the top...and he had assured me that the MOSSAD department who had placed the ORANGE bomb in my luggage...had been dealt with...and I had order to prosecute them, you have to let them do the action first...I also remembered that this 'head' in 1979, had also been part of the MOSHE DAYAN rebel group...and so I 'let it go'...

However, now...I do have to mention one thing...and that is a description of the building in 1979...I was with RIMINGTON and crossing a busy city thoroughfare - a nexus of quite a few roads and opposite was a large supermarket/department store and car park...the building had a large ORANGE band around it...and the MOSSAD offices were above this ORANGE band and supermarket store.

I thought about this image again, last night and suddenly the thought occurred to me:

Was this the origins of the ORANGE team?

The 'cabal' that had met in TANGIERS - headed up by MARK, then PUTIN, TOMLINSON, MILIBAND, BROWN...these were members of the ORANGE team...and they were laughing...the comment about me was 'she will never guess it was us'...

Anyway, immediately everything fell into place.

CHINA 2003: the ORANGE team of PUTIN, TOMLINSON and MILIBAND turned up, pretending to be worried about my 'safety'.

I was carrying 3 messages - all of which were true:



MOSHE DAYAN'S BLUEPRINTS to be given away, in order to bring down the ILL CULT.

MI6/THE ROYAL FAMILY had sent the first message.

They had also sent in their two top '007s' aka MILIBAND and TOMLINSON.

These two were supposed to meet up with PRESIDENT PUTIN - ex-head of the KGB/FSB and no doubt, still controller of it.

I wonder - did MI6 have any idea that all of these people were on the ORANGE team and most probably all MOSSAD agents?

MI6 aka COLLIE - had thought that I was either working for SHIN BEIT/MOSSAD and had threatened my life because of it in 1997.

Yet in point of fact, I was NOT working for them - I was carrying the MOSHE DAYAN rebel group's blueprints - a different agenda altogether.

It almost makes me laugh - what can I deduce, apart from the idea that the higher up you go - the more likely you will be working for some form of ISRAELI INTELLIGENCE.

Black Rabbit said...

Other notes:

However, from early on, in writing these notes - I had said 'this is a war between Jews' and I do not seem to have been proved wrong.

Let me attempt to get this straight:

TEMPLAR CASTLE 2001 was like cutting the top of the ants' nest and the ROYAL FAMILY and ROYAL MILITARY came out fighting.

ISRAELI MILITARY/ARMY INTELLIGENCE had the tapes. They were under threat.

A NUCLEAR SUBMARINE attack was planned against ISRAEL which could have started WWIII.

The ASIAN TSUNAMI was planned by BRITISH INTELLIGENCE to knock out, amongst other things - a certain island with a top ILL CULT 'magician' called AARON. As far as I know - all parties concerned (including the CIA and Chinese Intelligence) let this one go ahead.

By 2003 - things had come to a head and the 'MOSHE DAYAN'S group' had decided that now was the time to ditch the blueprints - to give them to the 'goys' as it were...because the ILL CULT was going to destroy the world if they didn't - the top echelons must have gone completely crazy.

PUTIN'S group...the ORANGE team were trying to get me to go back to RUSSIA with them - I do not know if they knew what I was carrying but they obviously suspected that it was very important.

In the event, I didn't go - PUTIN and TOMLINSON told me that I could now expose the lot on the INTERNET in the UK but that 'they' would probably murder me for it i.e. the ROYAL FAMILY/BRITISH INTELLIGENCE.

If I survived - I should head for REJKYAVIK (where presumably Putin's operatives would murder me there but they didn't tell me that bit).

Evidently MR PUTIN had been in serious discussions with the CIA, MOB and their hosts, the CHINESE about what to do - after the blueprints had been exposed. All I heard about these discussions afterwards, was from the MOB BOSS - who told me that HONGKONG had now been chosen as the new financial centre of the world.

Black Rabbit said...

Okay, so I was expecting a 'retaliation' in terms of a 'jokey' piece in the DAILY MAIL - the CIA had already showed me this 'article' but I didn't think that they would go ahead. They did.

So we had a photograph of a monkey who shows 'intelligence' by creating a pile of stones every morning, in his pool at the zoo, to hurl at the visitors who stop to look at him. 'People in glass houses don't throw stones', was the first line.

I had replied (at the time when the CIA showed me this 'joke' in 2004 - along with the one on TOMLINSON as 'ugly bat cat' and MARK as 'fat chimp')- that 'people in glass houses should keep up a barrage of stones in order to stop anybody throwing one back' - and so here goes:

OKAY - 'Macdonald' who used to work as an ESL teacher at SHANGHAI JIAO TONG UNIVERSITY in 2003 - you attempted to take all of the 'glory' off your boss for 'finding the gold' in Switzerland but in fact, the information was passed on to you, via your boss - YOU would never ever have been given it.

Additionally, your boss should have had you sacked when I warned him to - to his cost, eh?

You blubbered like a baby on campus, after that one - how could I have said such terrible things about you and nearly lost you your job? I said them because you are an ALLIGATOR i.e. your programmed alter is a truly wicked one and it is now the dominant part of your personality.

Yes, I still remember the 'confession' about the under-age boy 'geisha' in Singapore.

Tips for senile ex-rehab ALLIGATORS on how to throw stones:

1. Practice balancing on your tail.
2. Learn how to put your front claws together.
3. Turn your head sideways - remember, you can only see out of one eye, to do this.
4. Engage your brain.

Anonymous said...

(S)HELP 2001

Was Shelpa Shetty a made-up name?

ETI - how do you spell your name?

Black Rabbit said...

DENTISTRY - what has it come to?

The full story of what has happened to me during the past few years:

Firstly - whilst working at ACORN VILLAGES LTD - I went to the MANNINGTREE dental surgery. There I met a newly qualified Pakistani dentist called SARAH.

Unbeknownst to me, SARAH was the daughter of the family - who were missing one of TOMLINSON'S programmed 'radical Islamic NWO' brigade. She was one of those who hurled abuse at me - during Tomlinson's arranged meeting with the family - in order to 'persuade' me to find out what had happened to these men.

I found out what had happened to them, from the CIA in Switzerland.

Anyway, it was SARAH who removed the microchip from my tooth and made a BIG song and dance about it - even rushing out of the room to go and see MR CLAMP with the microchip in her tweezers.

However, since meeting MR KAZAN - who upon my first appointment (to do work upon the same MOLAR) - took out a long, thin BURGUNDY 'triangle' - about 3/4 in long - out of this root canaled tooth.

I believe this is called a 'pin' in the trade.

MR KAZAN then asked his assistant to get two new GREEN pins for this tooth. His assistant went off to another room - and came back with a different drill but not the required GREEN pins. He told her again and specified the GREEN pins - she seemed rather non-plussed but went off again and returned with the GREEN pins.

I was then to view this BURGUNDY pin as it came out of my mouth during rinsing - into the bowl. MR KAZAN obviously wanted me to see it - he hadn't removed it with tweezers. It looked rather like a long splinter of wood rather than metal because of the BURGUNDY colour.

Anyway, upon finishing up - MR KAZAN said to me:

'You are free'.

I wasn't sure what he meant and so he then repeated it:

'You are free now'.

'Good' I said and got off the couch, thanked him for the treatment and exited the room.

So tell me, what is going on, regarding DENTAL PINS and SCREWS?

Here is my printout for the two 'fillings' upon both of my MOLARS (which had both been used for microchipping)on either side of my mouth:

0101 Examination
0201Xray Small Film
1431Pin or Screw LR6
1431Pin or Screw LR6
1403Amalgam Filling LR6 DOB

Black Rabbit said...

SARAH had put the BURGUNDY pin in, which I now know to be the RI colour (Royal Intelligence) colour of their gadgets e.g. the M&S 'Autograph' watch - came with the same strap colour.

Black Rabbit said...

On a lighter note - and 'pinkplanet' helped me to focus on the SABBATEI TSVI element:

RIMINGTON was obsessed with the 'MARY AND CHRIST CHILD' story and for obvious reasons - she loved the Satanic element of abusing a pregnant woman, aborting her child and then 'cannibalism' because of Rimington's Porphyria.

However, there weren't any 'meaty' parts for the 'boys' there, were there?

MARK wanted to be JESUS CHRIST along with his APOSTLES...and they would number his closest friends e.g. ETI, NIKOLAS HULBRUSCH, NICHOLAS HYTNER, IAN RICKSON...

TOMLINSON loved the idea of being a TURKISH 'JEWISH MUSLIM' - hence his idolisation of SABBATEI TSVI.

Tsvi was thought of as 'demonic' even in Jewish history and so NOT A good role model.

So let me now pin the evidence I have found, around the world together:

Firstly DALDRY had coached CHRISTINE DARG and her 'EXPLOITS MINISTRY' in Jerusalem.

This group were all waiting for JESUS to come back and even had an WEBCAM trained upon ZION GATE for this 'staged comeback'.

Secondly, MARK relished the UK ISLAMIC NWO plan - why?

PRINCE CHARLES was going to be the new 'Mohammed'.

What would happen then?

WWIII would result with MARK emerging the victor - with the US tanks and missiles behind him.

CIA - are you proud of your operatives?

'Mohammed' and the UK would disappear under the waves.

SABBATEI TSVI would come out as a JEW and have to go on bended knee to the 'reborn' MESSIAH and so on...

I am not sure how RIMINGTON would have written herself into this insane script but I would bet that she married 'TSVI' with a blood-marital price, in there, somewhere.

This is no joke - the higher echelons of the ILL had enough money to pull this sort of stunt off and enough mind control slaves to do it.

Guess why the MOSHE DAYAN rebel group had to act quickly.

The entire 'world' was a playground to the ILL - they could stage their sick dramas, wherever they felt like it.

Black Rabbit said...

MARK was essentially acting out his own psychological drama, in order to exorcise his personal demons, upon a world stage.

With ILLuminati mind control - and being at the top of the tree - you can pretty much, plan anything you like.

Black Rabbit said...

Other notes:

So I am now left walking through the last stages of this 'ILL game' - which isn't over yet.

The other day, I met a man - the 'head of MOSSAD' - whom I kept bumping into, in a retail shop - who eventually said to me (the last time we collided in the aisles) 'this is the last time we will ever see each other again' - except that it wasn't the 'head of the MOSSAD' - just another 'stand-in' actor. Rather like the stand-in for MARK upon the plane to MULHOUSE or the BRICHTO stand-in, upon the threshold of the HOTEL HARDER-MINERVA.

This is how my life has been for the past few years - walking through this insane game - a stranger stopping me in the aisles and saying 'this is the last time we will ever see each other again' (a mind control slave put up to it)and so nothing surprises me much, anymore.

Good job I remembered who he was supposed to be - quite a good fascimile. So I hope that YOU (whatever your real name is) are equally ashamed of yourself, now.

Anyway, another thing that I remembered - was RIMINGTON telling me at the MANNINGTREE DENTIST (2004) that I should see MR CLAMP first, in order to have my front teeth seen to, at this point in the ILL game.

My front teeth are now thinning and MR KAZAN told me that they would need building up behind them i.e. a 'bridge' put in so that they wouldn't diminish and begin to break off, in the next 5 years.

The reason that they are thinning is because TOMLINSON broke my jaw in 1980 (he took offence to my chin, for some reason) and after resetting - my front teeth overlapped my lower teeth. It didn't make me look abnormal - my chin just looked 'weaker' in profile - anyway, because of this overlap - the back of my front teeth began to wear away, through constant contact with the lower teeth behind them.

RIMINGTON gleefully told me that MR CLAMP would mess the job up and that I would end up looking like a RABBIT which two huge tombstones in front of my mouth - that would mean that I would be embarrassed to open my mouth and that I would never smile again.

Time to cancel that last appointment with MR CLAMP then. I will wait until the ILL have paid all of my HARRY POTTER money back and go to a dentist who hasn't been programmed by RIMINGTON and CO.

I earnt it - you didn't - and YOU will pay every penny of it back.

Black Rabbit said...


I remember the programmer whom I only know as 'john waters' - instructing myself, as a toddler, how to remote-view from a great height.

It was so easy for me to OBE out of my body and from such a young age - because of the hideous abuse I had already been put through.

I simply rose higher and higher - into the earth's atmosphere - 'john' was worried about me going too high as an 'eye in the sky' - because after a certain point - 'they don't come back'.

However, I managed to go so high that I began to see the most incredible things - I then 'came back' and told him:

'I can tell you what you will do tomorrow and even in - 10 years.'

10 years seemed like an enormous amount of time - to me, as a young child.

We tested it out.

What I had said, was real.

Black Rabbit said...

I am beginning to see what had happened to so many of us:

The FBI were programming extremely abused kids (part of the 'training') to become 'human satellites' in the sky.

The Royal Arch Freemasons weren't interested in that - they were simply interested in getting rid of the 'eye' out of your head i.e. separating your 'I' or 'soul' from the body so that it didn't 'come back' and using the bodies as 'human automatons' or robots for their slave markets/hives.

Black Rabbit said...

One time - I didn't come back for so long (after going so high) that 'john' nearly freaked out. My father was present in the room but he was in his 'abused child alter' and he went crazy with fury, once he realised that he couldn't resuscitate me. He began to throw me around the room, like a ragdoll. I hit the wall and broke my back. I was only a toddler. I was then put on 'traction' in hospital.

Black Rabbit said...

I came back, of course...but I had gone so high...that is how I found out what I could do, in the future.

After that, the ILL could never really control me - no matter how they tried.

Anonymous said...

In the event, IVAN P. took strychnine, once he knew the game was up. He knew what would happen if 'they' got him.

Anonymous said...

If you were at the TEMPLAR CASTLE 2001 with the ILL - 10 to 1 they programmed you with your 'death'.

I know which of MARK's 'APOSTLES' programmed me with my death (Rickson) and he decided (because of his 'mother fetish' and her obsession) that I should die like DUSTY SPRINGFIELD i.e. at 59 and of breast cancer.

If you would like to know which book was used - in order to browse through and find which 'celebrity death' you might have been programmed with - then this is the book for you:


ISBN: 1-57912-287-6
9 781579 122874

7 -68821-22876 7

To all ILL programmers who were involved:

'we know who you are, we know where you live and we know how YOU are really going to die'

11 March 2009 08:28

Black Rabbit said...

I gave MARK the slogan for NIKE 'be the best you can be' with a nod to the CIA. Not that he ever thanked me or paid me for it.

Time to pay up, now MARK eh?

MARK had a BIG business interest in NIKE - as did the CIA.

Black Rabbit said...

THE SMILE CHANNEL - coming to a dental surgery near you. Get your teeth fixed - into an unnatural set of 'pearly white'.

The Americans love this sort of stuff - they pride themselves upon their 'false' smiles and deride the Brits for their 'terrible teeth'.

Get real.

This is all a nefarious cover-up of what has happened to so many children.

Growing up in the 1960s and 70s, I was struck by how many UK kids of my age - had 'yellow tombstones' for teeth. This was seen as 'ordinary' and not uncommon.

Yet a quick 'audit' of my schoolfriends reveals that the abused kids from ILL families, were the ones with the yellow teeth and those who had been left untouched by the ILL CULT - had white teeth.

How could this be?

Put simply:

TETRACYCLINE/ANTIBIOTICS given to young children after ILL rape/abuse - in order to stop infection.

These drugs are well-known to cause 'yellow teeth' in young children - especially when they are abused.

The SMILE CHANNEL cleans up - hides this type of abuse.

RIMINGTON laughed to the MASONS in 1980 - after they had been allowed to rape young men and women upon the BRITISH INTELLIGENCE course, on mattresses in a disused school:

'Don't worry, you won't get an infection off any of them. We give them horseshots of antibiotics afterwards.'

She also added that these people would be the 'stars' of the future i.e. the Prime Minister and government - she therefore advised the MASONS to 'get your own back now'.

ANTIBIOTIC abuse was first brought to my attention in China. A friend pointed out how many young students had yellow teeth and/or malformed teeth. This was apparently because the CHINESE had been unused to WESTERN MEDICINE and as a result, antibiotics had been handed over the counter, without prescription, for things such as coughs and colds. Hence the large amount of Chinese children growing up with yellow/malformed teeth.

At least the Chinese had a valid excuse for 'yellow teeth' in children. The Western world does not.

Black Rabbit said...

RABBIT TEETH i.e. what MR CLAMP and other programmed dentists give you - if you have 'rabbited' upon the ILL CULT.

My father was given two 'rabbit' front teeth about 4 years ago.

Sue Whalley was given them, in her early teens.

'Sick' isn't quite the word that I am looking for, in relation to the ILL CULT.

Anonymous said...

The shipment that came into FELIXSTOWE DOCKS today - the papers were all in order but the 'cargo' wasn't - an ORANGE shipment of the 'white stuff'.

Where was the smuggling depot?

From the perspective of HARWICH peninsula - the 'smuggling depot' was on the farther side of the cranes and halfway down FELIXSTOWE DOCKS.

David Miliband's name was mentioned in conjunction with this 'cargo' - why?

Anonymous said...

It's all going horribly wrong isn't it?

'Big Daddy' MANDELSON should be sorting all of this out but where is he?

Black Rabbit said...

Let me take another model:


RIMINGTON had a 'ring of power'.

It sent her insane (although a moot point - SHARON had told me that a tiny amount of people were born 'without souls' and I figure that is probably what happened to her.)

Her 'ring' was a paedophile and Cocaine one.


Electro-magnetic frequencies...those who can 'surf' them.


PSI military R&D warfare.

Black Rabbit said...


Thursday morning...and so I continue unravelling and exposing the 'film' that TOMLINSON and RIMINGTON had planned and stage-managed, for MARK and SPIELBERG.

The essence of it all - was to humiliate me and to use me as an 'example' for anybody else who dared to disobey the ILL CULT. (Hence frogmarching me into a large Ipswich Comprehensive in 2004 - not unlike Langley Seniors - and telling the assembly of kids and teachers, that I was the real author of the Harry Potter books - 'and look what happened to her because she disobeyed us'.)

Anyway, I am still going through the horrors of what R and T had planned but the ILL game appears to be in its last stages.

I have now remembered the basic order of play (but not in the same order that RIMINGTON had attempted to program me to remember:

Firstly, I was to be made homeless - a 'baglady' - RIMINGTON had been gunning for that one, all of her life. As I have already noted - I was to try to find accommodation and fail - to then search the noticeboards and find an ILL family who would abuse me, steal my money and then throw me out. However, RIMINGTON hadn't got 'concrete directions' at that point.

This morning - I came across a bit of graffitti which simply said PONGO and I immediately flashbacked to TOMLINSON writing it up on the white board, as a signal. I then saw the backdoor of a pharmacy (JACKSON road, I think) and a few A4 notices up in the window:

01255 688745
Housing Benefit - smokers and pets all allowed.

Flats between £400-500

Irresistable for somebody in my situation, eh?

I then realised that RIMINGTON must have cobbled this agency together quickly - and had then sent TOMLINSON along to show me the 'prompt'.

I do not think that I will be ringing them - heh, heh. Enough to expose the whole scam - whoever is renting these properties - is NOT a nice person and more to the point - a RIMINGTON/TOMLINSON slave.

Other notes:

An interested party - told me to have another look at EAGLEHURST HOUSE on NORTH ROAD in order to look around the fireplaces - she was sure that the 'secret tunnel' would be around one of these.

She was right. There is a tunnel behind one of them.

Unfortunately, it is now blocked by a large bookcase.

How symbolic. I used one of the badminton racquets to 'feel' around the back of it and hit upon a metal door - where the main part of the fireplace should have been.

I then flashbacked to RIMINGTON eventually finding this 'secret passage' and freaking out about the IRON DOOR - because it basically looks rather like an 'oven door'.

She said 'I'll be all right on the other side' meaning that once she had 'switched' alter i.e. into her ILL CULT demonic alter, upon the other side of this 'gateway to hell', she would no longer feel any fear.

So how come I had found the other entrance to the tunnels outside of this house? I had also shown TOMLINSON - who, after viewing it - then told me that it would be best NOT to tell RIMINGTON or anybody else and to cover this particular entrance up - which he then proceeded to do.

Anyway, what was the symbolism of the BOOKCASE in front of the tunnel?

Think HOWARDS END (E M FORSTER) and you have pretty much got it i.e. lower-class Mr Bloom who tries to 'read' his way into the upperclasses, fails and gets killed by a bookcase falling upon him. 'Heavy symbolism' you might say.

MI6 and their ISBN numbers - their insane demonic occultic societies - 'you are what you read' as in: 'you are programmed by the books we give you to read'.

Black Rabbit said...

RIMINGTON had a lifelong fear of ovens - she would hardly go near them. Nor could she handle a gun without shaking. (Despite believing that she was an 'indestructible space lizard'.)

PB ward was her 'flophouse' i.e. when she had taken too many drugs and was still in control of herself enough, to realise that she couldn't check into a rehab centre without getting locked up, as a consequence.

She therefore used to come to PB ward 'because you can do anything you like here - you can be as mad as you like' i.e. she then tortured, raped and generally abused the patients and staff upon that particular ward in some sort of 'feeding frenzy' - whilst being cared for by the staff and waited on hand and foot, by her ILL slaves.

Anonymous said...

One of RIMINGTON'S slaves still plays the same game - because she had been encouraged by RIMINGTON to do so - she still uses PB ward as a 'flophouse' and refuses to go into rehab.

Anonymous said...

LINDA BARKER disappeared two weeks ago, in CLACTON - DALDRY picked her up in a black 4-wheel drive. According to MARK R, the police have the CCTV of this 'pick-up' on the seafront.

MARK R knew where they would take her - it is unlikely that she is still alive because she had been picked up for a sacrificial ILL rite.

MARK R told me that he was hoping that the POLICE would use DNA from the crime scene to pick up DALDRY and CO. It appeared to be somewhere in the countryside - near a smallish 'barn' but quite close to the country road which curved round the grassy bank - behind which, was this barn and trees behind.

MARK R said that this was in IPPLEPEN, DEVON but I am not sure that I would believe him, upon that one.

Anonymous said...

LINDA had been seen on PB ward, just before she disappeared. She had come into the ward as a visitor - with the ex-boyfriend of the aforementioned 'drug addict' patient. The PB staff have apparently contacted the relevant 'authorities', regarding the local newspaper frontpage article.

The ex-boyfriend knew of what was going to happen to LINDA. That is why he had 'dumped' the drug addict because he 'loved her' and didn't want her to be sacrificed -and then taken up with LINDA.

RIMINGTON and TOMLINSON as well as ANDREW MARR - were all involved in the planning of this particular 'rite'.

In short, the ILL are still up to their old, sick games - still attempting to kidnap and murder innocent people in their so-called 'rites'.

What it amounts to, is a group of aging adults in insane child alters - who simply feel the violent compulsion to go out and murder - upon allocated times/days.

Anonymous said...

MALCOLM FISHER also appeared in a recent edition of a CLACTON daily - he had been on PB ward because he had got drunk and then started to pull his teeth out with pliers.

Let me state this very clearly - RIMINGTON had given MALCOLM a mind control command to do this - the man isn't 'mad' but he is seriously in need of deprogramming.

When are BRITISH INTELLIGENCE going to come out of the closet and clean up their own mess?

This pain, horror and suffering inflicted upon the citizens of this country is NO LONGER TOLERABLE.

Anonymous said...

So what do the UK ILL want?

They didn't get their ISLAMIC NWO and so maybe they have reverted back to the first plan:


(But not really 'commie' - more a case of the ROYAL FAMILY being top Communist party members along with GORDON BROWN and his cronies...)

If the ILL have decided upon this tack - and why shouldn't they? The old COMMUNIST NWO was always a far more popular number with the MASONS in the UK - then I suggest that we all go for a REAL Communist State i.e.

The ROYAL FAMILY shot at dawn (just like the Tzar and his family)

The ARISTOCRACY beheaded in Trafalgar Square.

The BANKERS hung from street lamp-posts.

Any ILL academics defenestrated and their dead bodies sent sailing down the Thames (just like in China).

Country mansions beseiged and then ransacked.

All of the land (which most of us can no longer walk upon) reappropriated - and taken back by the people.

Any 'haute-bourgeois' buildings in Knightsbridge, Hampstead, Kensington, the banking quarter...and not just in London but in every major city - get the picture.

This is what 'normally' happens when you have a Communist revolution.

Wouldn't it be simpler to build larger prisons and throw all of the ILL into them?

Even PUTIN was reported to have strongly advised Obama that 'socialism doesn't work' and that anybody who tries to implement a Communist NWO - must be off their nut.

Anonymous said...

BROWN wants to be 'master of the universe' - that is a major blockage to any improvement within the current situation.

Black Rabbit said...

Having a bit more time at the library internet computers - allowed me to browse at leisure and to 'google' my name: Emily Gyde

MARK had already told me that MI5 would put up a 'joke' photograph of myself - as a rather plain and dumpy teenage girl (who looks nothing like me at that age - I was a 'beauty'). Additionally, I am now 45 years old so, you have been warned, MI5 - stop pissing around because I will expose you for every single petty thing that you do.

Additionally, I found an old entry - courtesy of MI6 - this was first pointed out to me by DAVID DABYDEEN - it is a forged record of my 'ancestry' - COLLIE was behind that one.

A certain genealogical record appertaining to a 'dwarf' named Emily Gyde - who apparently emmigrated to the USA from the UK, in the 1840s.

Brilliant eh? The words 'Spite' and 'British Intelligence' tend to go hand in hand, as far as I am concerned.

Anonymous said...

'Mr Getty' has quite a cache of images of RICHARD TOMLINSON which are intermittently let out onto the net.

I wonder why this one has been recently released?

Richard Tomlinson, former English spy, Auckland, T
Next Image by Ross SetfordReference: 56045580AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - AUGUST 13: Richard Tomlinson, former English spy, Auckland, Thursday. (Photo by Ross Setford/Getty Images)

Well, isn't this a toned down image of a sadistic murdering paedophile, sitting down for his 'teddybear's tea party'?

What's in the TEAPOT, Tomlinson?

Magic Mushroom tea?

Anonymous said...

Here's another one:

Richard Tomlinson, New Zealandborn
British spy jai
Next Image by Phil WalterReference: 56045341AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - AUGUST 08: Richard Tomlinson, New Zealandborn British spy jailed last year for trying to write a book about the MI6 in his room at the Copthorne Harbour City Hotel in Auckland on Saturday, August 08. (Photo by Phil Walter/Getty Images)

Anonymous said...

...and another one.

Who is trying to prove what, here?

Why release these pics now?

Kiwi born, former British spy Richard Tomlinson sh
Next Image by Phil
WalterReference: 56045571AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - AUGUST 09: Kiwi born, former British spy Richard Tomlinson shows the strain on Sunday morning after being disturbed by NZ police and Scotland Yard detectives searching his hotel room for material that might breach Britains Official Secrets Act. (Photo by Phil Walter/Getty Images)

Anonymous said...

A lot of this 'collection' upon the Internet - is from the time when TOMLINSON supposedly tried to sell his story about MI6, in Australia.

What a CRAP story.

He hardly told one iota of the truth.

Was it worth it, TOMLINSON?

Personally, I would have thought not but then it was just an 'exercise in blackmail' wasn't it?

You weren't supposed to reveal anything much at all.

Look where you ended up, afterwards - at the TEMPLAR CASTLE 2001 - convinced that you were the 'devil's own' - but then according to the MOB BOSS, you had been obsessed with 'black magic' books since you were a boy. You had chosen the 'left hand path' early on in your life. No wonder MI6 and the ROYAL FAMILY loved you.

Anonymous said...

The nature of evil is an interesting topic. MARK R was fascinated by it.

For myself and put very simply: if I see an ornate, mysterious Victorian house that looks rather 'spooky' - I might want to 'investigate' for a laugh.

However, let us say, once inside this 'spooky house' - you then come face to face with 'Hannibal' and you make a swift exit (if you are lucky).

That in a nutshell, was my experience of the TEMPLAR CASTLE.

Yes, it was sold as a 'fairy castle' where dreams came true to the ILL slaves...but in reality - it was just a load of maniacs, chopping each other up, inside.

The 'facade' of evil is interesting - the reality of it i.e. it's nature, is NOT.

Evil is dull, ugly, cheap, sad, stupid and most of all BORING.

Anonymous said...

The CIA apparently think that TOMLINSON has been holed up upon a game reserve in JOHANNESBURG - hence the jokey article in the DAILY MAIL today about 'THE KINGDOM OF WHITE LION' - so has this become a 'big game hunt' for the 'man-eating tiger-programmed MI6 operative'?

Yawn. Haven't we already done that one - circa 1995 onwards?

The photographs from 'getty images' recently released - were taken by the woman Australian journalist who interviewed him during his 'great escape' around the world before MI6 sent him undercover in the south of France (to run the 'ferryman/paedophile' ring).

This woman has since learnt that the photographs of Tomlinson 'blushing' - she thought he was just 'shy' were charming - were not quite what they seemed.

Having now realised what great danger she had been in - sitting alone with TOMLINSON in a hotel room, as he 'switched' into his psychotic 'abused child alter' and turned blood red - she has decided to release the photographs.

Anonymous said...

Never mind, 'Eeyore' should track 'Tigger' down.

Anonymous said...

I do not understand this information but the 'living skull' said (in relation to LB) 'she's in eriff, Tottenham - I am glad the bitch is going to die'.

Where is 'eriff'?

Anonymous said...

All I can get on a 'google image' search is the following:

Send Flowers to UK (England, ...
172 x 127 - 4k - gif ... Roma's, Puma Suede's, Vans, ...
640 x 480 - 289k - jpg ... there are alot.
533 x 400 - 46k - jpg rent or let
330 x 90 - 3k - gif home | contact allosia
168 x 75 - 4k - png
[ More from ]

Current File: A glossary of words ...
36 x 48 - 1k - png

This last one 'allosia' books online - looks very suspicious but then so do all of these companies.

Anonymous said...,+East+Ayrshire+&searchp=ids.srf&mapp=map.srf

There is Eriff in East Ayrshire.

Looks a likely sort of place for an ILL sacrifice but no idea if that was where LB was taken.

Anonymous said...

The 'living skull' actually said:

Eriff Drive - as the road - and I can now see that this could be spelt:

There is an Erriff Drive in South Ockendon.

Anonymous said...

So Erriff Drive wasn't the final destination - we could have also Tottenham Court Road and possibly the Portobello Road (a little bird tells me).

Anonymous said...


As the FBI invariably say:

'Watch where the money goes' and you will see how a lot of it goes to 'Rudolph the Red-Nosed Teddybear'...

This is another ILL scam.

Anonymous said...

Rimington's personal history?

A first marriage to somebody called 'Saunders' - according to a 'relation' of hers.

Her mother VERA lived in Eastbourne for most of her life until RIMINGTON moved her into that studio panoramic flat above the restaurant overlooking Lake Thun (en route to Interlaken) from Brienz.

VERA died there.

Black Rabbit said...


My 'friend' in the MOB - I have now, to delineate a little more carefully - what precisely happened and why...yet I can only put together the fragments in order to make some sense of the whole.

I have been in contact with this man and his 'workplace' for some time now - he sits at a computer by a window and the window...looks out onto the square of the VATICAN.

I suppose that the link between the aristocratic mafia families of Italy and the Vatican/Catholic Church, has always been a close one and perhaps rather a 'blurred' one.

This man has been trying to rectify all of the 'damage' done by the ILL, in terms of computer coding - which is based upon ISBN/BARCODE numbers on the backs of ILL programming books.

I have been telepathically sending him every bit of ILL coding (much more than I have had time to mention or put down here) that I can. Particularly the books that RIMINGTON and TOMLINSON left out - or rather got their slaves to leave out for me, within this ILL 'game'. Additionally, all of the books that they ordered their slaves to leave at the end of shelves (some have been untouched for many years) in order to keep the 'future' in line with their plans i.e. to program the general public with.

The public UK LIBRARY is one of the biggest bases for ILL programming - no wonder MI6 was well-known to use bookshops/publishers as 'fronts' for their activities.

The question though is: how come the VATICAN knew this ISBN coding system inside out, in the first place?

This man is a good man and when he says 'I am saving the world' - it doesn't sound farcical, in the way that it did recently, from the lips of Gordon Brown. This man freed the souls from CHARTRES and so many other ILL 'prisons' underground.

So what has the CATHOLIC CHURCH been up to and what are its current plans?

All I can see is that...having freed so many souls...the CATHOLIC CHURCH has decided to stop the ILL CULT and the 'clean-up' operation is an arduous one.

It involves finding out not only what books are currently being used as programming scripts but also the 'future plans' because the ILL CULT had figured that the entire fate of the world was 'predestined' and had planned accordingly for this.

I suppose that is why I got such a dumb essay title from the WARWICK UNIVERSITY Centre upon my MA course...along the lines of 'from a predetermined materialist view - how much agency does a person have?'

Basically NONE but the question is a false one because the 'predeterminist materialist' perspective is a false one. The future is NOT predetermined. It is open to change.

The 'mafia boss' questioned me at the TEMPLAR CASTLE - he had heard that the ILL thought of me as a descendent of the 'Jesus and Mary' Merovingian line.

I told him that this was all a fairystory - but also told him of my experiences of seeing the future and also (later on) showed him how it was possible to change it - whilst in a 'near death state' i.e. rising higher and higher into the atmosphere and then suddenly past/present/future is before you and you can 'fly' within the future - as you would normally do in telepathic remote-viewing in the present i.e. 'get into' somebody's head and direct their thoughts...something I had found out with 'john waters', at a very young age.

Anyway, what can I surmise except that there is a possible link here to the FBI boss LOEHRMANN who was a strong Catholic and the above.

LOEHRMANN gave his 'files' to MARK R - after having been kidnapped by his people.

I suppose that once this had happened - the Catholic Church might well have been alerted and then involved in finding out - who had the files and what their plans were.

Black Rabbit said...

Having scoured the CLACTON library for the final books that RIMINGTON and TOMLINSON had put in place, with which to program the population within this area - who use the library and will then 'transmit' orders...I found the most important book of the lot...

Not important within itself as a 'novel' - it is garbage - looks as if it were very hastily written:

ISBN: 0-7505-0938-4
9 780750 509381

RIMINGTON had showed me this book and told me to read the pages 134-5 about the 'heroine' CARLOTTA who ends up with sprained ankles in a hospital with a doctor that she decides to call DR CRUSTY - this was all part of 'reprogramming' me in 2004.

However, she didn't attempt to explain the basic plot which appears to be about a GREEN & WHITE car company and a man called SAM who gets injured...CARLOTTA investigates to find out 'are the mob just a fall guy in a very intimate crime?'...which appears to involve the FBI and all sorts...

Anyway, appallingly badly written with a plot that swings all over the place but I figure that this book was very hastily written and further inspection might give away what the ILL were planning in...1994...which was the year that this book was published and also the year that MARK obtained LOEHRMANN'S files.

Anyway, this was the last book that RIMINGTON was to show me in this library during her 'reprogramming' of me...

When I found it - yesterday and relayed the information onto the VATICAN...they hadn't got the numbers upon their system (neither the ISBN or the BARCODE worked). They couldn't call up this particular book. Why not?

Black Rabbit said...

Additionally, HARDWARE begins with a 'mock' reference to the INTERNET which RIMINGTON briefly showed me:

"Our primary address is the PGP key location 'BlackNet< no-where@cyberspace.nil >"

(the tag is not allowed above and so I have had to put a space before and after the brackets)

Additionally, this first page of the novel has a first letter coding, as follows (putting indentured first letters upon a separate line, to the paragraphs):


Anyway, the idea of BlackNet, seemed to entertain RIMINGTON a lot but I have no idea why.

Black Rabbit said...


Apart from that - I have been putting together what happened regarding the POLICE in CLACTON circa 2004.

In brief, after RIMINGTON and TOMLINSON had taken over the ward, from the staff (all of whom were under mind control) and had begun to torture, drug and sexually abuse the patients - one patient called the Emergency Services to PETER BRUFF ward and everybody was then evacuated to the local Police Station. Patients and staff were all lined up down the corridor - so many people in that Police Station.

TOMLINSON signalled one of his female slaves to start a disturbance and she quickly started an argument between several people. The Police tried to intervene - TOMLINSON signalled to all of the slaves to mob the Police and the slaves then locked the Police members of staff, in a police cell.

One of the ILL then ordered the Police to take off their uniforms. RIMINGTON and TOMLINSON then ordered their slaves to put on the uniforms.

RIMINGTON then took charge of the police station - at the main desk she telephoned ELIZA MANNINGHAM-BULLER (who had 'Kavanagh' status at the CID, at the time) to tell her to 'cover' for her.

ELIZA MANNINGHAM-BULLER thought it was all a jolly jape - she was laughing down the phone - I could hear the entire conversation. RIMINGTON was given the green light to go ahead and do whatever she wanted.

RIMINGTON and TOMLINSON then commandeered a police van and went out to abuse various members of the public.

One woman was tortured - dragged back to the cells and stripped naked. This woman had had a 'disagreement' with RIMINGTON i.e. RIMINGTON figured that this woman had 'kept' money of hers and she wanted it back.

RIMINGTON bent her nails back and her hands - the woman has had to have extensive cosmetic surgery, since that time. Most of her nails had been half-ripped off.

What more can I say?

Why wasn't RIMINGTON stopped by SIS and the BRITISH ARMY who KNEW what she had done in 2001 at the TEMPLAR CASTLE near Mons?

Instead, they let her continue - they let her continue to do what she had done at the TEMPLAR CASTLE - without interference and in the UK.

RIMINGTON and TOMLINSON were completely insane by that point - drunk on power - so was ELIZA MANNINGHAM-BULLER but nobody did anything to stop them from 2001 onwards.

Black Rabbit said...

I have no time to explain why - but ANDREW MARR and STEPHEN DALDRY should be ripe for 'confessions' now and/or 'statements' upon the ILL CULT.

Having reached this stage in the ILL GAME set me - and having solved most of the shit involved - I was allowed to call on 'outside help' i.e. to 'free' certain people in order to move the game along to its final conclusion. The two main people to be 'freed' were as above.

So having done most of the legwork - I didn't do the last 'manoeuvre' until late in the game because I figured that those two wouldn't help me unless it was almost all 'in the bag'. Now I have pretty much done all I can do - the rest is up to you, boys.

Ha ha - yes, your 'little job' involves sorting out ILL government, the Royal Family, the remains of the Islamic NWO and/or the Communist one - if the ILL are still going all guns upon that one and I have reason to believe that they are...and so on.

Other notes:

TOMLINSON used to put programming books on the top of the bookshelves in the library - according to his 'Islamic beliefs' and books that he really hated, such as those appertaining to 'snake god/goddesses' from Crete...under the library shelves. ('Snakes' were greatly feared by the ILL because they symbolised people who had their 'I' back in their head - those who were no longer under mind control.)

Black Rabbit said...

I have done my best to get rid of ALL programming books in the Clacton library and to substitute 'safer' books within the same programming locations - which will upset the ILL signal system that was laid out. All I can hope, is that this is done all over the country - in every library.

Black Rabbit said...

More ILL mail in my inbox:

zuma hazan THE DESK OF MR ZUMA HAZAN 8:40 AM 10KB
Unread ahmedabdul I NEED TRUST Fri, 13/3/09 12KB
Unread Rightmove Newsletters The Rightmove Search Widget: Get price reductions, new listings and more Fri, 13/3/09 14KB
Unread danladi musa Please treat as urgent and confidential. Fri, 13/3/09 10KB
Unread Mr Idris Bello From The Desk Of Mr Idris Bello Sun, 8/3/09 5KB
Unread Win a DFDS Seaways Crossing to Amsterdam worth £400 with Sat, 7/3/09 29KB
Unread isa suleman VERY URGENT ATTENTION. Fri, 6/3/09 14KB

Black Rabbit said...


In brief, I appear to have reached the end of the ILL game set me by MARK and CO - Spielberg and his ILL film.

It ends at VICTORIA HEIGHTS - RIMINGTON had instructed one of her slaves to come up to me and ask for 'change' - I was supposed to supply him with this 'change'. I refused. NO CHANGES POSSIBLE - ONLY THE DESTRUCTION OF THE ENTIRE ILL CULT.

How did things lead up to this point on this horrific wild-goose chase that I have shunted around on - from pillar to post?

Firstly, I have been staying at EAGLEHURST for the weekend.

I met a 'nurse' called 'Tricia' but I would doubt if she has any real qualifications for the job (either forged or non-existent). She was one of TOMLINSON'S ILL slaves. 'Tricia' is quite obviously not her real name either - she admitted as much in the office.

This was the woman that TOMLINSON had called a high cult priestess i.e. a 'slicer and dicer'. This woman performed the human sacrifices underground - after we had all been led down the tunnel from behind the EAGLEHURST bookcase.

TOMLINSON had pointed out her black hair and 'widow's peak' as being why he and RIMINGTON had chosen this woman, for this role - primarily her 'look'.

This woman has a house upon the seafront at Jaywick. One of the patients used to have to clean her carved wooden furniture there - she had to polish it and was generally abased and humiliated whilst doing so. HELEN BROWNE'S mother was a good friend of this woman. They were all in cahoots together - a 'gaggle of witches'.

Anyway, this 'Tricia' had broken into my bedroom at EAGLEHURST at 3pm in the morning. MARK had warned me that she was a thief who regularly stole off patients. I suppose she had read that I was supposed to be 'delusional' in the Peter Bruff notes - or perhaps not even that...she just figured that nobody would doubt her word against a patient's word -we are all supposed to be 'delusional' in some shape of form and unfortunately quite a few people do 'hear' odd things.

Anyway, I challenged this woman with her behaviour and she said that on some wards, staff checked up on patients EVERY HOUR and that her behaviour was not abnormal. I queried that one - it is normal for staff to check between 11-12pm and at 6pm - this has been my experience at PETER BRUFF, GOSFIELD, MACKINTYRE and EAGLEHURST. However, NOBODY has ever let themselves into my room at 3pm in the morning.

This 'Tricia' kept repeating that it was normal for night-staff to let themselves into patients room in the early hours of the morning.

And for what reason? I was sound asleep when she entered the room - she woke me up.

Additionally, I caught this woman talking on the telephone about another patient, who is in need of care and is hoping to go into a home.

She was screeching about how disgusting his room and bathroom were - how unhygienic he was and how she might get an infection from him if she had to clean it up. The poor guy only wets himself once in a while and I saw his bathroom (his bedroom was immaculate) which had patches of urine upon the floor.

Any QUALIFIED nurse would know that urine is one of the purest substances out - you cannot catch 'infections' from it (or not usually). That is why I would query the so-called 'medical training' of this particular 'nurse'. She was more concerned about her own personal 'hygiene' rather than the safety of a very vulnerable person and in an extremely ignorant way.

Black Rabbit said...

I digress - VICTORIA HEIGHTS - where is it? Opposite PHOENIX taxis - and near to CLACTON railway station.

RIMINGTON'S 'home' as it were.

The GOLDEN PLAICE fish and chip shop, is also on this road which begins off the roundabout in front of the railway station.

Anyway, before this - I had been to THE RANGE upon the advice of some of the staff and for good reasons: RIMINGTON had taken me there to program me, in 2004.

A weird deja vu experience but I have no time to talk about it in detail. Suffice to say:

I found the ROMANA range of furniture upon the top floor - by the cafe.

BATCH 1742 DATE 22/09/08

RIMINGTON called it 'OVARIES' furniture because of the textile design.

The same curtains are in my bedroom at EAGLEHURST.

Additionally, I was shown the HONEYDRUM TABLE
ITEM CODE 388202

RIMINGTON told me that it should remind me of the 'bamboo carousel' in Shanghai.

Three tables in one - I turned them all over.

I then saw the PALERMO bed next to them - which RIMINGTON had also pointed out - no doubt to tell me that the SICILLIAN mafia were also her 'friends'.

I then went downstairs and saw what MARK had programmed me with.

A children's 'DIRECTOR'S CHAIR' with a parasol in lime green. I was supposed to take the dull turquoise ball (out of a string container with orange and white balls) and put it upon this chair - instead I kicked it and then through it into a black trampoline net.

More later...

Black Rabbit said...

I have got another 1/2 hour - it was so difficult to book today - the log-in computer kept claiming that I had already booked 52 minutes today and I most definitely hadn't - as an library assistant was then to comment, looking at his screen...anyway, I have now got that sorted out...and so here are a few more notes:

The PALERMO BED barcode:


Additionally - I remembered SONIA telling me that I should go slowly at this make sure that I completed everything properly i.e. to muck up all ILL plans.

I therefore concentrated...and as I was walking back out of THE RANGE...I saw:

9266 1 WB-C-005

(and on the back)

RIMINGTON had taken me into the back to show me this XI. A 'range' of barbecues - really sinister-looking ones.

Anyway, I removed the ILL programming objects in and around this barbecue.

(I must also note that I had done the same thing outside of the RANGE - RIMINGTON had also left programming objects outside - none of which had been touched for 5 years).

Anyway, what can I deduce but that MARK/SPIELBERG were behind that RAW LIBRARY dull, dark turquoise ball and had wanted me to put 'them' as that ball - into the DIRECTOR'S CHAIR. That is why I was so 'angry' after seeing the ball and decided to have a bit of fun with it.

What about the ORANGE and WHITE balls left in the white string cylinder? Somebody should get rid of the lot of them...

After that...and this is the funny bit...I met PRISCILLA...or at any rate, a transvestite shop assistant - who towered over me - at least 6 foot 5 in 'her' heels...who mentioned that I had turned over the 'beehive' honey tables upstairs and would I be sure to put them back please? I recognised him as one of DALDRY'S friends. An ILL slave who was obviously rather perturbed by what I had done.

i.e. I wasn't RIMINGTON and so in his mind - I had no right to touch the objects - never mind to move them. All he wanted was for me to turn them the right way over and so he wouldn't get into any trouble. I could see the anxiety upon his face.

I smiled and promised that I would - then made a swift exit from the shop. Laughing internally...all the way. It was all almost finished...then I 'remembered' where the ILL trail ended...and that was at VICTORIA HEIGHTS. Check it out.

Black Rabbit said...

I stood at the door of this strange and rather forbidding 'apartment' block VICTORIA HEIGHTS...all in 'deep purple' with metallic finish lights above the door...a bit 'Dracula' I thought...but in the modern sense.

Inside, I could see the stairwell - and a painting that RIMINGTON had pointed out as she marched me up the steps. I wonder...who did I meet in the apartment? I am beginning to think that it was probably that ILL man, whom RIMINGTON had called the boss of M & S. The 'shareholder' who had at least 40%...and a love of those tacky Athena poster 'original artworks'...I forget the artist's name now...the one who painted men in bowler hats and 'dancing' upon the beach when the tide is out...

Black Rabbit said...


A few more minutes and so I might as well note that RIMINGTON'S programming number for me in terms of trying to get me pregnant and then aborting my child for the ILL to eat...was a LIGHT BLUE colour.

The video 'HAVING A BABY' was left out in EAGLEHURST TV room today - its spine is of a LIGHT BLUE - the only one out of a large stack. Additionally a LIGHT BLUE pack of playing cards, that I have never seen before - was also placed upon this bookshelf.

I wonder...why were the ILL still trying to go ahead with their insane plans?

Eating my foetuses/menstrual fluid...didn't do RIMINGTON any good at all...she had no PSI skills and was certainly no telepath...additionally, it also sent TOMLINSON mad...completely insane. (I told you so).

Black Rabbit said...

I was told by a 'little bird' today, that the so-called 'nurse' Tricia was an EMIRATES slave.

I can now see a picture forming of what MARK'S film was all about.

I was the 'free radical' who was 'awake' and walking through a nightmare - of ILL slaves who were not. They belonged to different slave-driving factions e.g. EMIRATES, the ROYAL FAMILY and so on.

I remember MARK laughing in his MINISTRY OF JUSTICE office about making 'trains crash'.

He showed me.

Two SENIOR CIVIL SERVICE operatives, having a massive argument. This to MARK, was the result of two 'trains crashing' i.e. given conflicting mind control commands.

Black Rabbit said...


As ever, the ILL game continues with yet another idiotic twist to the 'plot':

Firstly - a number of ILL slaves resident in EAGLEHURST have continually got out a large BELLJAR GLASS to drink water out of - I flashbacked to RIMINGTON picking one of these glasses (there are 3 of them in the cupboard) and saying that they were indestructible 'you'll never break them' i.e. they were symbolic of something major, in the ILL CULT...and then she bounced one on the vinyl kitchen floor.

I do not need to 'break' them - I just need to turn them over - they represent the BUBBLE - think 'glass enclosure' a la SIMPSONS where SPRINGFIELD is trapped under a 'bubble' and you've got it. Additionally, the 'bubble' was 'snowstorm' programming in 1980 - symbolic of those paperweight 'minature worlds' which are trapped under glass.

The TRUMAN SHOW is probably the best example of the lot - where the FBI-programmed 'hero-fallguy' manages to find the escape route out of this CCTV 'world' of the RA CULT and realises that it was all a 'stage set'.

Additionally, 3 LIME GREEN plastic beakers were upside down in this cupboard and so I turned them the right way up, too. This chimed in with the 'DIRECTOR'S CHAIR' and parasol, that I had recently espied in THE RANGE (shopping centre, down the road from Eaglehurst, in Great Clacton).

Anyway, this morning I went to a 'booksale' up the road, by the ST JOHN'S CHURCH - where there is a brick-a-brack furniture store.

As I was browsing through three cases of books, I flashbacked to RIMINGTON telling me that I was only to look at books in the left and middle boxes.

Why? The most important 'symbolic books' were in the right hand box.

The 'decoys' or rather lesser books of importance were as follows:

The one laid out on the top was:

This is all about MARK R i.e. a book about a dangerous 'Christian cult' that takes over the world called 'souls for Jesus' ends with a MARK character on his yacht, vowing to continue preaching, all over the world.

The books on view at the end of each line were:

(The FBI fighting back after having been broken into)

(CIA in trouble because of 'Commie' infiltration)

(Africa in imminent danger of being destroyed)

Whilst browsing, I remembered SUSAN BASNETT telling me to 'take your time' during this period and to 'look at everything'. I was also in contact with the VATICAN guy who was particularly interested in the FBI book but also the pile beneath ELEPHANT SONG.

The bottom of this pile was:

(where Tomlinson had arranged for HB and her mother to flee to - this book is about a TOMLINSON character who rules the mafia trades of the world from Dubai, under the protection of the ruler).

Other books at the beginning of the lines:



(this one was about an 'isotope' that gives enormous power - more so than nuclear weapons to the discoverer of it - that rang a lot of bells with me - the blueprints were something about that)

(about murder, racing and a 'gold cup')

(a bomb and terror at an airport)

Anyway, the other books in the DUBAI pile were as follows:

(two brothers want to restore the mountains of Mexico)

(Moscow invents a deadly virus)

However, the most important book was the STITCH BY STITCH book in the right hand box and to the far right. This was RIMINGTON and the AMBASSADOR'S speciality i.e. murdering somebody in the most painful way possible, by puncturing their lungs.

ISBN 0-920269-10-9

Additionally and I do not need to mention them all in the row - standing in front of the row was:

(Vatican gets involved)

0 11 7003484

9 780752 533865

4 5003040 7

Anyway, I am now running out of time and so very briefly:

I went into the store to find the books that I really needed and they were both of a DULL, DARK TURQUOISE COLOUR:


It was very old and I immediately recognised it from my childhood...and the whole scene came back...with grandma Clayton and RIMINGTON...grandma telling me that I was to be a 'high cult witch'...and this was the programming book used...RIMINGTON then took a yellow and purple pansy and stuck it into the book to press the flower...

I flicked through the book and found it. The page number was 63.

I had been programmed with this flower and this expect to die at 63 years old. At around 8 years old, 63 was light years away and I didn't pay much attention at the time...I didn't want to live that long but then I was just a child who didn't like the idea of growing old...who does?

Anyway, having found that DULL DARK TURQUOISE book...I then found another of the same colour...that I had also been programmed with but more recently - when I was 27 years old:


The cover has the same old DULL DARK TURQUOISE upon it and a PINK STRAW across the middle - and a white ghostly figure which is 'harpooned' by the straw.

I looked up at the wall in front of the books and saw a PINK DUSTER...I remembered that RIMINGTON had told me that I could take it down and 'do a bit of dusting' but then I had to put it up again. I didn't.

To the left, I saw a TARTAN rag of reddish brown stripes and a piece of parcel string, tied upon a nail.

One of RIMINGTON'S slaves came in and told me that it was the REMAINS of something.

I have no time to explain anything well here but suffice to say:

REDDISH BROWN TARTAN was representative of BELLY-BUTTON chipping - the remains of your umbilical cord, which is then injected with a microchip.

Slaves are then 'exploded' if they are disobedient to the ILL CULT.

This generally takes the form of a real or imagined heart-attack, stroke etc.

Remember DRINKING STRAW programming from the FRANKLIN WATTS books? The PINK STRAW across the dull turquoise 'KILLING MISTER WATSON' is symbolic of this practice.

I also found out - that REDDISH BROWN is the 'tartan' of government as in Blair, Brown etc.

Anyway, unable to take down the TARTAN RAG and the PARCEL STRING, I decided to play around with this 'signal box' and so hung the PINK DUSTER from the same nail in the wall.

RIMINGTON and her ilk, can now clear up this hideous mess - the microchipping of slaves, in the remains of their umbilical cords.

I have also to say that I now know why my mother was so traumatised at my birth - I had seen the images with MARK. RIMINGTON had been there...she had swung me around by the umbilical cord after I was born - it ripped out of me and I had to have stitches, afterwards. That is why the acupuncturist (for those who have been following my notes from the beginning upon Yahoo!) told me that my bellybutton was so misaligned that she couldn't do anything about my 'energies'. In point of fact, I have a 'floating bellybutton' with no umbilical cord attached behind. That is why MARK told me that TOMLINSON would inject my gut behind this 'cosmetic' hole in my stomach...because it was no longer attached to the remains of my umbilical cord...and therefore the microchip could be 'washed out' with anti-constipation tablets.

Black Rabbit said...

This may be important, I do not know but inside the ANYA SETON book was the following address:


with best wishes
Christmas 1946
from your loving

Anyway, as soon as I saw this book, I knew that all of SUSAN BASNETT'S 'witches' (and herself) had been programmed with this well as my sister...and I suppose that they all had a 'flower pressed' in such a book at some point, in their young lives.

I took the flower was like thin silk - and a butterfly's I let it fly out of my 'attic' window' back at EAGLEHURST...

Additionally, I forgot to mention that this book has NO ISBN number.

However, upon the spine of it - there is an H with a smaller S inside and then sideways and above this insignia is C1.

I also forgot to mention that one of the programming objects left outside THE RANGE was this particular PANSY of yellow and purple with black stripes inside...I forget the name of it now...

I also flashbacked to SONIA and MARK asking me where I would put those programming objects...when I came to this stage in the ILL game...they thought that the 'top soil' sign should go at the top...this was because they figured that we were all working for PUTIN...this was his 'symbol'...for the ORANGE team...the fact that I didn't...was because I knew that the 'future' would CHANGE...

The VATICAN earnt top place...because they had sacrificed such great freeing the souls...

Last night...I saw PUTIN...he was on his knees and praying to G-d...funny...because he was praying to G-d to save him from the VATICAN...

Black Rabbit said...

So we are basically talking about three things (these are just notes and I cannot expand or I will run out of time upon the library computer):


What the ILL CULT set out to do, was to chip every REAL JEW in the world...and by tracing their including people who didn't even know that they had any Jewish heritage...those from true Jewish origins...Semitic origins.

Chipping bellybuttons...performing their ILL rites...sacrificing and then eating these people because the ILL figured that this would give them the 'powers' that they thought these people possessed...a moot point...and anyway, you cannot 'absorb' this through either 'have it' in the first place or you don't...RIMINGTON is living proof that this barbaric practice doesn't work...TOMLINSON 'had it' anyway...but drinking menstrual fluid just sent him mad...

People, if every major culture in the world has taboos against it - doesn't that tell you something?

Black Rabbit said...

P123 of 'Killing Watson'

Jean Chevalier is mentioned and 'POSSUM KEY'...I related this back to JEAN MEUNIER and his 'shipping lines' job, for some reason...

However, 'possum' means a near-death state, to the ILL.

Other notes:

The ILL slaves (i.e. staff at EAGLEHURST) are still making me use RIMINGTON'S bed linen...except that it isn't linen but some plastic fibre that is so static that I virtually electrocute myself every time I touch the duvet...additionally, this duvet cover is LIGHT many things are put in my way, to use that are LIGHT BLUE...RIMINGTON must have programmed them to put this colour in front of me, constantly in order to remind me that I was to have another baby for her to abort etc. This is all so SICK.

Additionally, 'TRICIA' cannot keep away...she was back in today...and that was after having done a day and night and then another day's work at the house...she had been awake and at work for over 36 that 'normal practice' at EAGLEHURST...what is going on with this woman?

Black Rabbit said...

Luckily, I have just been given a bit more time on a library computer as it isn't busy at present...

It is horrible to have to live like go through this 'horror' upon these Mental Health 'units' that RIMINGTON and TOMLINSON used to a sort of ILL 'playground'...they used to call Peter Bruff ward, the 'zoo' where they kept their 'pets'.

I am now an 'informal patient' but am still being treated as if I am 'mad' and Tricia obviously doesn't know what to make of me or what I am doing at Eaglehurst...

Let me put it this way - if you create a 'spill' upon an ILL programming site...the ILL rush in to clear it up...and the other week...I created a small 'spill' of salt' on the dining table which is opposite the fireplace with the iron door, behind the bookcase...the entrance to the RA CULT tunnel...and then Tricia appeared at Eaglehurst...I had never seen her working there before, in all of the weeks that I have been farmed out to this house, for a bed for the night...

I suppose the salt spill might have been what 'called up' TRICIA (I had done it on purpose to see what would happen - spilt a small pile of salt into a dish on the table)...and then the high cult priestess (slicer and dicer) clear up the 'spill'...i.e. the fact that somebody had found the RA CULT tunnel...this is how the signalling system works...but Tricia hasn't worked out what is wrong yet...or why her 'dark alter' was alerted because of a 'spill'...

Black Rabbit said...

Anyway, I will dump these two 'dark turquoise' books into the nearest bin, after I have finished at the library - they are truly evil objects, having been used and handled by such wicked people...maybe the ILL were put on 'full alert' after those books disappeared from their brick-a-brack programming store at lunchtime...

It is so odd...being around these people...MARK said it would be like the WICKER MAN once the ILL game began...but one can see that for the most part, the front alters of these people are is their 'back alters' which are on the alert...their 'on the other side of the mirror' personalities.

Black Rabbit said...

The full irony of the situation is this:

The ILL slaves such as Tricia are going around saying that I have a 'split personality' but have been told that there is nothing that can be done with me - therefore I am free to leave - no longer under section.

TRICIA tried to get me put under section again and failed...she made a frantic phonecall the other day and I heard her...she was talking in a rather hysterical way...anyway, the irony here is that people like TRICIA are true split-personalities...with their 'front alter' and their 'dark alter'...and I am not 'split' in any way - I can see both sides of the mirror and as such, can navigate around these robotic slaves but it is really hard work.

RIMINGTON and CO had set up this game to entertain themselves with the CCTV...they had planned so many 'train crashes'...I avoided one today because I remembered what RIMINGTON had planned...just before it happened.

Black Rabbit said...

On a lighter note:

I tend to have fun, rearranging the programming books, laid out in the local library.

Remember the 5 minute games of chess, that I used to have with TOMLINSON at the TEMPLAR CASTLE? This was the only way that I could beat him at chess i.e. telling him ' the real skill is thinking on your feet' - he was never good at that.

RIMINGTON used to tell her slaves to lay out the programming books at the end of a shelf - after the plastic tag or metallic divider. They could then be easily picked up by her programmers. (Library staff tend to be heavily under mind control.)

So I just go along everyday and put these books back where they belong. Helpful, eh?

Often, these books do not even belong to that section of the library - they can be a really odd selection of idea why they are placed in that particular section but I can guess...for example 'golf' has programming books at the end of the shelf for a particular group of people...

Anyway, if one looks at this en can see that as I take away the books...they are speedily replaced by the next 'stage' of ILL programming books...and that means that I am moving the game on much faster than the ILL robots around here realise...they just follow the programming cues...

I tested this out with a 'one-book' stand by the computers had a paperback biography of JONATHAN ROSS upon it...I removed it...a librarian came up a few minutes later...rooted around the shelves and then put a biography of Jeremy Clarkson in its place...

She was hunting for that particular book, for some reason...and the biography section is massive in this library...

These people are all being used by some massive computer program...I know this sounds like DR WHO...but I know that this is also true...the ISBN numbers are linked into massive databases...

Black Rabbit said...

Additionally, just before I left the CIA in BERNE 2003 - the head guy told me that I had to be good at giving accurate transmissions of ISBN numbers...he had previously instructed me upon the find the books and to relay on, the ISBN codes...or rather the barcoding, to save time (but both if possible) i.e. the barcodes of the books that RIMINGTON and TOMLINSON had been using as programming objects.

Black Rabbit said...

Some more ILL mail in my inbox:

drlusee mark URGENT PLEASE. Sun, 15/3/09 4KB
Unread Mrs Alice Idris Hoping to hear from you soonest Sat, 14/3/09 6KB

Black Rabbit said...


MARK R has always been a problem for me - he appeared to be working for the British and I saw him mostly with BRITISH INTELLIGENCE - however he also claimed to be working for the CIA and had strong links with the MOSSAD - not to mention running the ORANGE team of PUTIN, TOMLINSON, MILIBAND, BROWN etc.

I am beginning to get the picture here...if I look back to 1980 and the BRITISH INTELLIGENCE mind control programming 'course' that we were all put into different COLOUR-CODED teams and I had been put into the GREEN team.


Are all intelligence services so ILL and so 'friendly' that we were simply made to compete internally - in this 'colour-coded teams', as a way of keeping us all divided?

Black Rabbit said...

Another memory came back recently and that was of MARK with NIR in an office environment - NIR had walked into the office with MILIBAND.

MARK R offered MILIBAND the future that he most wanted - to be an author.

DAVID MILIBAND had never wanted to be an MI6 officer or a politician - his first degree was in English Literature and he had a fluid, elegant and eloquent style of writing.

I am pretty sure that he was the Russian Orthodox Ashkenazim 'penpal' from Chicago - who had started to write to me, just before I went to China - he stopped for a while whilst I was there and continued to write after the 'ORANGE TEAM' had come and gone.

The 'future' being offered to MILIBAND was 'idyllic'. He would relinquish his governmental post - to go and write his AUTOBIOGRAPHY in a large cottage/country house. I was also told that I could live there because MILIBAND was a 'brother' to me - we had both been through the same hell - of the same generation and MARK assumed that I was fond of MILIBAND.

I didn't trust MILIBAND at all but I can now see that he was very similar to me - his main ambition had been to be a writer. I can see how that would have been a big 'hook' for him and he 'bit'.

Looking back at this bizarre 'arrangement' for the future - I can now see that this would have ended up very unhappily for myself ie. nothing to do but make meals in the kitchen whilst MILIBAND wrote a 'Tomlinson-style' autobiography of lies (and refused to show me what he was writing).

I do not suppose that MARK R wanted him to go anywhere near the truth.

Additionally, I would have eventually 'ended up on the Riviera, very upset for some reason...' in MARK R'S words.

I know the way that MARK had wanted to map out MY future i.e. keep me on as a 'useful' slave, on a pittance until murdering me at 63 years old.

Black Rabbit said...


I found out yesterday that MARK R's ILL 'congregation' have since moved from ST JOHN'S 'high Anglican' church in Great Clacton - to ST MARKS (where else?)around the corner.

Also, there is a black, metal, ornate postbox upon the front of the METHODIST church - adjacent to EAGLEHURST. This is used by what the ILL RA slaves call 'the postman' (they tend to make the 'devil's horns' sign when they talk about this).

Additionally, I remember RIMINGTON pointing out the massive RED and WHITE-spotted toadstool inside the METHODIST church - in the window of the adjoining building - probably used for children's Sunday School (the toadstool is only thing that is on show)...what could that mean?

Black Rabbit said...


An early childhood memory came back this morning and that was of 'john waters' showing me a slow motion clip of a CHEETAH running through the long grass.

JOHN told me that I should want to be a 'cheetah' rather than any of the other BIG CATS. He told me that SPEED was the most valuable ability of all the other attributes of 'big cats'.

I wasn't sure - CHEETAHS had strange, death-like expressions, they weren't like 'Aslan the lion' i.e. a cuddly, gentle and slow sort of beast...

It is funny how this sort of formative childhood identification can have such an impact upon one's character in later life.

I can now see how and why I felt that I could run rings around that old TIGER, TOMLINSON.

'5-minute chess with a CHEETAH?' He didn't stand a chance.

Black Rabbit said...


It is an odd one but having looked through so many children's programming books - they are mainly all about LIONS and TIGERS...I haven't come across one which holds up a CHEETAH as a 'role model' yet.

The funny thing about the Russian Ashkenazim 'penpal' is that firstly I imaged him as a SNOW LEOPARD because I was thinking about PUTIN'S programming (hopping through the snowdrifts) because I 'knew' that he would be behind it all, at that point in time.

I wrote back to the 'penpal' about this and he replied that he identified most as a RABBIT. I grew suspicious - I knew that I was dealing with a 'feline' personality from the style of writing and so eventually, the guy wrote back to say that if he were a BIG CAT then he would be a lone JAGUAR who lived in the jungle and only ate birds and fish...

JAGUAR: MILIBAND's programming?

Additionally, I remember meeting HUGH HEFFNER briefly...but I cannot remember where or when...he told me that he liked women which set him apart from the ILL CULT...'pregnant men' etc...

Anyway, HUGH HEFFNER's 'BUNNYGIRL' roles...I wonder if this is related to being friendly to RABBITS?

Black Rabbit said...

Having been around quite a few wards in the Mental Health remit now (because of the lack of beds and having to 'sleep out' as an informal/'bed-blocking' patient who is homeless)...I have seen the same poster turn up, again and the bathrooms/bedrooms used by 'MARY' slaves i.e. women to be aborted by the ILL CULT.

The NHS poster is of a LIGHT BLUE colour. It is entitled: 'HAVE YOU WASHED YOUR HANDS?'

I had remembered RIMINGTON telling me 'you remember this, don't you?' but not in terms of washing one's terms of programming. I couldn't remember but didn't tell her either.

Anyway, this morning - having seen this poster in yet another 'MARY' slave's bathroom - I suddenly realised what it was all about.

I flashbacked to MARK R showing me the video of the FRIENDS actresses and the one who plays PHOEBE washing her hands and rings obsessively in a small sink - after she had been forced under mind control to perform a 'mock-up' of aborting her co-stars for MARK R's PORNO photo-shoot.

I then realised what this LIGHT BLUE poster with its cartoons and instructions concerning 'the washing of hands' was all about.

The LIGHT BLUE of the gown of the MARY - mother of Jesus. The 'washing of hands' after the abortion.

The easiest way to get a handle upon the ILL CULT and how they program - is to look at the COLOURS.

Black Rabbit said...

The ILL CULT are making that more difficult now by choosing colours of varying hues, tones and shades.

Look at what was happening at the MI HOTEL in Jerusalem - suddenly all of the colour tags upon the keys were either changed or added to...the whole system had been broken into and therefore the cult were changing all of the colour-coding.

It is really difficult to describe some of the 'mixtures' that they are now using.

For example, the dull, dark turquoise of the 'Max and Lara' stage - which is the chosen colour of this demonic cult.

I have seen colours used which could be described in many different ways e.g. it was a sort of brownish, orangey, pink but on the other hand - you could also call it a a sort of 'beige'.

Anonymous said...

Isn't that A CHEETAH upon that toothpick advertisement?

Black Rabbit said...

That government information film about having a STROKE.

It is to warm people up to the idea of having their belly-button microchip 'exploded'.

I am not entirely sure how this works but think that the 'bellybutton' chip is activated which sends a signal to the chip in the forehead. MARK R showed me this evil 'advertisement' of the 'burning bush' in the woman's forehead. Forewarned is forearmed.

How many slaves are the ILL going to attempt to 'explode'?

Black Rabbit said...


TRICIA (after a night' absence)is back on 'duty' at EAGLEHURST once again...I wonder if that is to do with the 'tomato sauce' spill I prepared earlier - in the 'sauces' dish upon the dining room table - opposite to the RA smuggling 'priesthole' tunnel?

I can but try these things out to see how they might 'move on' the whole ILL game.

Anyway, I have no time to expand further upon what happened next (a couple of Masonic signals were sent out) because that is minor compared to what I have recently remembered about what happened at the TEMPLAR CASTLE 2001:

Yesterday - I began to remember more about what had happened to SONIA and MARK...they had been part of the 'rebel group' against the ROYALS and their BANKERS - who occupied another wing.

Surprisingly, this 'rebel group' contained both TOMLINSON and DALDRY - MARR was kicked out and pilloried for being a ROYAL snoop.

My family were also involved in this 'rebel group' which occupied a wing of the castle. I therefore have renewed respect for my family, DALDRY and TOMLINSON.

In short, battle commenced between those who thought of themselves as the 'rulers' of the ILL CULT and their slaves.

4 BANKERS were taken out - the ruling family under the ROYALS. They were all brothers and nearing middle-age. I think that their family name was French and something like DEVERELL or DEVEREAUX. They were all utter Satanic bastards.

'The Perfect Crime' as DALDRY was to call it later - the shooting of 3 of these brothers, was never satisfactorily explained. DALDRY was a spy in the ROYAL camp - as was TOMLINSON. They pretended to be working for these people, whilst working against them - with PUTIN as their leader.

Black Rabbit said...

This 'shooting' began the battle for the TEMPLAR CASTLE - however, the rebel group hadn't managed to steal enough guns and the SAS were everywhere - protecting the ROYALS and their BANKERS. Eventually, they were all overpowered.


MARK also had an 'equivocal' part to play in all of this.

He loved his SPUDNIK collection and I suppose he loved the 'bankers' too - either that or he was a slave of them -or working on the same side, at any rate.

MARK tried to convert the TEMPLARS to his JESUS CULT - but ELIZA-MANNINGHAM-BULLER and her clique of Satanic witches, ran out of his insane 'High Communion' service.

MARK was acting as JESUS risen from the dead (his favourite role) as the 'high priest' of this service. JONATHAN EVANS, as far as I know - was hiding out in the 'altar' come ark-of-covenant as the 'LORD'.

Anyway, as I walked out of this sick ceremony - in the hallway were the Satanic banker brothers - cursing, sneering and deriding everybody who had been in that service.

It was quite obvious, that some people were unwilling to swap their DEVIL WORSHIP cult for MARK'S new 'Christian mind control'cult.

Hence the need for a new idea - and MARK came to me for answers...he figured that the ISLAMIC NWO was a good one...the ILL all readily agreed to it but MARK and I both knew, that the majority of citizens in the UK/US would not.

Then the 'VATICAN' stepped in and for a variety of reasons.

Obviously an ISLAMIC NWO was not up their street...and they wanted to know what the hell was going on with the TEMPLARS, BANKERS and the BRITISH ROYAL FAMILY, at that point in time.

MOSHE DAYAN's rebel group was to make the greatest sacrifice - a couple of years later on - in 2003. They gave away the top secret Israeli military secrets - in the hope of bringing the US SATANIC ASHKENAZIM BANKERS down.

They also demanded a great sacrifice off the CATHOLIC CHURCH - and the VATICAN made that sacrifice - by freeing all of the souls from the 'sacred sites' of the ILL - and from all over the world (not just CHARTRES CATHEDRAL).

That is why the VATICAN/MOB were involved in the final 'sharing' of these Israeli military blueprints.

Black Rabbit said...

I forgot to mention that once 'war' had begun between the two wings - that the '4th banker brother' was then taken out.

DALDRY played THE INSPECTOR CALLS to the hilt - over the 'mysterious shooting' of the first 3 brothers.

He had been in charge of shooting the film of CIXI i.e. RIMINGTON dressed up as the EMPRESS DOWAGER in an upstairs hall, upon a stage with a screen behind it.

The basic idea behind this tableaux was that the BANKERS could walk up a narrow staircase, behind the stage and enter onto a platform behind the screen - to whisper things for CIXI to say.

The BANKERS and the ROYALS were the real 'power' behind the throne. RIMINGTON loved this play-acting nonsense as 'queen' of the ILL CULT.

Anyway, 3 shots were fired. RIMINGTON heard somebody run down the lefthand side stairs down the stage but saw nobody (she was hysterical, she couldn't bear guns and had thought she might be shot).

All doors to the hall were locked apart from the one behind DALDRY and his camera but there were witnesses outside the main door behind him - who would have seen anybody else enter the hall.

Additionally, there were witnesses around the stairway up to the back of the stage and nobody was seen there, either.

Finally, a small window was left open to the left of the stage, by the balustrade of the left stairway down the stage but everybody figured that only a child could have got through it even though the window was too high up for most children and that the immense drop on the other side, into the moat...was insurmountable - nobody could have jumped and survived.

The moat was searched and no body was found.

No other windows could be opened in that hall (apart from the other small window upon the other side) because they were all simply panes of glass.

There were a couple of other large doors on either side of the stage but they were always locked and had guards upon the other side.

So whodunnit? DALDRY wove the whole thing into an inexplicable 'INSPECTOR CALLS' mystery.

Only a few of us knew...the rebel group had planned it and executed it perfectly. The ROYALS and BANKERS never worked it out.

Black Rabbit said...


RIMINGTON used this painting (a reproduction) to program her female 'zygote' slaves with.

She used to point out herself as the 'lady in grey' and the little 'poppy girl' beside her, as the young woman to be aborted and generally used and abused for her babies, foetuses, zygotes, menstrual fluid.

MARK R also showed me this reproduction and pointed out that CLAUDE MONET had also been a programmed member of the ILL CULT and as is the case, with many artists...he had subconsciously put many ILL symbols into the painting.

For example:

The GREY DANDELION which stands tall in the green trees of the background. This represented the DEVIL (it has horns).

The GREY MOUSE which has two massive 'mickey mouse' ears - you can see this grey splodge to the right of the painting - over the field.

This is the 'grey mouse' which comes into the steal from the ILL CULT slaves (particularly human eggs).

Additionally, MARK R also pointed out the 'I' sideways and an 'O' - which are also of a greyish hue and near to the house in the background - again, they are in the field. The O is nearly in front of the house.

Black Rabbit said...

You need to have a proper-sized reproduction to see this clearly - the repos on the Internet are too small and it is a bit more difficult to see what I am talking about.

Find a normal-sized reproduction and stand a few feet away to see the shapes as well as the tones and hues of the colours, more easily.

Anonymous said...

If you were at that TEMPLAR CASTLE 2001 horror and would like to deprogram - try reading the GNOME book published by PAN.

All of the TEMPLARS were programmed as 'gnomes' from this book - and told the secret 'ILL meaning' of each chapter in order to get their child alters to commit atrocities.

Black Rabbit said...

The UK POLICE are in possession of my original HARRY POTTER scripts. RIMINGTON and MARK supplied my files and folders to them.

Additionally, the POLICE also know about RIMINGTON and TOMLINSON's storehouse of my belongings - although that it hardly the word for it.

Like 'magpies' they had stolen objects that I had owned or used - from early childhood. The POLICE were amazed by the dross piled up in that modern medium-sized house. It was like a junk/carboot sale of tatty old things that you couldn't give away. Horrible.

'Extreme stalking' - but what can you do?

Black Rabbit said...

The 'eye in the sky' or rather, the remote-viewers who had the ability to see the future, accurately.

The remote-viewers who had been 'trained' by the FBI - and from all over the world.

This 'knowledge' is now being shared by the CIA, MOB and VATICAN and the CHINESE.

So a 'balance of power' was constructed and the future is therefore somewhat 'up for grabs'.

The 'gates of MORDOR' were opened i.e. the ILL Internet gateway to their financial transactions, amongst other things...and so the whole thing appears to be becoming more of a 'positive' situation.

As MOSHE DAYAN had rightly pointed out in 1979 - the US ASHKENAZIM SATANIC BANKERS were behind the demonic NWO - be it Islamic or Communist - they didn't care -they just wanted absolute power over this world.

MOSHE DAYAN had also pointed out that BRITISH INTELLIGENCE were part of this SATANIC CULT - as were the BRITISH ROYAL FAMILY.

All I can conclude is that this 'rebel group' achieved their aims as far as they could - even though that meant handing over Israeli military secrets to non-Jews.

The US ASHKENAZIM SATANIC BANKERS have effectively done Israel in. Although all is not lost - a 'little bird' told me recently (and I put it up on this blogspot) that the CIA were open to a compromise regarding the Palestinian population along the lines of:

' convert to Christianity - we see you have justice regarding lost land/houses in East Jerusalem etc...'

I recently read an article regarding a new CIA document about the 'unification' of Israel as a country and the 'lessening' of Jewish control of the country.

I can see that the 'powers that be' will only let this 'unfication' happen - if the country is predominantly Christian.

That makes sense - ISRAEL's main 'resource' as a country is the tourist industry i.e. people wishing to visit the various religious sites and under the Christian aegis - that would still be possible (although highly unlikely under Islam). I can also see that the VATICAN will be strongly backing this move.

It is a shame that Israel has to stop being a 'Jewish State' per se because it is primarily Jewish land, historically-speaking.

However, the US ASHKENAZIM SATANIC BANKERS have done the Jews in - worldwide, by their use of this country for their Satanic rites.

MOSHE DAYAN had hated having these people visit his country. He hated having been cheated by them - he hated the whole 'con trick' of WWII - he had no home to go back to in Europe/Russia - he had to stay and fight - he had become a famous General and he felt furious - he was an ASHKENAZIM JEW himself but he hated what those bastards had done to him - his own brethren.

Black Rabbit said...

Remember YELLOW SUBMARINE programming?

EAGLEHURST has a similar bedroom to the one in EAGLE HOUSE - where you have an ILL symbolic mock-up of another piece of programming that I haven't quite worked out.

All I can say is that in 2004 - RIMINGTON attempted to reprogramme me in this 'attic' bedroom.

There is a tiny bathroom ensuite containing a shower, toilet and tiny basin.

The SHOWER is the main focal point of the room - as you open the dark wooden door, this is the main object in the bathroom which appears in front of you - opposite to the entrance of the room.

It is rectangular and has a transparent door which opens out in the same direction of the other two doors.

Inside the shower and in the middle, is a huge silver EYE. This has two 'SILVER TAILS' as handles to adjust the water and temperature.

The shower nozzle above is immovable and it sprays water out at an angle of about 45 degrees - straight out of the shower and onto the floor.

In 2004 - RIMINGTON told me to turn the shower on - screamed at me as the water came out of the shower and onto the floor - then electrocuted the back of my neck with a stun gun. I never did get to take a shower. It was all a calculated act but I have no idea why.

She then told me to turn the shower off and the SILVER TAIL of a handle came off in my hand.

RIMINGTON turned pale with fear - took it off me and tried to fit it back on again. Eventually she managed to do so but badly - it looked like it would fall off again almost immediately - she then hurried me out of the room.

I had broken the central silver piece off of the EYE and had left a HOLE. How symbolic.

Anyway, when I came back to this room recently (about a month ago) - during a 'sleepover' from PB ward. I took the handle off the middle of the EYE and placed it on a dresser.

I then told the staff and they said that they would get somebody to fix it. They got somebody to fix it - yesterday morning (about a month later). I haven't been able to use the shower until this time (although I have frequently stayed in this room).

Anyway, once in the shower, I inspected it.

You have a sort of 'white box' which covers the pipes. This looks like a sideways SUBMARINE in white (one long rectangle and a short one on top).

There are 13 white, round-topped nails around this oddly shaped box which appears to be going straight up...more like a 'flying ship' than submarine.

Additionally, the 'silver tails' of the circular EYE towards the end of the longest 'box' looked a bit like TAIL FEATHERS and so I decided that this was more of an 'airship' than anything else.

Additionally, the shower NOZZLE near to the top of the longest 'box' - was shotting out water - out of the if it were 'spraying' crops. That was the first image that came to mind.

If I push the whole metaphor further...I could say that this 'airship' of the EYE had been spraying the EARTH with something...but I had broken off the 'temperature control' for a while...until it was mended.

Is that why RIMINGTON was so shocked by the 'accident'?

To my mind - it was no accident - somebody had planned to freak her out because the handle came off in my hand.

Anyway, the 'SILVER TAIL FEATHERS' are now both functioning upon the EYE and so could one say that this symbolically means that the FBI are back in business?

Anonymous said...

Before the 'taking out' of the 4 bankers brothers:

The BRITISH ROYAL FAMILY had been in talks with their extremely 'influential' and wealthy friends, at the TEMPLAR CASTLE in 2001.

Apart from their 'banker' friends, the ROYALS were particularly interested in discussing plans for the ASIAN TSUNAMI with Eliza Manningham-Buller, representatives of Royal Dutch Shell and 'Pete' of ADIDAS fame.

What I do not understand is PETE's involvement in this criminal action. Why was ADIDAS involved or was the company, purely incidental? Royal Dutch Shell were to drill the hole for the nuclear bomb but what input did ADIDAS have? Did they simply fund the whole terrorist exercise?

Anonymous said...

I overheard a conversation between PRINCE WILLIAM and two of the rebel group after the shooting of the 4th banker:

'Don't worry, X and Z - we knew you couldn't be involved. These people are PSYCHOPATHS...'

PRINCE WILLIAM calling the rebel group 'PSYCHOPATHS' for shooting his 'mates' who were involved in the cold-blooded planning of the deaths of 100s of 1000s of people - the main 'result' of the ASIAN TSUNAMI.

Anonymous said...


Her death was caused by her microchip being activated.

The Press reported this as an 'accidental death'. Apparently she had had a 'fall' which resulted in epidural haematoma - a leak of blood between the brain and skull.

This 'leak' had occurred because of the microchip exploding in her skull - she then fell over.

NATASHA RICHARDSON and her family are widely hated in the theatre world - perhaps that is because of her mother's mafia connections and VANESSA REDGRAVE's former role as 'concubine' to PRINCE PHILIP.

MARK RICKENBACH's group were responsible for the death of NATASHA via the activation of her microchip.

The 'grieving friends' comments in the papers, can be read two ways. Some were against this family and some were part of this ILLuminati circle.

Black Rabbit said...

As far as the removal of these microchips is concerned - it should be relatively easy because they were injected into the remains of the umbilical cord - a simple operation.

Easy to pisstake the CIA on this one:

"We did 'reverse engineering upon the chip and found out that they were being used at the Tavistock, London 1987. However, we believe that the chip was created by ALIENS.

In fact, I met one and it had FOUR EYES and was wearing a WHITE COAT. He spoke to me in a strange form of English and then got into a large RED vehicle with two floors and said 'cheerio' - there were other aliens upon the second floor. Some of these aliens didn't have four eyes. I found that very suspicious. The vehicle then disappeared into thin air."

As far as the CIA are concerned - why bother to write the X-files when they have already done it, in their declassified papers.

Black Rabbit said...

Who was behind 9-11?

The TEMPLARS/ROYALS and US BANKERS - using a new form of technology, trained at the towers from 3 other 'banking towers' surrounding the World Trade Center.

MI5/MI6 knew all about the plan - many years before. I found out that they knew, in 1997. The CIA didn't know - even after the event.

Who was behind the ASIAN TSUNAMI? - pretty much the same 'cabal'- facilitated by MI5 but with important additional players: Royal Dutch Shell and Adidas.

Who was behind 7/7?

Again the same cabal but solely carried out by MI5.

Anonymous said...

and you wonder why mark's group wanted to blow the uk up?

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